What are the types of sweater fabrics?

What are the types of sweater fabrics? It’s almost winter now. Sweaters will soon become popular in winter due to their excellent thermal insulation properties. Of course, there ar…

What are the types of sweater fabrics?

It’s almost winter now. Sweaters will soon become popular in winter due to their excellent thermal insulation properties. Of course, there are also many types of sweaters, which makes people hesitant when buying sweaters. , in order to give everyone a clearer understanding of sweaters, the editor will introduce to you in detail the types of sweater fabrics.

What are the types of sweater fabrics

Cool sweater: This is the sweater fabric that people come into contact with the most. The wool referred to here is mostly sheep wool, and is woven using knitting technology, because the sweater will have clear lines, bright color and feel on the outside. Very soft and somewhat stretchy, woolen sweaters are generally more durable.

Cashmere sweater: Cashmere is fine cashmere taken from the outer cortex of goats. Because the output is smaller, its price is higher than that of wool. Sweaters woven with cashmere are light in texture and have a strong thermal insulation effect. It can be said that it is the highest quality fabric among sweaters, but the fabric is difficult to care for and prone to pilling, so you need to spend more attention on the care of cashmere sweaters.

Sheep sweater: Sheep sweater is taken from the wool of lambs. Because it is a minor sample, its wool will be more delicate and soft than that of adult sheep, but pure lamb wool fabrics on the market There are very few, and most of them are made of lambswool blended with other fabrics, so the price of sheepskin sweaters is not too high.

Snowland sweater: It is produced from Shetland wool produced in Shetland Island. The wool feels “grainy” to the touch, and the fluffy appearance makes the sweater look thicker. Crazy, the fabric is not easy to pill and the market price is relatively low.

Rabbit sweater: It is made of rabbit fur or a blend of rabbit fur and wool. The rabbit sweater has a soft color and good fluffiness. Its warmth retention is even better than that of a wool sweater. Its style Rejuvenation can also be used to make outerwear.

Cow cashmere sweater: Its raw material is derived from cow, and the fabric has a smooth and delicate feel. Cow cashmere sweaters are not easy to pill but have a single color, and their cost is much cheaper than cashmere.

Alpaca sweater: It is a sweater woven from alpaca wool. The fabric is soft, warm and elastic. It has a fluffy appearance and is not easy to pill. It is a kind of high-end clothing fabric and the price is relatively high. General woolen clothing is expensive.

Chemical fiber sweaters: sweaters woven with acrylic and other chemical fibers. Because chemical fibers have better wear resistance and corrosion resistance, this type of sweater is more durable, but it is less warm than other sweaters. Sweaters made of natural fibers are much different, and chemical fiber sweaters are also the cheapest.

The above content is to introduce you to the knowledge of sweater fabrics. I hope that after reading the article, you will have a deeper understanding of sweaters.



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