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The textile and chemical fiber industry chain “touches the Internet” to promote transformation

The textile and chemical fiber industry chain “touches the Internet” to promote transformation Following the trend of the times, chemical fiber fabrics “touch the…

The textile and chemical fiber industry chain “touches the Internet” to promote transformation

Following the trend of the times, chemical fiber fabrics “touch the net”

 Fabric industry is a typical traditional industry. Since the industrial revolution, it has been playing an important industrial role in manufacturing and international trade. In order to survive in the long term, many fabric and chemical fiber companies have to try new development ideas.

In the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” plan outline, the development goals proposed by our government for the fabric chemical fiber industry areTransformation and upgrade. Practitioners of spot electronic trading platforms should see opportunities for platforms to combine industries and integrate development from industry development issues.

Now, the advent of the “Internet +” economic era has given traditional industries another major development opportunity with “the right time, the right location, and the right people”. On the one hand, “Internet + traditional industries” has risen to the national strategic level. Our government has issued many guiding and supporting policies. For example, the “Guiding Opinions on Actively Promoting the “Internet +” Action” issued by the State Council in July 2015 clearly stated: “We must vigorously develop industry e-commerce. Encourage energy , chemical industry, steel, electronics, textiles, medicine and other industries, actively use e-commerce platforms to optimize procurement and distribution systems, improve corporate operating efficiency; promote the online transformation of various professional markets, and guide the integration of traditional trade circulation companies and e-commerce companies resources and actively transform into a supply chain collaboration platform.” These far-sighted policy orientations have laid a solid foundation for “Internet + traditional industries”.

On the other hand, local governments at all levels are seizing the opportunities of Internet+. Taking Fujian Province as an example, governments at all levels in Fujian Province actively responded to the center’s call and followed the trend of the times. In the article “Fujian Province’s “13th Five-Year Plan” Financial Industry Development Special Plan” published by the Fujian Provincial Government, it is clearly stated: “Exploring the construction of abulk commodity futures trading platform “Establish a provincial trading venue settlement center to realize centralized clearing of trading venues in the province.” The establishment of a unified settlement center will further optimize the trading venue’s warehouse receipt registration, trading, financing, fund settlement and other services for investors, and effectively protect investors. financial security and transaction fairness.

At the same time, combined with local industry and market demand, as an economic power, my country has a wide variety of traditional industries, huge flows, and numerous cluster industries, which are important pillars of the national economy. However, the sales channel is single and the existing electronic sales Problems such as high competitiveness, high financing costs, few financing channels, complicated billing periods, high logistics costs, and uneven product quality have always been lingering haze in the development and growth of traditional industries. Enterprises look forward to relying on external forces to promote Product standardization, trade diversification, financing facilitation, logistics efficiency and many other aspects have been transformed.

Implement intelligent control to improve connection efficiency

From the perspective of product quality control, through the connection with Internet intelligent quality control, machine interconnection, all-round monitoring, and data can be Collection and enterprise ERP networking allow information resources to be shared, which will help production personnel trace original information, provide effective and timely feedback on various problems arising from the production process, and on this basis promoteContinuous improvement of qualityand service.

From the perspective of industrial sales, the organic combination of the cloth chemical fiber industry and the spot electronic trading platform will bring together thousands of production companies and traders across the country, and build a nationwide information network and diverse The modernized Internet marketing model is expected to push China’s textile and chemical fiber industry onto a unique and creative marketing path. While using traditional corporate websites for publicity, mobile Internet and mobile APPs are also promotingThe publicity of the company’s profile and product details will greatly expand the company’s visibility on the original basis. In addition, the platform can use Internet channels to conduct online sales of chemical fiber products, truly realizing the e-commerce of the chemical fiber industry.

From the perspective of warehousing and logistics, intelligent warehousing and logistics ensures that the goods are shipped from the factory, packaged, loaded and transported. Many links such as this can effectively reduce labor and material costs, improve connection efficiency, and at the same time ensure the safety of cargo storage and improve the timeliness of cargo transportation. With the development of handheld terminals and the continuous maturity of mobile Internet applications, the logistics of chemical fiber companies have achieved information synchronization through internal operations, making sorting, transfer, loading and unloading, transportation, collection and delivery, etc. collaborative and effective.

In summary, the spot electronic trading platform has a broad user and market base in my country. The combination of “Internet +” and the fabric chemical fiber industry will effectively solve the problem of quality and transportation of goods in the traditional trade model of the industry. and other problems, thereby rapidly promoting the pace of transformation and upgrading of the fabric chemical fiber industry. It is believed that the organic integration of “Internet +” thinking and the fabric and chemical fiber industry chain will vigorously promote the development of China’s fabric industry and promote fabric and chemical fiber companies to truly realize the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

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