Clothing factory: Looking for a company to sew your clothes?

Why buy clothing wholesale direct from Asia?

Clothing factory: Does it all come down to sewing? Article dated Nov 7th 2008

Ok, let s say that you have spoken a couple of times with a clothing manufacturer about your order.
The consultant you spoke to seems to understand your concerns, the importance of your deadline and the spirit of the clothes you need to get manufactured.
So you mail a box containing a sample or a clothes that is similar to what you need.

On arrival of the package, your consultant in the clothing factory talks it through the production people and check various technical points such as the type of sewing that is required.
Most clothing manufacturers, wether they are in China or in Mexico have the same set of sewing machines: one needle sewing machine, two needles sewing machines and so on.

So when it comes to the quality of your clothes, the sewing will play its part, but only a small one.
The sewer working on her sewing machine all day knows her machine very well because she has done the operation repetitively for a couple of years.
Note: I say "her sewing machine" because often sewers are middle aged women, they are mothers and have children at school.
Nowadays you will Not find children working in a clothing factory. Most children working in Asia are helping their parents in the context of a family business.

What will make a difference in the quality of the clothes produced is not so much the sewing required.
It s more a question of attention and care for the order, good management by more experienced sewers.
For a list of what can go wrong, take a look at the common mistakes made when manufacturing clothes. (article coming soon)
In a clothing factory like in any other manufacturing business there are a lot of different steps in the process of making clothes, the sewing is only a part of it.
What matters the most is how the whole order is managed.
The best sewing factory for you is the one where the consultants and the sewers mix up and follow your order together with a common sense of responsibility towards the client.

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