Fashion - Are We All Looking For Chinese Clothing Manufacturers?

What is so great about China?

About the cost of labor in China. Article dated sometime in 2008.

In the modern world, products, raw materials, services and expertise are shipped are sourced from wherever they are cheapest. China has for a long time held its position as the manufacturing capital of the world due to its immense unskilled work force and strict monetary policy which keeps the value of its currency low.Slowly the costs of clothing production are increasing. Regardless of the increasing costs, China remains the place to go for a start up clothing company. If you can find a reliable factory and you are willing to purchase a large enough quantity, you will not to better for your dollars than to head to the land of the dragon.

Do not make the incorrect assumption that everything that comes out of China is cheap and nasty. It is true that many low quality products are produced there but you need to keep in mind that almost everything is produced there, good and bad. The quality of the finished product will depend largley on the material, your designs and the workmanship of the production line. If you want to offer a low cost product - China is the place, if you want to offer a high end product - China is the place. Just put a tag on your clothes that reads: Designed in USA / Made in China.

Logically people searching for clothing manufacturer in China are first looking for a competitive clothing manufacturer...wherever it is. For now the salary of a sewer in China is around 120$ per month (Nov 2008). The cost of labor is about the same (in fact 5 to 10% less) in neighboring countries: Vietnam, Cambodia etc...
So when choosing the right clothes manufacturer for your order, keep your mind opened. What everyone is really looking for is a reliable clothing manufacturer such as ECM (Ellen Clothing Manufacturer).

Each retailer, wholesaler, brand designer dreams to get great quality clothes and cheap of course.
My personal opinion is that all clothing manufacturers can do about the same clothes for about the same price. The difference will be in the extras, not all manufacturers will do the extra mile for you. The logic first step when selecting a clothing manufacturer seems to get a few quotations from a couple of clothing manufacturers.

It's also an opportunity to test the consultant who is taking your call. Does the consultant understand you? Can he answer all your questions? If not, is he diligently getting back to you with more details? Does size matters? Yes, the size of your order matters, everybody knows that. If it is low, many manufacturers in China will not deal with it; unless they have a department specialized in small quantity orders of clothes with a low minimum. Go for the largest factory possible, but take one that is small enough to care about you.
The location of the clothing factory, whether it is in China or Vietnam is not so important. What matters is who you deal with.

An especially important person for you is the consultant who answers your questions, take your order and keep you posted.
Ultimately, since the consultant answers to you, he is responsible for your order. Rely on the facts, if your consultant make a promise to you and that promise is not followed Always try to commit your consultant to call you back or email you some details.

Each commitment you obtain gives you a chance to test your professional relationship. Ideally your consultant follows your order at every stage: cutting, printing, sewing and packing.
From a Clothing Manufacturers perspective, it does make sense that the consultant follows closely the orders in the pipeline. The consultant, in the company, is the one who knows the most about your expectations.