Clothing Factory Outlet

Another way to buy garments direct from the manufacturer

Opportunity to open a clothing factory outlet in partnership with an Asian clothes manufacturer.

Are you looking to establish a partnership with a Asian garment manufacturer? ECM is looking for outlets in the USA, UK and Australia to distribute the clothes we make in our factory in Vietnam.
If you think this can be beneficial to your business, then contact us to discuss further.

If you are simply looking to buy clothes wholesale, contact us with the details of your request.

A clothing factory outlet is a shop owned and managed by a garment manufacturer where clothes are sold retail or wholesale depending on the buyers targeted by the clothing company.
Because most clothes are now made in Asian countries (mainly in China and Vietnam), the garment factory are usually owned by Vietnamese or Chinese clothing companies.

If you are running such a shop or if you are planning on opening such a shop, contact us with a summary of your business. We will see how we can help you.
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