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Sandu: Textile and clothing companies help women find jobs at home

Sandu: Textile and clothing companies help women find jobs at home In recent years, the Sandu County Party Committee and County Government have actively introduced companies to set…

Sandu: Textile and clothing companies help women find jobs at home

In recent years, the Sandu County Party Committee and County Government have actively introduced companies to settle in based on local realities, allowing people to find employment nearby without leaving the “county”. font>, continued to increase revenue.

One stitch at a time weaves “new clothes” for rural revitalization. Recently, reporters saw at Guizhou Chennan Clothing Co., Ltd. in Fengyu Street, Sandu County, that workers in the workshop were busy cutting, sewing, and zipping the clothes in their hands… The sound of the sewing machine’s “click-click-click” resounded throughout the workshop.

Through the visit, the reporter learned that there are currently more than 60 permanent workers working in the company’s workshops, more than 50 of whom are women. Some of them are from the people who have been relocated for poverty alleviation in the Chengnan community of Sandu, and some are from In surrounding towns (streets), the average salary is about 6,000 yuan per month, and those with outstanding performance can earn tens of thousands of yuan.

“My family is fishing, and I come to work at the landlady’s place. I can earn more than 5,000 yuan a month. It’s very convenient to go home to take care of the kids on Friday nights. I have food and accommodation here. I think it’s pretty good. .” said Yang Erliu, a worker at Guizhou Chennan Clothing Co., Ltd.

One stitch at a time, thousands of strands of threads to sew thousands of clothes; one cut at a time, the skillful craftsmanship warms everyone’s hearts. Guizhou Chennan Clothing Co., Ltd. settled in Sandu through investment promotion in Sandu in 2018. After five years of development, today, Chennan Clothing has become the most complete and largest manufacturer of school uniforms in Qiannan Prefecture, and can independently complete the “design” – Pattern making – sample making – production – sales”. The school uniforms produced are mainly sold to Guizhou, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan and other places. The annual production volume of school uniforms is about 3 million sets.

Guizhou Chennan Clothing Co., Ltd. was originally located in the Return Home Entrepreneurship Park of Dahe Town, but now it has moved to Chengnan Community of Fengyu Street. In its development, the company not only considers the benefits of the enterprise, but also regards the needs of employees as an important consideration for the development of the enterprise, and actively Help employees solve their production and life difficulties, create a good production and living environment for employees, so that employees have no worries and can devote themselves more to their work.

“For example, on Women’s Day, we have just given out laundry detergent, or given out some red envelopes during normal times, and organized some team-building activities. If there is an emergency at home, we will advance wages to workers.” Guizhou Chennan Clothing Co., Ltd. Xi Huihui, general manager of the company, said.

Since settling in Sandu in 2018, the company has provided free training and employment for local people and actively promoted local people’s employment. At the same time, the company has always actively practiced corporate social responsibility. So far, it has donated money and materials to Douyu More than 30 schools including National Primary School and Xingzong Primary School received a total of more than 800,000 yuan. In order to bring more people into employment, the company actively expands its business, strives for more orders, and uses practical actions to help more local people find jobs nearby and steadily increase their income.

“The main reason we receive external orders is to provide more jobs. They can take care of the elderly and children at home, and get high wages. There are now more than 60 workers, and they are gradually developing. During this period Time is waiting to receive school uniforms from various places in Hubei and Hunan, so the number of people may increase to about 100, and it will increase to 100 within a month.” Xi Huihui, general manager of Guizhou Chennan Clothing Co., Ltd. said.

Talking about the company’s current development, the company’s general manager Xi Huihui said that the company’s development is inseparable from the pro-Qing political and business environment and efficient and high-quality services in Sandu. She said that in the next step, the company will follow the trend of integrated development of culture and tourism. Relying on the local characteristic culture of Sandu, we will actively develop distinctive products, expand the market, strengthen product research and development, improve market competitiveness, develop more jobs, promote the company to improve quality and efficiency, and create more jobs for people.



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