Clothing Manufacturer_Clothing Factory clothing manufacturers News The College Student Hanfu Forum Seminar and Preparatory Meeting was successfully held in Humble Administrator’s Garden, Suzhou

The College Student Hanfu Forum Seminar and Preparatory Meeting was successfully held in Humble Administrator’s Garden, Suzhou

The seminar and preparatory meeting of the Hanfu Forum for College Students was successfully held in the Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou On the afternoon of June 24, 2023, …

The seminar and preparatory meeting of the Hanfu Forum for College Students was successfully held in the Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou

On the afternoon of June 24, 2023, the college student Hanfu Forum seminar and preparatory meeting was successfully held in the Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou. Hanfu is a representative of China’s excellent traditional culture and is very popular among young people.

In order to carry forward China’s excellent traditional culture, enhance national and cultural confidence, and lead the cultural confidence of young people, the organizing committee launched the “College Student Hanfu Forum” to use Hanfu as a carrier to deeply ingrain excellent traditional culture in the hearts of young people.

Yang Lei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Textile School of Zhongyuan Institute of Technology, Xue Zhijian, Director of the Humble Administrator’s Garden Management Office, Feng Hua, Head of the Youth League Committee of Donghua University, Xi Yue, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the School of Fashion and Art Design, Huang Qi, General Manager of Heilan Technology and Shanghai Silk Group Cultural Development Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Yidong, and forum initiator Mr. Yang Zitian, jointly witnessed the Hanfu Forum seminar for college students.

Mr. It can carry forward the excellent traditional culture of China, build a new platform with the oriental aesthetics of Suzhou gardens and the essence of Jiangnan traditional culture, realize a new combination of famous schools and famous gardens, achieve a new upgrade of cultural resource activation, and jointly explore the development of oriental aesthetics. A new model. We hope that by taking advantage of this event, the Humble Administrator’s Garden can carry out more in-depth cooperation with college students and interpret Eastern philosophical ideas and Eastern aesthetic values ​​through the window of classical gardens.”

Hanfu is a representative of China’s excellent traditional culture, with profound cultural connotations and unique aesthetics. For Hanfu clubs in nearly a hundred universities, this event undoubtedly has unique significance. This is the first time that the Hanfu Forum for College Students has adopted the form of online and offline linkage, allowing more students with a sincere love for Hanfu culture to participate in the discussion and preparation of the forum. The students signed the Hanfu Declaration and jointly unveiled the “College Student Hanfu Forum”, which is a practice of “promoting cultural self-confidence and self-improvement” and using their practical actions to contribute to “creating new glory for socialist culture.”

Student representatives from nine universities, including Peking University, Fudan University, Jilin University, Xiamen University, Hunan University, Jinan University, Donghua University, Southwest University, and East China University of Political Science and Law, are full of love for Hanfu culture. Under the attention of student representatives from all universities, they jointly unveiled the “College Student Hanfu Forum”.

Subsequently, student representatives signed the “Hundred Schools Alliance Hanfu Declaration”: In the vast universe, there is China. Bright planet, well-dressed China. The young people of our generation should respect and love our country, respect our tradition, and love our culture. We, the young people, should carry forward my legacy, carry forward my academic history, and promote my essence. How can I say that I have no clothes? Be in the same robe as your son. Xingwu culture, take it with you!

This is an important step taken by fellow students to “promote cultural self-confidence and self-improvement and create new glory of socialist culture”. It is also an important step to inherit and carry forward Hanfu culture.

At the College Student Hanfu Forum Seminar, students spoke enthusiastically to discuss the significance of Hanfu in contemporary society and how to promote the inheritance and development of Hanfu culture.

Graduate student representatives from Donghua University’s Hanfu research group shared Hanfu research methods and research results, and discussed the historical evolution, design and production techniques of Hanfu with fellow participants, experts, scholars, and business representatives. topic.

Mr. Huang Qi, general manager of Heilan Technology, said: As a national brand rooted in the local area, it has always been concerned about the inheritance of traditional national culture. How to combine Chinese civilization with contemporary clothing and create clothing with national imprints is our next key project in cooperation with Donghua University.

Following the Hanfu Research and Exchange Conference, the event reached another climax. The Hanfu fashion show with the theme of “Flower Season” kicked off in the picturesque Humble Administrator’s Garden. Members of Hanfu clubs from hundreds of universities transformed into twelve flower gods and staged a wonderful Hanfu performance in the Nine-curved Corridor of the Humble Administrator’s Garden. The flower gods wore exquisitely designed and produced Hanfu to show their unique style and understanding of Hanfu culture. They combined modern fashion with Chinese tradition and presented a multi-faceted and charming Hanfu visual feast.

Mr. Yang Zitian, the founder of the forum, said: Hanfu is a representative of China’s excellent traditional culture and is increasingly popular among young people. Everyone wears Hanfu, studies Hanfu, and innovates Hanfu, which has stimulated the “cultural innovation and creation vitality” with Hanfu as the carrier. ”, which is an indispensable part of “building a socialist cultural power”.

Today’s event can be expressed in “Four Beauties”. The first is the beauty of people. More and more people feel the beauty of being Chinese themselves. Second is the beauty of clothes. The beauty of Hanfu is undeniable and is obvious to all. Today, hundreds of lotuses are in full bloom in the Humble Administrator’s Garden, with scorching lotus flowers and pavilions rising out of the water. The scenery is beautiful. The Hanfu forum for college students is a forum for college students themselves. We will definitely run this forum well. Our hopes and wishes are also beautiful, that is, we hope for beauty.

College student Chinese�The forum aims to build a communication and learning platform for college students so that more college students can understand and participate in the inheritance of Hanfu culture. Through this platform, college students can show their love and understanding of traditional culture and exchange each other’s research results and experiences.

This seminar and preparatory meeting were unanimously approved. The Hanfu Forum for College Students will be officially held in September. It will be divided into three themes: through text or video forms such as Hanfu Anthology and My Opinions on Hanfu, to issue “College Students’ Opinions on Hanfu”; Hanfu parks, brand markets, special activities and other forms express “college students’ Hanfu ideas”; through professional forms such as Hanfu aesthetic trend releases, Hanfu image contests, Hanfu design contests and other professional forms, “college students’ Hanfu image” is conveyed. We hope to promote the research and innovation of Hanfu culture in more diverse and novel forms, and inject new vitality into the inheritance and development of Hanfu culture.



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