The Wholesale Clothing & Textile Industry

About the textile and apparel industry: The wholesale clothing industry might be a little confusing at first. When we first contracted a clothing factory in Vietnam, we still had a lot to learn about the industry and a lot of mistakes to make. Lets start with the basics. The difference between textile manufacturers and garment/apparel companies; A garment company normally offers various services such as manufacturing services and sourcing of fabric. Clothing and apparel manufacturing companies will make your clothes after they have been cut.

Some companies wont source the fabric but will do everything after the fabric has been purchased. They are sometimes referred to as CMT which stands for Cut, Manufacture and Trim or MFG companies which short for manufacturing. The textile industry multileveled and is made of fabric manufacturers, dyeing companies, manufacturing companies, wholesale distributors and of course retail distributors. If you need made to order clothes, then you need a clothing company which masters the whole textile industry i.e. who can do the manufacturing part as well as all other steps before and after the sewing.

Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in China

Are you looking for wholesale clothing from china or perhaps you are looking for pricing for a small run of clothing for your new brand or designs. Clothing Manufacturers is collection of information relating to the clothing and textile industry. Just because it's made in china doesn't necesarily means its cheap or low quality. Search trhough this site to find all of the information you need to get started.