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2021 Keqiao Fashion Design Exhibition Unlocks Trends

2021 Keqiao Fashion Design Exhibition Unlocks Trends 2022 spring and summer fabric fashion colors, new printing and dyeing technologies, new “black technology” methods, environment…

2021 Keqiao Fashion Design Exhibition Unlocks Trends

2022 spring and summer fabric fashion colors, new printing and dyeing technologies, new “black technology” methods, environmental protectionnew materials , new children’s clothing, new home textile products, 11 experts and big names explain, integrating new technologies, new trends, new concepts, international fashiontrends information, textileTechnological innovationproducts, original fashion design results, and market popular products are all available, interesting, informative, and high-quality… The 2021 Keqiao Fashion Design Exhibition, full of useful information, is the 2021st One of the highlights of the 9th Keqiao Fashion Week and Keqiao Spring Textile Expo, it has become a popular and eye-catching place during the Textile Expo from May 6 to 8.

The 2021 Keqiao Fashion Design Exhibition consists of four parts: the trend color release area, the sustainable innovation display area, the Jingwei master’s work display area, and the fashion exchange forum area.

Trend color release area: forward-looking key colors

The trend color release area uses “rebirth” as the core concept to present the four trend themes of “2022 Spring and Summer Chinese Women’s Clothing Fabric Trends” of “real things, adaptable to the heart, sharing nature, and fantasy”. This release is guided by the China Textile Information Center and the National Textile Product Development Center, with special support from the Shaoxing Keqiao DistrictChina Textile City Construction Management Committee, ChinaPopular fabricsengineering and COLORO® support, released by the China Women’s Clothing Fabric Trend Research Institute.

It can be seen on site that the popular colors are systematically sorted out and presented in the release area. The key colors on the “color wall” include gray fog blue, undyed primary colors, neutral color palettes, sunny yellow, mint green, violet, retro warm tones, light-sensitive colors, retro orange-red, red copper, and matte gold. It conveys the background and related elements of the era such as sustainable development, spiritual healing in the post-epidemic era, health concerns, and digital creation. In addition, nearly 600 high-quality fabrics were systematically displayed on site, showing the rich connotation of fashion trends based on colors, patterns, materials, functions and other characteristics.

Sustainable Innovation Exhibition Area: Gathering “High-Quality”

The sustainable innovation exhibition area consists of three areas: “Printing and Dyeing Technology Innovation New Products Exhibition Area”, “‘Black Technology’ Functional Innovation Product Exhibition Area” and “Sustainable Environmental Protection Innovation Product Exhibition Area” It is composed of parts and selects “Cultivation and Promotion of the Top Ten Textile Innovation Products in 2020” and “ChinaTextile in 2020″ from three dimensions: fashionable life design, smart life design, and green life design. The selected products of the “Industrial Federation Product Development Contribution Award” showcase representative products of innovative benchmark companies and brands at home and abroad.

Among them, the exhibition area for innovative printing and dyeing technology products brings together innovative printing and dyeing products from many well-known domestic clothing and home textile brands such as Kelaidier, Narsi, Huimei Fashion, Boyang Home Textiles, and Mengjie Home Textiles. The creative displayDigital printing, precise positioning printing and other cutting-edge printing and dyeing technologies.

The “Black Technology” functional innovation product exhibition area showcases the innovative products of Bosideng, Anta, Pathfinder, Hongdou Group and other brands in smart wearables, nano-insulation materials, phase change temperature and humidity control materials, lightweight multi-functional, anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial materials. The latest research progress and terminal applications in viruses and other aspects.

The sustainable and environmentally friendly innovative products exhibition area brings together many well-known domestic clothing and home textile brands such as 361°, Evely, Vosges Home Textiles, and Southern Bedding, as well as Lenzing, Sateri, Consinee, Haixing Kaisheng, etc. The latest ecological and environmentally friendly innovative products from well-known fiber and yarn companies at home and abroad have established a platform for exchanges between upstream and downstream companies.

Exhibition area of ​​Master Jingwei’s works: Keqiao original collection

Currently, Keqiao District is deeply implementing the strategies of talent and innovation to strengthen the district. Since the launch of the “Jingwei Plan” for creative design talents, it has selected and cultivated a group of talents in High-end talents with great influence or outstanding contributions in the field of creative design. For the first time, this fashion design exhibition joins hands with design masters from the Jingwei Project, aiming to create the best springboard for design talents in the Chinese and foreign industries, and provide a platform for leading talents in various fields such as new textile materials, fabrics and patterns, clothing and apparel, and home furnishings to display their latest achievements. Keqiao Enterprises has established a benchmarking and guiding role. The Jingwei Master’s Works Exhibition Area integrates the “2021/22 Autumn and Winter Textile Pattern Design Trends” and a series of works by designers Chen Xiangfei, Lan Tian, ​​and Yang Zitian, three outstanding fashion designers introduced by Keqiao.

The “2021/22 Autumn and Winter Textile Pattern Design Trends” release area was jointly developed and released by the Wu Haiyan International Fashion Research Institute, leading a team of teachers and students from the China Academy of Art and designers, in collaboration with companies from the Keqiao Garment Industry Association. This season’s trend focuses on the four key words of “nature, interest, collision, and future”. Based on the new needs of the post-epidemic era, it explores the concept update, pattern innovation and technological innovation of new textiles, focusing on the impact of design on nature, environmental protection and sustainable life. new ways of thinking.

The FUNNY DREAM kids haute couture children’s haute couture dress exhibited by Chen Xiangfei, one of China’s top ten children’s clothing designers, uses Keqiao’s local high-end fabrics, through the organic combination of Western pattern making technology and traditional Chinese tailoring techniques, Chinese style is incorporated into all aspects of design, demonstrating the FUNNY DREAM️ brand’s determination to support innovative national trends and its respect and confidence in Chinese culture.

Lan Tian, ​​a new generation designer born after 1985, exhibited a series of clothing with the theme of “Touch” that deeply integrates popular elements of modern clothing. Through the soft transition of cold and warm tones and the flexible combination of light and dark colors, it is restored in the collision of colors. 70s retro style. Integrating classic stripes, prints and other patterns through fabric art makes its rhythmic texture more in line with modern women’s awareness and pursuit of fashion.

The “Classic + Zhuangyuanfu Joint College Entrance Examination Series” cheongsam exhibited by Yang Zitian, associate professor of Donghua University, focuses on human comfort, uses traditional Chinese culture as its foundation, uses technology to drive creative design, and enthusiastically embraces international fashion. Through new structures Craftsmanship makes the product fit and comfortable.

Fashion Exchange Forum Area: Multiple Intelligence Interaction

In the fashion exchange forum area, 11 design exchange activities gathered industry experts and enterprises from institutions and enterprises such as China Textile Information Center, Vosges Group, Nanjing Hesu Times, Pathfinder, Youputai (Shenzhen) and other institutions and enterprises Representatives and Golden Summit Award designers gave special lectures from multiple dimensions such as industrial development, fashion trends, product development, and brand marketing. The exchange meeting covered design trends, women’s clothing color trends, outdoor functional product development trends, brand marketing trends, antibacterial and antiviral functional fibers, digital analysis, smart clothing, etc. It was full of useful information.

For example, famous designers interpreted the core value of the industry’s transformation and upgrading from aspects such as design trend research, fashion life research, and the advantages and characteristics of Keqiao’s textile and apparel industry; popular Trend and color research experts analyze key tones and key monochromes in spring and summer 2022, interpret color design efficiency and management optimization steps under the digital revolution, and proactively elaborate on knitted fabrics for the future spring and summer season ‘s popular hot spots; product R&D experts provide in-depth analysis of the product development directions and highlights of outdoor functional materials, bamboo charcoal fiber deodorant towels, personal protective clothing, antibacterial and antiviral functional fibers, SYCORE-TEX and other new materials and new technologies. ; Based on the two-way, multi-touch-point social communication characteristics, brand marketing experts decode the characteristics and trends of digital marketing in the new media environment, etc. The design exchange meeting provides effective guidance and help for companies to improve their product innovation capabilities by sharing industry innovation results.



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