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Notes about clothing manufacturing dated Dec 20th 2008.

As a clothing manufacturer, since we are constantly in touch with the market, it's pretty clear that the textile industry is segmented on a West / East basis with western countries selling clothes which have been made in Asia, whereas Asian people wear clothes made in their own country. Apparels are made in Asian countries - mostly in clothing factories in China and in Vietnam which are at the top of the list of the apparel exporting countries worldwide. Mexico, with its rising cost of labor is slowly going down in rankings when accounting for the volume of production and export of apparel.

A huge volume of clothes is exported from China to America. The yearly amount of clothes imported in the USA from China is regulated by some complicated laws commonly called quotas. Vietnam clothing factories are not subject to quotas and are therefore exporting more and more to the USA every year.

Asia, because its low manufacturing costs, exports clothes to almost all the countries in the world. Mostly to the USA and Europe. At Ellen Clothing Manufacturer, we have two offices and four consultants: one office in France, managed by Marie-Jo who speaks only French and one office in Vietnam right inside the factory with three English speaking Vietnamese consultants: Hao, Kim and Tinh.
The English speaking consultants are contacted mostly by American apparel companies. We also receive a lot of requests from UK and Australian garment companies but it is very rare to receive a call from non-english speaking countries, even though we advertise our manufacturing services worldwide.

As a European, first language French, I am very disturbed / disappointed by my fellow european. The fact that my Vietnamese consultants are able, determined and confident that they can get to a win-win business deal in English contrasts with the fact that German, Spanish, Italian people wouldn't even dream of working out a good business deal in English.

From my perspective, it seems that the European textile industry works in a different way than the American apparel industry.

Did you know? The textile industry is also called the "Rag Trade" in UK and Australia. It is one of the oldest industry in the history of mankind. Before the industrial revolution, it used to be a family matter to make clothes. Before clothes were traded, each family used to knit clothes for its family members.
Nowadays, the garment industry is divided in various clothing associations and organisations depending on their role in the clothing industry, the type of clothes manufactured, the market targeted or the location of the clothing companies.
Did you know?
When producing the clothes, it doesn't really matter if all 5000 garments are of the same colour or not. Also, it doesn't matter if all 5000 garments have the same printing or not. The chain works just the same way.

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