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Order your clothes early and save money.

How to save money when ordering made to order clothes? Article dated Dec 6th 2008.

A few days ago I was looking to help Kim taking care of requests for UK and continental Europe when I read an e-mail from a contact in UK.
The email was along the lines of:
Please send me a quote for 1000 t-shirts -cotton 220g/m2- in 4 different colors with 4 different printed logos,
I would first need a sample then will order the 1000 tshirts.
I need all the tshirts to arrive by the 15th December, and of course give me the best possible price. Thanks

The email from this client was dated 28th Nov 2008. Which means a very very short deadline.

So I thought it was time to speak about..timing.

If you need your clothes or your clothing line for mid-December like in the example above, then I suggest you speak to your clothing manufacturer well in advance: let's say 4 months in advance because everybody wakes up in November thinking he is the only one to sell more during Christmas period than during the rest of the year.
November and December is not the right time to order clothes. That's because they are bespoke clothes / made to order clothes.
This time of the year is in the fact the time to produce the summer collection, in a rush before the annual closing for all clothing manufacturers at the end of January as it is a time when the whole of Asia stops business to celebrate the Chinese new year.

So when to order the clothes you will sell in December?
Order your winter clothes in July / August, even if it is a small quantity of clothes.
If it is necessary to make samples of the clothes (which is often the case when creating a new collection), then the right time to order your clothes is during the month of June.

Keep in mind that you might prefer to receive your clothes by sea, which can take up to five weeks for the transport alone.
In many cases ordering later than the time suggested above is taking a risk to receive your winter clothes after Christmas period instead of before Christmas as intended.
Order your clothes early or miss the opportunity to other brand makers who know the timing better.

Now to save money, and beat all other quotations, you need to order early enough for your clothing manufacturer to put together several orders.
If this can be made, then the fabric is purchased in a larger quantity hence a better / lower price.
The price of fabric matters as much as 50% in the overall cost of getting clothes manufactured.
This of course depends on a number of factors (size, quantity, dying, printing/embroidery involved or not, etc...) For more information speak to one of the consultants of

Knowing this, it would make complete sense to group all order in June.
This way the purchase of fabric can be done for many clients at the same time during the month of July*, and in the same time group the process of dying then printing in August for sewing in September.

This would allow reducing costs in many ways:
- Purchase of larger quantity of fabric at a better price.
- As long as clients / purchase of clothes can get on the same color, then the cost of dying is shared.
- Miscellaneous driving to and from the suppliers or the administration to obtain certificate of origins are reduced.
- Cost of delivery of the fabric to the sewing factory is reduced.

How would you like to save up to 35% on the production of your clothes?
You run a clothing line? Together we are stronger!
Imagine how you could go even further by teaming up also on the shipping of your clothes.

It's entirely up to you.
In an effort to make the above happen and give a hedge to our customers, we are in the process of setting up a new group which you can join simply by e-mailing us at
This group is a great place to unite, compromise and save.

So, what's the best time to order the summer clothes then?
A good timing for the purchase of fabric would be during the month of November, dying then printing in December for sewing in January /February / March.
Remember the Chinese new year is in February and business is literally frozen in Asia for almost one month.

Having one month instead of one week to order fabric is a great way to reduce costs too, as there is less rush for the fabric supplier to make a great offer to the clothing manufacturer.

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