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Sun Ruizhe: The symbiosis between fashion industry and digital technology

Sun Ruizhe: The symbiosis between fashion industry and digital technology I am very happy to gather with you at the 2021 China Textile Innovation Annual Conference·Design Summit. F…

Sun Ruizhe: The symbiosis between fashion industry and digital technology

I am very happy to gather with you at the 2021 China Textile Innovation Annual Conference·Design Summit. First of all, on behalf of the ChinaTextile Industry Federation, I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations and gratitude for the development of Dalang Fashion Town and its contribution to China’s fashion industry!

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “Shenzhen is a brand-new city created by the party and the people after the reform and opening up. It is a wonderful interpretation of socialism with Chinese characteristics on a blank piece of paper.” The rising Shenzhen Dalang is becoming a Chinese fashion brand Standing side by side, symbiotically competing and cooperating value highlands, its multi-dimensional exploration in technology, fashion, and green aspects not only have the “prominence” of being extraordinary and full of characteristics, but also have the “breakthrough” of cutting through waves and being effective.

Standing at the intersection of the “Two Centenary Goals”, the future fashion development of China’s textile and apparel industry must focus on creative design and technological innovation In order to support, excellent culture as the guide, brand building as the impetus, and sustainable development as the guide, we can achieve the development of high-intensity creativity, high integration of resources, and high value-added products. Based on such fashion development goals, China’s textile and apparel industry, as a rapidly changing industry, needs to open up new mental models, use new technological levers, seek new development momentum, and achieve new value breakthroughs. This is the original intention of positioning the theme of this conference as “Intelligence in a New Era, Value in a New Future”.

Next, I will discuss with you the relationship between the fashion industry and digital technology from the three dimensions of the development environment, development capabilities and development paths of the digital economy, which supports the industry’s high quality development. The way of symbiosis.

First, digital technology is assisting the development of fashion, and a favorable environment is being formed.

The “Digital China Development Report (2020)” released by the Cyberspace Administration of China on the 25th of this month pointed out that my country’s digital economy has ranked second in the world, and the added value of the core industries of the digital economy accounts for 7.8% of GDP. Judging from the development environment of the integration of digital technology and industry, the accelerated transition of the technological revolution itself, the industrial foundation of the textile industry itself, and the gradual release of policy dividends are all injecting new momentum into the development of China’s textile industry, profoundly changing the way production and life are Way.

(1) The technological revolution accelerates the transition

“The future of digital technology is here.” The digital economy, especially artificial intelligence that originated in the 1950s, has ushered in a new climax of explosive growth. Computing platforms such as ubiquitous sensing data and graphics processors have promoted the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology represented by deep neural networks. It has crossed the “technical gap” between science and application, made important breakthroughs in the “three calculations” of algorithms, computing power, and computing materials, and achieved new breakthroughs in artificial intelligence technologies such as image classification, speech recognition, and human-computer chess. technological breakthrough.

Digital technology will surely lead industrial change. Digital technology, with 7 major technologies including cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, industrial Internet, blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality, as an important support for industrial digitization, will trigger a chain from basic research to industrial practice. Scientific breakthroughs like a natural reaction have led a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation in China’s textile industry, and have had a profound impact on reshaping the industrial system, optimizing the industrial structure, and enhancing industrial value.

(2) The industrial foundation continues to mature

The development of digital economy requires healthy and homogeneous industrial soil. The comprehensive acceleration of the digital economy is based on the textile industry’s acceleration of “automation” and “informatization”. The report “Data Map for the Integration of Industrialization and Industrialization in China’s Textile Industry (2020)” shows that during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, the level of integrated development of industrialization and informatization of textile enterprises increased by 15.9% , the digital R&D, design, production, marketing, and supply system of textile enterprises has been gradually built, and the foundation of integrated development has been solidified, the indicator levels of single business integration and application, data integration and interconnection, and business collaborative innovation have all achieved a 10%-30% jump.

The development of digital economy requires “goose effect” at different levels. The trend of integrated development of large, medium and small enterprises in the textile industry is very obvious, constantly promoting enterprises to achieve precise response to demand, dynamic allocation of resources, and efficient business collaboration. Among the more typical ones are: Alibaba Cloud uses the “supET Industrial Internet Platform” to build a “1+N” alliance; JackSewing Machine Co., Ltd. has developed a physical product to meet the management needs of clothing enterprises. Internet-connected sewing machines and sewing cloud platforms; Tianning District, Changzhou City aims to cultivate flexible supply chain production, enhance theintelligent level of regional manufacturing, and create the country’s first “textile and garment industry Internet” Demonstration Base”.

(3) Policy dividends are being released

Developing the digital economy has become a national strategy. The definition of digital economy in the “G20 Digital Economy Development and Cooperation Initiative” is: “Digital economy refers to the use of digital knowledge and information as key production factors, modern information networks as an important carrier, and information and communication technology. Effective use as a tool for efficiency improvement and economic structure optimizationA digital haute couture garment “Iridescence Rainbow Dress” made using blockchain technology sold for $9,500. Although such a transaction price is enviable, it should also be noted that the changes in consumer lifestyles and the sudden changes in the value of the new generation’s consumer culture carried behind the technology.

Guiding the value conversion of digital technology is a systematic behavior that integrates innovative research and development, consumer awareness, market cultivation and cultural promotion, rather than a single cool “technology island”. In the future, in the process of promoting the integration of the seeds of digital technology with industrial soil, we must focus on strengthening the symbiotic relationship between forward-looking technologies and current application needs, combine high-quality industry promotion and cognitive irrigation, use technology to lead demand, and demand Feed back technology, give full play to the “goose effect” of leading enterprises, and realize the gradient transfer, widespread popularization and effective iteration of digital technology in key areas.

(4) Strengthen effective governance of digital fashion

The social impact of the digital economy has become increasingly prominent. On the one hand, digital technology, as the core force of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, is promoting the upgrading of traditional industries. On the other hand, due to its technical complexity, scalability, uncontrollability and unpredictability, digital technology urgently needs to guide its healthy, orderly and safe development, standardize the order of digital technology research and development, production and consumption, and through the “digital technology” “Good governance” and the “good wisdom” of seeking technology to benefit mankind.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to the governance of digital technology. In June 2019, the National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Governance Professional Committee issued the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Governance Principles – Developing Responsible Artificial Intelligence”, proposing an artificial intelligence governance framework and The action guide emphasizes the eight principles of harmony and friendship, fairness and justice, inclusiveness and sharing, respect for privacy, security and controllability, open collaboration, and agile governance to ensure that artificial intelligence is safe, reliable and controllable, promotes sustainable economic, social and ecological development, and jointly builds A community with a shared future for mankind.

In the future, in the field of textile industry, we must also focus on the risk prevention and control of digital technology, build an independent and controllable fashion innovation ecosystem, establish problem awareness, grasp the right to speak in the rules and regulations of key digital technologies in the formulation of standards, and effectively improve data security. Ensure capabilities, strengthen anti-monopoly in the digital economy, increase protection of technology patents, digital copyrights, digital content products, personal privacy and other fields, and achieve shared global fashion governance.

Kevin Kelly, a world-renowned technology writer, once said: “No matter how technology evolves, it will continue in the direction that was determined 14 billion years ago: greater complexity, diversity, specialization, ubiquity, Sociality, coherence, energy density, sentience…and humanity, by far, is our greatest invention, and we’re not done yet.”

The development of digital technology in the field of fashion is an eternal and magnificent movement of human nature in promoting self-exploration. The dawn of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is visible. In this competition that concerns the future and destiny, we should keep in mind the original intention of the industry of “people-oriented” and take the construction of Digital China as an opportunity to promote the development of my country’s fashion civilization under the new development pattern. Smart upgrading makes its internal scientific and technological support more powerful, its cultural connotation richer, and its model innovation more diversified. It truly achieves “both internal and external cultivation, both form and spirit” and becomes a fashion that integrates technical beauty, artistic beauty, social beauty and life beauty. industry. I believe that in the process of forming industry consensus and co-construction, Chinese fashion, which is free from flashy, down-to-earth, spiritually intelligent, and agile, will surely bloom at the center of the world’s fashion stage!

Thank you everyone!



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