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Keqiao City Supervisor: Focus on textile printing and dyeing and drive industrial development with quality improvement

Keqiao City Supervisor: Focus on textile printing and dyeing and drive industrial development with quality improvement Keqiao District is known as a city “supported by cloth&…

Keqiao City Supervisor: Focus on textile printing and dyeing and drive industrial development with quality improvement

Keqiao District is known as a city “supported by cloth”. It is the largest textile industrial cluster in the country, including raw materials, textile The entire textile industry chain, including machines, fabrics, home textiles, clothing, etc., accounts for about 10% of the country’s textile production capacity. Textile printing and dyeing enterprises in Keqiao District have always accounted for nearly 70% of the number of industrial enterprises above designated size in the district. However, they are large and small in number and lack the leadership of leading enterprises and other objective difficulties. In recent years, Keqiao District has actively promoted the textile printing and dyeing industry to “optimize quality, strengthen the brand, and set high standards” to solve the development problems of the traditional textile printing and dyeing industry.

In the 2020 comprehensive assessment report on the transformation and improvement of the province’s manufacturing industry, the “quality and efficiency” index score of Keqiao District’s textile industry reached 140.1 points, ranking second in the province.

(1) Brand first, improve industrial development efficiency

·1. Improve policy support. In light of the current situation that the textile industry is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises with low brand awareness, the China Textile City (600790) brand building service station guidance station was established, and the “Keqiao District Promotion “Local Enterprise Branding Construction Work Plan” systematically promotes textile enterprises to improve product quality levels and take the road of branding.

·2. Set a quality benchmark. Actively promote the textile enterprises in the jurisdiction to introduce excellent performance management models, follow the path of modern management, and improve product quality management levels. Since 2018, the number of textile printing and dyeing enterprises participating in government quality awards has increased significantly. The number of textile printing and dyeing enterprises that have won government quality awards at or above the district level has increased from 7 to 18, and the proportion of enterprises in the region’s quality awards has increased from 21% to 35%. %.

·3. Promote regional brand building. Continue to promote the role of the “Pinzibiao” brand in improving the quality of the textile industry, and promote Keqiao enterprises to gradually build the entire industry chain from textile machines, yarns, fabrics to finished products “Made in Zhejiang” standards and “Pinzibiao” Corporate Echelon. Up to now, the district has cultivated 12 textile “Pinzibiao” enterprises and guided the formulation of 11 textile “Made in Zhejiang” standards; both the number of textile “Made in Zhejiang” standards and the number of “Pinzibiao” brand enterprises rank first in the country. Ranked first in the province and first in the city. At the same time, Keqiao District is actively building a textile fabric brand belonging to Keqiao, continuing to explore and promote the “Keqiao Best” brand, and promoting the improvement of fabric industry quality and brand efficiency.

(2) Improving standards and leading the direction of industrial development

·1. Benchmark international advanced standards. Focusing on the textile printing and dyeing industry organizations, a benchmarking and standard quality improvement project was carried out. The first batch of 16 textile printing and dyeing companies were used as pilot projects to identify the development direction of the quality improvement of the textile industry in Keqiao District by comparing with advanced international and foreign standards. A total of more than 200 enterprises in the district have participated in benchmarking and achieved standards, ranking among the top in the city.

·2. The first green printing and dyeing standard. With the goal of “green high-end, world-leading”, we formulated and implemented the country’s first green printing and dyeing group standard – “General Requirements for Green Printing and Dyeing” (T/SKBJ001-2017), and actively led the green and low-carbon development of the textile industry through standard implementation and promotion. .

·3. Improve the industrial standard system. Since 2017, Keqiao District has used the textile industry transformation and upgrading provincial standardization pilot project as a carrier to actively promote the improvement of the textile industry standard system, strengthen the publicity and implementation of standards, and drive the textile industry to improve product quality qualification rates, energy efficiency, and alarm devices. The control rate and qualification rate, management capabilities and other aspects have been effectively improved. So far, the region has implemented 4 textile printing and dyeing standardization pilot projects at or above the provincial level.

(3) Technical support and solid foundation for quality development

 ·1. Intellectual property protection is at the forefront of the country. In October 2020, with the approval of the State Intellectual Property Office, the country’s first rapid intellectual property rights protection center in the textile industry-China Keqiao (Textile) Intellectual Property Rights Rapid Rights Protection Center was established, and the province’s first district-level intellectual property rights protection center was established. Establish a rapid patent review and authorization channel to speed up the review and authorization of design and utility model patents from 6 months to 7 days.

·2. “One-stop” solution for quality technical services. Relying on the Keqiao District Quality Measurement Inspection and Testing Center, we will build a one-stop service platform based on the quality of the entire textile printing and dyeing industry chain in Keqiao, transforming multi-service services into “one-stop processing” to provide enterprises with measurement, standards, certification and accreditation, inspection and testing, The six major categories of quality and technology-related services, namely quality and brand, achieve a “one-stop” solution to quality services through internal technology integration.

·3. Industrial supporting inspection capabilities continue to improve. In order to promote thetransformation and upgrading of the textile industry, focusing on the “green high-end, world-leading” industrial output, Keqiao cross-bordere-commerceThe industrial park invested 15 million yuan to build a 3,000-square-meter testing center for the entire industry chain of textile printing and dyeing products, and introduced the National Key Laboratory for Textile Testing, the National Key Laboratory for Silk Commodity Testing, and CQC (National Quality Certification Center) ecological textile certification. Designated laboratories and other national key textile testing laboratories.



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