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The 5th China-Asia-Europe Expo concluded with fruitful economic and trade results

The 5th China-Asia-Europe Expo concluded with fruitful economic and trade results After six days of busy business exchanges and interactions, the 5th China-Eurasia Expo concluded i…

The 5th China-Asia-Europe Expo concluded with fruitful economic and trade results

After six days of busy business exchanges and interactions, the 5th China-Eurasia Expo concluded in Urumqi, Xinjiang on September 25. With the theme of “Co-Consultation, Co-construction, Sharing, Silk Road: Opportunities and Futures”, this Asia-Europe Expo coincides with the first year of the “13th Five-Year Plan” and also clarifies Xinjiang’s positioning as the “core area of ​​the Silk Road Economic Belt” The first expo since then has achieved new results in promoting summit diplomacy between China and Eurasian countries, assisting the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt, strengthening economic and trade cooperation between Xinjiang and neighboring countries (regions), and displaying the image of Xinjiang.

This China-Asia-Europe Expo attracted a total of 200 visitors from 6 international organizations and 57 countries and regions. Many domestic and foreign high-level guests came to attend the conference, and the number of participating dignitaries was the largest in history. During the period, a total of 15 ministerial-level forums and special events were held, and a series of results were achieved in 16 major fields such as science and technology, finance, transportation, tourism, economy and trade. For example, all participating parties reached a consensus on the “Information Silk Road”, which further promoted exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign media; the signing of the “Border Health and Quarantine Cooperation Agreement” greatly promoted trade between Xinjiang and Asian and European countries; The Urumqi Declaration of the European Information Highway Connectivity Forum advocates the establishment of a close multilateral cooperation mechanism among communication operators in various countries to provide communication guarantees for enterprise development; the Logistics Cooperation Memorandum and the “Online Mall” Agreement have greatly promoted Xinjiang logistics industry progress.

A series of economic and trade cooperation and project contracts were signed at various forum activities, with a cumulative contract value of US$18 billion, involving In the fields of science and technology, agriculture, mining, energy, industry, finance and other fields, the contract amount increased by 2 times compared with the previous session. With the help of the Silk Road Financial Forum, corporate financing has achieved outstanding results, with a total of 16 cooperation projects signed, 7 of which are bank-enterprise cooperation projects, with credit amounts of 31.909 billion yuan and 5.13 billion US dollars respectively. Pakistan Habib Bank Urumqi Branch was officially approved for establishment, and an unveiling ceremony was held during the forum. Pakistan’s Habib Bank has also become the first foreign-funded bank in a country along the Silk Road Economic Belt to set up a branch in Xinjiang.

The exhibition area, exhibition themes and participating companies of this Asia-Europe Expo have all reached new highs. During the exhibition, participating companies actively communicated and negotiated, resulting in a large number of economic and trade results. Xinjiang has signed 200 inline projects, with a total contract value of 241.2 billion yuan. The total foreign economic and trade turnover reached US$4.9527 billion, an increase of 2.24% from US$4.84416 billion in the previous session. The total number of people entering the museum reached 360,158, and the number of admissions in a single day was as high as 110,000.

As a domestic professional supplier of special workwear fabrics, we will participate in this exhibition. The booth is located in Hall W5 – functional/casual fabric area. At the exhibition, we mainly displayed the anti-static series (moisture-wicking anti-static fabrics, high-count and high-density anti-static fabrics, anti-static denim, anti-static silk, etc.), fire protection series (general fire retardant fabrics, durable fire retardant fabrics, etc.), high temperature resistant There are more than 100 products including fireproof and heat insulation series (NomexIIIA, Nomex blended chemical fiber fabric products and accessories, etc.), oil-proof and water-repellent series. Customers are very interested in our company’s products, especially the anti-static and high-temperature resistant, fireproof and thermal insulation series products. While introducing products to customers, we also understand their different needs for fabrics. Since it is an international exhibition, there are many foreign businessmen, so we have a certain understanding of the market dynamics of foreign workwear fabrics and customer needs. This will have a positive role in promoting the company’s next market positioning and product development. We alsoWe look forward to bringing customers more satisfactory products at the next exhibition



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