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Electromagnetic wave shielding series fabrics play an indispensable role in daily life

Electromagnetic wave shielding series fabrics play an indispensable role in daily life The progress of life and the increasing progress of science and technology have given birth t…

Electromagnetic wave shielding series fabrics play an indispensable role in daily life

The progress of life and the increasing progress of science and technology have given birth to a kind of substance – electromagnetic waves.
Electromagnetic waves are also called electromagnetic radiation and electronic smog. From a scientific point of view, electromagnetic waves are a type of energy. Any object with a temperature higher than absolute zero will emit electromagnetic waves. And the higher the temperature, the shorter the wavelength of the electromagnetic waves emitted. Just as people have been living in the air but cannot see the air with their eyes, in addition to complete waves, people cannot see the ubiquitous electromagnetic waves. But we can understand that electromagnetic waves are everywhere.
In our lives, magnetic fields are everywhere. The earth itself is a huge magnetic field. Mobile phones, The widespread use of high-tech products such as televisions and computers has not only brought us a technological experience that surpasses the past, but also brought us a danger that cannot be ignored – electromagnetic waves, which silently infringe on our health. Physical and mental health.
The harm caused by electromagnetic waves to people is generally manifested as thermal effects, non-thermal effects, etc. Electromagnetic waves can cause people There are varying degrees of headaches and dizziness, memory loss, decreased immunity, cardiovascular disease, etc. Being exposed to strong electromagnetic wave interference for a long time will not only expose you to excessive radiation, but may even cause cancer.
Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to their health, children, the elderly, pregnant women, such vulnerable groups Like us, we live in a strong radiation environment. Perhaps the impact of electromagnetic waves on young people with strong resistance is not great, but it does cause irreparable and huge damage to them.
A series of hazards have given rise to the birth of a new type of fabric – electromagnetic wave shielding series fabrics. It is a high-tech anti-electromagnetic wave fabric made of 3μm-7μm special metal fiber and fabric fiber blended chemical fiber fabric. It has good electromagnetic shielding effect, and is also resistant to cleaning, antibacterial and cleaning, soft and breathable. Used for personnel protection in finance, radio and television, IT, electric power, communications, railways, aviation, medical and other industries. Arranging this kind of fabric into corresponding protective clothing will greatly reduce the damage caused by radiation to us.
Electromagnetic wave magnetic shielding clothing is divided into two types: metal fiber and silver fiber. Among them, metal fiber electromagnetic shielding clothing is The fabric used is woven from metal fibers with a diameter of about 0.008 mm (each metal thread contains about 8 metal fibers) and cotton and other blended chemical fiber fabrics. The content of metal fibers in the fabric is more than 27.7% (inclusive) (approximately (4.8 meters/square centimeter), and the aperture of the woven metal mesh is about 0.03 centimeters, which can effectively shield electromagnetic waves within 100-3000MHz (common civilian frequencies), with a shielding rate of more than 99.9%. This kind of fabric not only has good breathability, but can also be washed. It is a useful fabric for civilian electromagnetic shielding clothing today. There is also silver fiber. This kind of fabric adopts silver plating technology to make the silver fiber well integrated with other fibers (cotton, polyester, etc.). It not only has the advantages of metal fiber cloth, but also has a softer texture.
Through this fabric, the electromagnetic wave damage we receive will be greatly reduced, and our health will be will be better protected.

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