Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers

Why buy clothing wholesale direct from Asia?

Like all businesses, the wholesale clothing business about making profit. Since you are in the game to make profit, it's essential to have your clothes made for the lowest possible price. Apart from the obvious things like rent, one of the best ways to reduce your overhead is to source a reliable and affordable supplier. If you purchase wholesale clothes direct from the clothing factory you cut out many steps in the supply chain.

Initially when we first started our business we tried to get in to direct contact with a clothing factory in Vietnam. We researched different companies based on our friends apparel companies in the USA, UK and Australia. After a long search and many long and confusing phone conversations we finally decided on a company. Unfortunately we had a bad experience with our first run, the designs were fine and the quality of the material as expected however the quality of the stitching was terrible. In hind site, for all the research we did, we didn't ask the right questions. Make sure you order a small run to see the quality for you self before agreeing to a large run.

Quantity is king when it comes to the production of garments. The per unit price drops significantly the higher the number produced. Shipping and importation costs can are also reduced per item for larger orders. Chinese factories are usually happy working with 3000+ item orders as this allows for effective chain production. Material color and printing are not required to be the same as it is mostly the labor of sewing and cutting the material that make small run productions more expensive.