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International exhibitions take off to new heights

International exhibitions take off to new heights On October 14, 2016, the 2016 China Keqiao International Fabrics Expo (Autumn) will kick off again at the China Textile City Inter…

International exhibitions take off to new heights

On October 14, 2016, the 2016 China Keqiao International Fabrics Expo (Autumn) will kick off again at the China Textile City International Convention and Exhibition Center. The spring craze in May has just dissipated, and a new climax will set off in the golden autumn of October. Although there is still some time before the opening of the Autumn Textile Expo, the reporter learned that exhibitor booth reservations and buyer registrations are already in full swing. According to the relevant person in charge of the China Textile City Exhibition Company, the exhibition execution unit of the Autumn Textile Expo, many exhibitors are concerned about the Spring Textile Expo. The on-site ordering was quite satisfactory, so I signed up to participate in the Autumn Textile Expo in the second half of the year on the day after the Spring Textile Expo ended. It is not difficult to find that the twice-annual Keqiao Textile Expo has become a benchmark exhibition for the domestic and foreign fabric industries to participate in the event, including not only Guangzhou and The exhibitor team, including well-known fabric companies such as Xinsheng, Shanghai Jinda, Xinjiang Fuli Zhenlun, Zhejiang Red Green Blue, Zhejiang Fantes, etc., continues to grow, attracting a large number of professional buyers from all over the world to Keqiao, and transactions were completed on-site at the exhibition. Data constantly refreshes historical records. After 18 years of hard work, today’s Keqiao Textile Expo has grown from a toddler by taking advantage of Keqiao’s fabric industry and market agglomeration. The regional exhibition has been perfectly upgraded into a brand exhibition. Not only is it one of the three major fabric exhibitions in China along with the Intertextile Textile Accessories Exhibition and the Canton Fair Fabric Exhibition, it is also known as a model of professional exhibitions in the industry, and its influence is evident. The steady progress of Keqiao Textile Expo not only promotes the transformation and upgrading of Keqiao fabric industry, but also promotes the progress of China’s fabric industry. Looking back on the journey, Keqiao Textile Expo, as the only professional exhibition for fabric products origin and fabric product distribution center in China, has always been responsible for promoting the development of the industry. Of course, the unique advantages of Keqiao Textile Expo are inherent, just as the position of China’s fabric industry in the fabric industry is unshakable. Keqiao fabric industry’s benchmark position in China’s fabric industry is also obvious to all. At the same time, the rapid growth of Keqiao Textile Expo is inseparable from the support of Keqiao District Government and the continuous efforts of Textile Expo people. The right time, location, people and people have made Keqiao Textile Expo now famous at home and abroad.

As an excellent supplier in the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the workwear industry, our company will be invited to participate in this exhibition. At the exhibition, our company will exhibit anti-static series (moisture-wicking anti-static fabrics, high-count and high-density anti-static fabrics, anti-static denim, anti-static silk, etc.), fire-proof series (general fire-proof surfaces, durable fire-proof fabrics, etc.), There are more than 100 products including high-temperature resistant, fireproof and heat-insulating series (NomexIIIA, Nomex blended chemical fiber fabric products and accessories, etc.), oil-proof and water-proof and “three-proof” series, and acid and alkali-proof series. During the exhibition, we participated in the “Safety Protection Fabrics Exchange and Promotion Meeting” organized by the organizer. The company leaders made a speech on the “application and market status of new standard anti-static products” based on the characteristics of our company’s products and the current situation of the fabric industry. At the exhibition, we patiently introduced our company’s products to customers and actively communicated with them. Through this exhibition, we further understood the current status and development trends of the workwear industry in Shandong and North China. It has laid a solid foundation for the company to further develop the North China market.



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