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Shaoxing Keqiao: “Sunday Engineer” has an upgraded version

Shaoxing Keqiao: “Sunday Engineer” has an upgraded version Shared bicycles, shared cars, shared power banks… But have you ever heard that “technical experts…

Shaoxing Keqiao: “Sunday Engineer” has an upgraded version

Shared bicycles, shared cars, shared power banks… But have you ever heard that “technical experts” can also share functions? A group of “shared engineers” are active in the Keqiao Printing and Dyeing Industry Engineer Collaborative Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Innovation Center”) in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province.

In the previously popular TV series “Dajiang Dahe”, Lei Dongbao took the equipment eliminated by the state-owned factory and spent a lot of money to hire “Sunday Engineer”. In the end, it was a great success and he also acquired the city’s wire factory. In the 1970s and 1980s, every weekend, many scientific and technological personnel working in universities, research institutions or state-owned enterprises rushed to all directions to help township private enterprises install and debug new equipment and develop New products, training technical backbones, or solving technical problems in specific production processes.

Now, “Sunday Engineer” has an upgraded version in Keqiao. “Shared engineers” include both university professors and textileprinting and dyeing industryexperts. They frequently enter and exit various local textile printing and dyeing enterprises, actively carry out “door-to-door services”, and work with enterprises to overcome technical problems, alleviating the difficulties faced by the development of related enterprisesTalentissues.

In the process of textile printing and dyeing enterprises moving towards highquality, what role and role do “shared engineers” play, and what kind of role they bring to the development of the industry. What new changes are coming?

Solving technical problems

After becoming a shared engineer at the innovation center, Wei Qianyang, deputy director of the Keqiao Textile Industry Innovation Research Institute of Xi’an Engineering University, has become even busier.

In the Keqiao printing and dyeing industry, Wei Qianyang is a celebrity. How to save energy, reduce consumption and use energy efficiently? How to improve the process, increase output, and improve product quality? How to use digitalization to improve production efficiency… These practical issues that Keqiao and even surrounding companies have been concerned about in recent years are also the key research directions of Wei Qianyang. “Normally if I am in the office, there will basically be several waves of customers every day.” He said with a smile.

In recent years, the cooperation between Wei Qianyang and Keqiao printing and dyeing enterprises has become increasingly close. Cooperate with Shaoxing Yongtong Printing Co., Ltd. to improve informatization; cooperate with Zhejiang MeishengNew Materials Co., Ltd. and Shaoxing Qianyong Textile Co., Ltd. for dyeingSewage treatment project; cooperate with Shaoxing Xingming Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Huachen Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. to carry out steam-saving and consumption-reducing renovation projects for dye vats; cooperate with Shaoxing Fiangu Textile Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Oris New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Maishi Textile Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Ruisheng New Materials Co., Ltd., and more than a dozen companies cooperate in product development and technical support; cooperate with Zhejiang Xinsanyin Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Cathay Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Yingjili Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yue New Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. and other dyeing factories conducted many exchanges and interactions on technical problems and technical cooperation…

To attract such an “olive branch” from textile companies, there must be “hard work” behind it. Wei Qianyang has been deeply engaged in industry technology for 25 years and has rich practical experience. He has long been engaged in front-line textile, printing and dyeing product development, technological innovation, corporate management and other work. These experiences have allowed him to talk and resonate with many local entrepreneurs in Keqiao. And we can talk well and deeply.

“No matter how much you talk, it’s better to just give it a try.” This is one of Wei Qianyang’s tenets in serving enterprises. Especially when encountering technical problems in production, he often gets started directly in the workshop without saying anything. Relying on many years of professional experience and solid theoretical support, he has his own unique solutions and ideas to many problems.

Wei Qianyang recalled that once when he went to a dyeing factory, the relevant person in charge of the workshop told him that dye spots often appeared on fabrics, and he tried many methods but could not solve them. Wei Qianyang carefully checked the types of dyes and chemicals, the temperature of the chemicals and the dyeing process in the workshop. After analysis, he adjusted the temperature of the chemicals and the dyeing process, quickly solving the company’s problems. “Being able to help companies solve problems and seeing the happy faces of workshop workers after the problems are solved is the happiest moment for me as a shared engineer.”

Help product promotion

Duan Yafeng is an out-and-out textile expert and has received countless honors and awards: Zhejiang Science and Technology Award, China Textile Industry Federation Science and Technology Progress Award, Zhejiang Provincial Teaching Achievement Award… Duan Yafeng seems to have a “Textile Technology Encyclopedia” in his mind. As long as others ask him technical questions, he can always accurately find the corresponding chapters and solve the problems one by one.

In 2022, Duan Yafeng, who was idle at home after retirement, applied for the “Shared Engineer” position in the Innovation Center. After strict assessment and open selection, he became one of the first five shared engineers of the entire textile printing and dyeing industry chain in Keqiao District. “I can use my spare energy to do what I can for everyone,” he said modestly.

Since serving as a “shared engineer”, Duan Yafeng has often conducted in-depth corporate research and used his technical advantages to “prescribe prescriptions and diagnoses” for the company.Many people in charge of printing and dyeing companies said that since Duan Yafeng and other shared engineers, the company can not only get “portable” guidance at any time, but also many wonderful ideas that usually “flash by” can quickly become practical product solutions. , further strengthened the personalization and functionality of new products, expanded the path for industrial application of new materials, shortened the development cycle of new products, and improved the timeliness of market development.

Duan Yafeng said: “What impressed me deeply was Shaoxing Material Textile Technology Co., Ltd. This company spent several years developing 48D/72F fine deniernylon Silk and 40s/1 Tencel interwoven jacquard fabrics, but due to dyeing uniformity and color fastness limitations, although it has opened up some prospects in the field of women’s shirt fabrics, the customer base is too small and it has always been difficult to receive stable large orders.

Under the guidance of Duan Yafeng, the company implemented digital printing processing based on the original dyeing varieties, forming a new product of nylon Tencel interwoven “jacquard + digital printing” series, and invited the trendy fashion design studio in the innovation center platform to design prototypes and made finished skirt samples for promotion. The products quickly became popular in the Hangzhou style women’s clothing field of the Internet celebrity “Flower Skirt”, with continuous renovation of flower shapes and more and more orders. The more, it attracted a lot of big orders.

In addition to being a “technical foreign aid”, Duan Yafeng is also a “promotion ambassador”. “Although printing and dyeing companies in Keqiao are active in developing new products, the channels and conditions for promoting innovative products are relatively limited.” Duan Yafeng said, just like Shaoxing Longtai Graphene Technology Co., Ltd., which holds “high-end” functional new materials in its hands Technology has been used to develop new products of fiber yarns and even fabrics of various specifications. However, due to the lack of understanding of the product structure and needs of downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, it has been difficult to open up the situation in terms of market promotion and product serialization.

“After we learned about this problem, we specially organized a special seminar to promote collaborative efforts to clarify the specific needs of downstream customers and the direction of downstream product development of new functional fiber yarn materials. The company quickly cooperated with the textile research and development department of Keqiao Market A trading company has established a cooperative relationship to develop ‘graphene + aerogel’ composite non-woven fabric liner and graphene modification for autumn and winter thermal underwear and mattresses. New products such as polyester blended yarn with ‘warm + antibacterial’ functions knitted fabrics and T-shirts are well received by the market. “Duan Yafeng was quite pleased with this.

Empowering industrial upgrading

Shen Yifeng, chief engineer of Shaoxing Keqiao Research Institute of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, has a “new job” this year. He has presided over more than 50 scientific research projects at the national, provincial, municipal and corporate levels. Now he “sits” in the innovation center office two days a week to help companies solve problems in the development of new functional fabrics and Technical difficulties in energy conservation, emission reduction, and application of new dyeing and finishing technologies.

“If companies have needs, they can find me with just one phone call.” In Shen Yifeng’s view, after years of development in Keqiao’s printing and dyeing industry, most companies have formed good product advantages. “What companies are worried about now is not that fabrics cannot be made, but more detailed issues, such as how to further improve products in terms of specialization, functionality, and characteristics, how to make them more energy-saving and emission-reducing, and how to benefit from the large number of current technologies. You can find applications that suit the characteristics of your business in the equipment.”

Shen Yifeng believes that what deserves more attention from the industry is that printing and dyeing companies are facing the problem of interconnection. “For example, the development of new fabrics involves materials, spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, chemicals, machinery, design, market and other industries or professional technologies and information. It is not enough for individual engineers to ‘work alone’. Only everyone Only by working together can we overcome difficulties.” Shen Yifeng said that through the joint efforts of shared engineers, it can provide enterprises with the source of innovation and development.

Unlike the “one-way output” of “Sunday Engineers” at the beginning of reform and opening up, the construction of today’s engineer collaborative innovation center is more of a “multi-directional complementation” of talent advantages. While introducing shared printing and dyeing engineers, the innovation center also set up an engineer studio to assist enterprises, dynamically updated the talent database, achievement database, and demand database, and established systems for engineer training exchanges, honor incentives, etc., to empower the high-quality development of the textile printing and dyeing industry.

“With a professional public service platform like the Innovation Center, engineers can communicate and interact with each other, constantly collide with each other, discuss production and management technical issues, supplement and update a lot of knowledge, and better provide technical progress and innovative development for printing and dyeing enterprises. Motivation.” Shen Yifeng said.

Benefiting from the “shared engineer” model, many small and medium-sized enterprises have overcome technical difficulties. Up to now, the innovation center has promoted more than 90 common technologies, solved 2,503 corporate personalized problems, implemented 21 “unveiling and leading” projects, promoted more than 15,000 collaborative innovation results such as various patents, software copyrights and pattern copyrights, and incubated entrepreneurship There are 33 enterprises, and the investment in collaborative innovation projects and the transformation of results have yielded benefits exceeding 400 million yuan.

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