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Four major development trends brought by the G20 Summit to the apparel industry

Four major development trends brought by the G20 Summit to the apparel industry The G20 summit came to a successful conclusion Putting China under the spotlight of the stage again …

Four major development trends brought by the G20 Summit to the apparel industry

The G20 summit came to a successful conclusion Putting China under the spotlight of the stage again will have a positive impact on China’s long-term development in all aspects. As far as the field of workwear is concerned, the global village can make brands more sophisticated.

1. Internet Evolution

It is said that the PC Internet solves information symmetry, the mobile Internet solves efficient docking, and the future Internet of Things needs to solve everything Internet means free sharing of data and distribution of value on demand. For example, if we open a workwear store, we can freely share data in the store, and the boss can quickly find your target customers.

The essence of Internet+ is to build a bottom-level building so that everyone on it can quickly find their goals. Whether you are looking for clients, lovers, or partners. Based on Internet+, the workwear industry and other industries penetrate, merge, and combine with each other, thus forming a new business superstructure. For example, workwear physical stores will be integrated with coffee shops, beauty salons, restaurants, fitness clubs, bookstores, entertainment venues, furniture stores, children’s playgrounds, and other scenes, attracting people all the time, and making transactions all the time.

 2. The industry will become increasingly segmented

The future workwear industry will become more and more vertical and collaborative. In the past, we were always making up for our shortcomings. In the future, we need to continue to expand our strengths, because your strengths determine the high level of a certain field. As long as you maximize one aspect of what you are good at, others will cooperate with you. This is called the longboard principle. For example, if your workwear store sells new products very quickly, then the popular styles will definitely be in your store, and customers who need new styles will naturally find you.

By making cheongsam alone, you can also make T-shirts, jeans, pants, and skirts, such as date wear, interview wear, travel wear, etc. based on the scene. The work wear industry has too many subdivisions. The bridgehead can be occupied. Workwear brands will no longer pursue large and comprehensive brands. What matters is whether you have your own unique positioning. Because it is becoming more and more convenient for people to find you. As long as your positioning is clear, no matter how small the positioning market is, it will be large enough. Designers who can translate consumer ideas into products will appear in large numbers, and designers will play an increasingly important role in future progress.

 3., Global Village

It is no longer a slogan. The Internet connects people from every corner of the earth, and workwear trends spread instantly, spreading like a virus. Workwear design trends used to be dominated by Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, but now with the rise of a brand, it has become simpler than before. More and more independent designers are emerging in China to participate in international fashion conferences. A workwear brand, separated from traditional channels, can still rely on the power of the Internet to attract its fans and sell to everyone. This is an era where you can live well as long as you have 500 fans. Chinese workwear companies have the opportunity to become brands.

 4. In the future, everyone will be an independent economy

In the future, everyone will be able to complete a task alone because of the platform and organizations increasingly. When you have an idea, you can express it first and then display it on the platform (there will be more and more such platforms), and then attract interest.� people can place an order, and after receiving the order, they can find a factory to produce it (don’t worry about the quantity being too small, future production will definitely be refined and customized), and then deliver it to consumers.

Therefore, we cannot do without a group of people with “ingenuity”. Such as craftsmen, designers, programmers, screenwriters, writers, artists, etc., because the Internet has completed the construction of the social framework, and the rest is content filling! Therefore, even ordinary work clothing store owners must sell work clothing. Come up with new ideas, sell features, and create your own brand. Only brands can stand in the future.



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