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Industrial collaboration, win-win development 2021 “Silk Road Keqiao·Full the World” enters Shenzhen Dalang

Industrial collaboration, win-win development 2021 “Silk Road Keqiao·Full the World” enters Shenzhen Dalang In the past extremely extraordinary year, faced with unprece…

Industrial collaboration, win-win development 2021 “Silk Road Keqiao·Full the World” enters Shenzhen Dalang

In the past extremely extraordinary year, faced with unprecedented environmental tests and development pressures, China’s textile industry has outlined a strong economic recovery curve with strong resilience and vitality. At present, the changes of a century and the epidemic of the century are intertwined, and the world has entered a period of turbulence and transformation. In the face of uncertainty, strengthening resource links and collaborative innovation upstream and downstream of the industrial chain is particularly important for China’s textile and apparel industry.

On April 28, “Silk Road Keqiao·All over the world” – Entering Shenzhen and China Textile CityPopular fabrics and Shenzhen clothing brand new product matching meeting was held in Dalang Fashion Town, Shenzhen. Nearly 40 outstanding fabrics companies from Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, together with Yizhihui, Ying’er, Caldenton, Masfiel, Aiteai, Gelisi, Nearly 100 people from Shenzhen clothing brand companies and fashion designers such as Jian Zhijiu, Jiyu Clothing, Yingteng, Ziyi Yunshang, Faluina, Vansino, and Martinu conducted point-to-point and face-to-face special docking.

Deputy Director of China Textile Information Center Li Bo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Dalang Fashion Town, Longhua District, Shenzhen City, Director of Dalang Fashion Town Construction Management Center Cao Yuxin, China Light Industry Leaders and guests including Deputy Secretary of the Textile City Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Textile City Construction Management Committee Qian Miaodi attended the event. This matchmaking meeting is jointly sponsored byChina Textile Information Center, National Textile Product Development Center, Shenzhen Dalang Fashion Town Construction Management Center, and China Textile City Construction Management Committee. China Women’s Clothing Fabrics Hosted by Fashion TrendsResearch Institute.

Platform & Cluster: Three parties work together to advance together

Director Li Bo said in his speech that China Textile Information Center, Shenzhen Dalang Fashion Town Construction and Management Center, and China Textile City Construction and Management Committee adhere to the purpose of complementary advantages, resource sharing, and common development. , fully integrate the advantageous resources of Dalang, Keqiao and industry service organizations, work together to create an efficient platform for mutually beneficial collaboration and value docking of industrial clusters, and promote the collaborative linkage and cooperation of innovative elements. win.

 Director Cao Yuxin introduced in his speech that after years of development, Dalang Fashion Town has become one of the benchmark industrial clusters in the Chinese fashion industry. Especially in the field of women’s clothing, Dalang has gathered more than 600 companies and more than 100 brands. As the country promotes the construction of the Greater Bay Area, Shenzhen Longhua District is positioned as Shenzhen’s urban core area and new fashion industry city due to the establishment of fashion towns. In terms of planning, Dalang Fashion Town will support industrial clusters, and will also introduce benchmark fabric libraries, supporting service centers, etc. in the future to form a small but beautiful, small and sophisticated industrial chain. He also said that Dalang and Keqiao have frequently interacted with each other in recent years and have now formed a regular exchange. He hopes that more Keqiao fabric companies will come to Dalang to find business opportunities and create a bright future for the fashion industry with Dalang clothing brand.

Qian MiaodiSecretary said in his speech that Keqiao is not only a beautiful water town in the south of the Yangtze River, a cultural city with a long history, and a vibrant emerging city, but also the largest textile industry cluster in China. One of the bases, it has the world’s largest textile distribution center with the most complete products – China Textile City. At present, Keqiao is taking the position of “leading the race”, reciting the “Two Industry Sutras” well, singing the “Tale of Two Cities” well, building a “dynamic city” and creating an “international model”. Make every effort to create an “international textile capital in the new era” that is “open, fashionable, smart and high-end”. In recent years, China Textile City has continued to expand its opening to the outside world and continuously promote the “Silk Road Keqiao·Full the World” strategy. Externally, the “Silk Road Keqiao·Full the World” series of activities have been successfully held in overseas countries and regions such as Bangladesh Exhibition, Pakistan Exhibition, Las Vegas Exhibition in the United States, Naples Exhibition in Italy, and Myanmar Exhibition; inwardly, China Textile The city-wide roadshow visited key industrial clusters and excellent brand enterprises in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shishi, etc., setting up a good platform for communication, display and promotion of Keqiao’s textile enterprises, and enhancing the international reputation of China’s textile industry and China Textile City. influence and voice. She also pointed out that in 2021, the “Silk Road Keqiao·Full the World” event will establish a return visit mechanism and a business directory to promote efficient and accurate docking of global supply and demand. At the event, Secretary Qian also issued invitations to the Fourth World Textile Merchant Conference, Autumn Textile Expo and Keqiao Fashion Week in October this year.

Brands & fabrics: diverse demands and diverse supplies

In this industry event that accurately matches supply and demand, at the matchmaking meeting, Shaoxing Jindianzi Textile Technology Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Dayunguan Culture Media Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Keqiao District Mishang Textile Co., Ltd.,After communicating with the industry, he believed that the fabric matching meeting was very well organized and there were many fabrics that he usually finds difficult to find. Compared with large-scale exhibitions, matchmaking conferences like this have gathered many excellent fabric companies to accurately match the needs. They bring their most classic fabric products, allowing brands to learn in the shortest time what types of fabrics they are good at, so that they can conduct in-depth research in the future. Communication and cooperation. Zheng Wei said that under the new development pattern of “dual cycle”, the domestic demand market is becoming increasingly strong, so how to better meet the quality and personalized needs of domestic consumers is the mission of our designers, which requires working with fabric companies to Products are made better.

The industrial docking platform jointly created by the national industry professional service platform and the industrial cluster public service platform has promoted the efficient integration and coordinated development of fabric companies and clothing brands, and promoted the connection and creative design of fabric development and clothing design. The connection with market demand, technological innovation and commercial value provides more possibilities for Keqiao’s excellent fabric companies and Shenzhen clothing brands to discuss future cooperation.



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