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“One, two, three, work method” leads the high-quality development of the textile and garment industry

The “One, Two, Three Working Method” leads the high-quality development of the textile and apparel industry (Zhu Jun, Secretary-General of the All-China Federation of I…

The “One, Two, Three Working Method” leads the high-quality development of the textile and apparel industry

(Zhu Jun, Secretary-General of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Textile and Garment Chamber of Commerce)

Focusing on the goal of building a first-class chamber of commerce with Chinese characteristics, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Textile and Garment Chamber of Commerce actively promotes the reform of chambers of commerce, innovatively explores the “one, two, and three working methods” and guides industry enterprises to achieve high standards around “one main line, two goals, and three platforms”. Quality development.

1. One main line

Adhere to political leadership. Focusing on “two health”, we will effectively strengthen the party’s leadership, actively carry out education on ideals and beliefs, and guide private entrepreneurs to listen to the party and follow the party. In particular, we have thoroughly studied General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and requirements on carrying forward Zhang Jian’s spirit in the new era, compiled “Miscellaneous Briefs” and “Party Building Manuals”, and carried out various forms of “Theme Party Days”, “Party Building Position Creation”, and “Party Building Benchmarks” A series of activities such as “Recognition” guide private entrepreneurs to not forget their original aspirations, keep their mission in mind, cultivate feelings for their family and country, serve the country with industry and industry, and at the same time actively fulfill their social responsibilities in conjunction with poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, etc., and continuously improve their ideological realm and career pattern. . The Chamber of Commerce organized the preparation of the “Social Responsibility Report for the Textile and Garment Industry” and is the only chamber of commerce directly affiliated with the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce to compile a social responsibility report.

The Chamber of Commerce also actively promotes the integration of party building and business, firmly establishes the concept of “party building is productivity”, insists on integrating party building work into all work, so that the two “resonate at the same frequency”, making party building work a “red Engine” to promote the smooth progress of all work. At the same time, we insist on taking the promotion of business work as the focus and goal of organizational construction, highlighting the political function of the party organization, and strengthening the organizational combat effectiveness. In combination with the actual work, we carry out party building work in accordance with the idea of ​​”Party building revolves around business, and business supports party building and strengthening” to achieve positive interaction and mutual promotion between party building and business.

Second, two goals

——At the industry level, highlight leadership. Focusing on the requirements of supply-side reform and demand-side management, guide the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, promote the digital transformation of industry enterprises, and promote intelligent manufacturing, guide and promote the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of industry enterprises, and participate in building a new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual cycles reinforcing each other.

——Enterprise level, build brand power. The Chamber of Commerce actively guides and promotes textile and garment enterprises to firmly establish brand awareness, promote the spirit of craftsmanship, guide enterprises to “create brands, re-design, and improve quality”, and continuously promote technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing and Business changes create new momentum for development.

Three, three platforms

In order to achieve the above two goals, the Chamber of Commerce has actively built three service platforms, namely: production capacity transfer platform, digital transformation platform and exhibition development platform, to effectively promote high-quality development of the industry.

——Production capacity transfer platform. In view of the current high labor costs in economically developed areas and the fact that many textile and garment enterprises have the need to transfer production capacity, the Chamber of Commerce has actively built a capacity transfer service platform to connect textile and garment enterprises and guide enterprises with the intention of transferring capacity to the central and western regions. Currently, it is cooperating with government departments in Hanzhong and Guangyuan, Sichuan, and Hua County, Henan, to jointly build textile and garment industrial parks, assist local governments in improving supporting industrial chains, and attract and guide corporate investment.

In response to the demand of many foreign trade apparel companies to transfer their advantageous production capacity overseas, the Chamber of Commerce actively implements the high-quality joint construction of “One ​​Belt and One Road” and organizes companies to go to Vietnam, Cambodia, Visits to Ethiopia and other countries, assists interested companies in mergers and acquisitions or new production capacity, organizes overseas investment policy promotion activities, guides relevant companies to familiarize themselves with policies and prevent risks.

——Digital transformation platform. Digital transformation is currently a major development trend in all walks of life. As far as the textile and apparel industry is concerned, digital transformation includes the production end, sales end, logistics end, management end and other links. The biggest problem for textile and apparel companies is inventory. Only through digitalization and intelligent manufacturing can all sales stores be linked, and information such as best-selling models, colors, sizes, etc. can be collected and fed back to the production end in real time. Through intelligent manufacturing, flexible production and flexible quick response, changes can be made Only the traditional clothing production and supply model can truly solve the inventory problem. On the one hand, the Chamber of Commerce connects textile and apparel companies with digital platform companies and intelligent manufacturing equipment companies with resources; on the other hand, it actively guides leading companies in digital transformation such as Bosideng, Youngor, and Kute to develop themselves and enjoy digital dividends while opening up informatization to the industry. Platform to serve industry transformation, upgrading and high-quality development. At present, Bosideng’s digital “GRMS platform” has realized platform and data sharing for 165 production companies in the industry, realizing the integration of all systems of production planning, quality management, and equipment control, and deploying and uploading technical data in the cloud. In the future, the entire industry platform will be shared. Through the leadership of leading enterprises, we will effectively promote the digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing of the industry.

——Exhibition development platform��The Chamber of Commerce segments industries according to industry characteristics, actively builds exhibition platforms, and builds industry chain exhibitions. At present, it has successfully cultivated 10 exhibitions including home textile exhibition, professional wear exhibition, school uniform exhibition, advanced customization exhibition, intelligent manufacturing exhibition, outdoor sports exhibition, children’s clothing exhibition, Hanfu exhibition, surface accessories exhibition, and apparel supply chain exhibition, and has become a directly affiliated chamber of commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. One of the chambers of commerce with the most exhibitions in China. After years of cultivation, many exhibitions have become the largest, most professional and most influential in the industry. The whole industry chain clothing series exhibition has also become one of the most important brand projects of our chamber of commerce.

Small exhibitions drive big industries. Taking the School Uniform Exhibition as an example, from the initial participation of more than 10 companies to more than 500 exhibitors and 50,000 professional visitors, it has driven the development of tens of thousands of companies in the upstream and downstream industry chains. According to relevant people in the Shishi clothing industry, there are about 3,000 companies in the Shishi area alone. They saw the prospects and potential after participating in the school uniform exhibition and transformed into the school uniform business. Preliminary estimates indicate that the 10 exhibitions will drive the innovative development of hundreds of thousands of upstream and downstream textile and apparel companies. In view of the huge potential of small exhibitions to drive large industries, Shenzhen Municipal Government, Chengdu Municipal Government, Shishi Municipal Government and other local governments have actively invited chambers of commerce to replicate the exhibition and host it locally. The 2021 LINK FASHION Shanghai clothing series exhibition, with the theme of “Empowering Industry, Linking Value”, subdivides industries, integrates resources, and creates and creates the first textile and clothing industry chain exhibition. The total exhibition area will reach 200,000 square meters, and it is worthy of becoming the “China The First Clothing Exhibition”.

Integrate online and offline resources. In addition to hosting offline exhibitions, in order to fully meet the needs of members, the Chamber of Commerce has also established more than 100 online industry chain service groups, reaching 50,000+ people, serving brand enterprises, dealers, agents, franchisees, clothing production, OEM /ODM companies, clothing equipment, software, supply chain companies, fabric accessories companies, luggage, shoes, accessories companies, trade importexport companies, scientific research institutions, colleges, C-side Consumer groups, buyers, etc., through in-depth exploration of the industry’s procurement needs, focus on brand orders, group booking customers, etc., provide trade docking services for member companies, and maximize order conversion. Nearly 100 supply and demand orders are received every day, which is real. We help member companies accurately connect resources, integrate supply and demand resources, so that exhibition resources never end, and effectively serve member companies.

Exhibitions and branches are integrated and promoted. Based on the long characteristics of the textile and apparel industry chain, the Chamber of Commerce actively organizes industry branches. Each branch drives an exhibition, and an exhibition promotes a branch, effectively driving industrial clusters and upstream and downstream industrial chains. Develop together. Since their establishment, the Home Textiles and Fabrics Branch, the Intelligent Manufacturing Branch, and the School Uniforms Branch (in preparation) have expanded industry resources and built exhibition platforms. The Shenzhen Home Textiles Exhibition, Shanghai School Uniforms and Garden Clothing Exhibitions, and Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibitions led by the branches have become the largest and largest in the industry. The most influential professional exhibition. At present, the Chamber of Commerce is also actively preparing to establish business wear branches, advanced customization branches, children’s wear branches, Hanfu branches, etc., to subdivide industries and integrate development.

“Highly in-depth integration” leads the development of the industry. The Chamber of Commerce also hosts various forums, seminars, design competitions, fashion shows, etc., which are welcomed by enterprises and become the industry benchmark. What the exhibition does is “depth”, what the forum does is “height”, the exhibition focuses on “being practical”, and the forum focuses on “retreat”. Through the combination of height and depth, the integration of virtual and real, industry companies can have a showcase A platform that allows entrepreneurs to have a voice and effectively guide industries and industries, enterprises and entrepreneurs to jointly improve and develop.



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