Clothing Manufacturer_Clothing Factory clothing manufacturers Applications Fiber leads the fashion trend, and the Textile Materials Innovation Forum’s China Fiber Fashion Trends Special Session is full of useful information

Fiber leads the fashion trend, and the Textile Materials Innovation Forum’s China Fiber Fashion Trends Special Session is full of useful information

Fiber leads fashion, and the Textile Materials Innovation Forum’s China Fiber Fashion Trends Special Session is full of useful information The popular trend of textile and clothing…

Fiber leads fashion, and the Textile Materials Innovation Forum’s China Fiber Fashion Trends Special Session is full of useful information

The popular trend of textile and clothing fashion products has now started from the upstream fiber end. During the 2021yarnexpo autumn and winter yarn exhibition, the New Vision of Fiber – Textile Materials Innovation Forum held 3 themed forums, including a special session on Chinese fiberfashion trends, a special session on green and sustainable fibers and Special exhibition for domestic lyocell fiber.

Among them, in the special session on China’s fiber fashion trends, Professor Wang Huaping of Donghua University gave an in-depth interpretation of China’s fiber fashion trends in 2021/2022; Sun Yanlin, chief engineer of Tongkun Group, introduced the process route and research and development status of thermal and moisture comfort functional polyester fiber; Guo Yajun from Zhejiang JiarenNew Materials Co., Ltd. introduced the recycled DMT refining technology of waste textiles and its high-value products ; Zheng Yulei, R&D director of Changle Hengshen Synthetic Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the research and development status of the company’s high-strength polyamide 6 fiber; Chen Zhongbi, general manager of Anhui Fengyuan Biofiber Co., Ltd., introduced the development and development of polylactic acid fiber under the “carbon neutral” strategy Application; Yao Maobo, Vice President of Qingdao Baicao New Materials Co., Ltd., introduced the broad application prospects of large biofibers.

Fiber fashion trends

Empowering the industry to develop with high quality

China’s fiber fashion trends were born 10 years ago and have been continuously released for 10 years. Wang Huaping focused on summarizing the outstanding results achieved in the past 10 years of research on fiber fashion trends.

Wang Huaping said that over the past 10 years, China’s fiber fashion trends have continued to demonstrate the technical strength of China’s fiber to the world and shape China’s fiber brand; it has empowered the high-quality development of the chemical fiber industry and promoted “supply-side structural reform” and implementation of the entire textile industry. The “three products” strategy and relying on soft power to drive transformation and upgrading point out the direction; we are committed to opening up the textile industry chain, promoting the deep integration of the entire fiber industry chain, and promoting the chemical fiber industry to accelerate the formation of domestic A new development pattern with the big cycle as the main body and domestic and international dual cycles reinforcing each other.

According to reports, in the past 10 years, China’s fiber trend has released more than 200 types of fiber products, with more than 400 participating companies. 90% of companies believe that the release of China’s fiber fashion trends will play a positive role in the downstream promotion of selected companies.

Over the past 10 years, fiber technology and fashion have complemented each other. The themes of previous Chinese fiber fashion trends are both in line with market reality and leading the fashion trend. Take the 2013/2014 “Ecologicalenvironmental protection, green and low-carbon” as an example. This theme has now become a fashion hot spot. Over the past 10 years, the competitiveness of a number of chemical fiber companies has been continuously improved, their innovation capabilities have been significantly enhanced, and their profit margins have increased significantly. For example, the average profit margin of popular fibers released in 2021/2022 is 14.2%, which is 3.46 times the industry average.

Wang Huaping introduced that over the past 10 years, my country’s fiber products have gradually transformed into mid-to-high-end products, and some products have now reached the internationally leading level, such as melt direct-spun fine denier fiber. Over the past 10 years, we have continued to show the world the strength of Chinese fiber brands, including green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, clean production standards, etc., as well as the physical and chemical properties, appearance indicators, Social responsibility, quality and safety certification, etc. In many fields, Chinese fiber has become a global leader and represents the highest level in the world, such as functional fiber, regenerated fiber and bio-based fiber.

From a formal point of view, we have created a dissemination and promotion platform for fiber fashion trends. The release forms are constantly enriched, from single to diversified, from flat to three-dimensional, from static to dynamic, from offline to online; the release channels are constantly Expansion, for example, currently adopts the online + offline + mini program approach. During the exhibition in March this year, the total number of exhibits on the mini program reached 974, the total number of requests reached 153, and the total number of page visits was 26,892 times.

Especially during the epidemic, through simultaneous live broadcast on multiple platforms, the event attracted representatives of domestic fiber production companies, textile industry chain partners, fashion industry brand representatives, designers, teachers and students of textile and clothing professional colleges, and consumers online Watch. The total number of viewers on the entire network platform reached 34 million, and the number of online viewers during the same period was as high as 700,000.

Wang Huaping emphasized: “Ten years ago, we only dared to say that we were a big country in fiber, but we did not dare to say that we were a strong country in fiber. Why? Because the commanding heights of many companies have not yet been able to benchmark against international standards. But now we can find out , the overall style and image of Chinese fiber is indeed different. Our purpose of continuing to promote Chinese fiber fashion trends is to promote the overall image of Chinese fiber to consumers and terminal brands, so that consumers can use the best fiber , allowing terminal brands to cooperate with the best fiber suppliers, ultimately forming a closed-loop system from fiber manufacturing to downstream brands to consumers.”

Talking about the future development trend of fiber, Wang Huaping pointed out that it includes the full-process efficient and flexible preparation and professional application of high-quality multifunctional fiber, large-scale preparation technology of high-end high-performance fiber and low-cost…p> Yao Maobo introduced that the disciplines involved in large biofibers include materials science, life science, molecular biology, biochemistry, etc. The company’s products are inspired by nature and use natural plants as raw materials, achieving zero addition of chemical ingredients. “Various plants in nature have different active functions. We extract them and apply them to fibers to form large biological materials.”

According to reports, the company’s large biofiber contains extracts such as raw tea, mugwort, apocynum, lavender, isatis root, etc. Key technologies for preparing large biological fibers include bioactive molecule extraction technology and active molecule nest preparation and fusion. The fiber preparation process includes extraction, coating treatment, spinning, implantation and grafting.

Thanks to product characteristics and excellent biological properties, large biofibers can be used in many fields such as fashion, nonwovens, home textiles, underwear, etc., and the application prospects are very broad.

“Currently consumers are increasingly pursuing high-quality life. Bio-fibers and products have health, comfort, antibacterial and antibacterial properties, which will bring consumers a more secure and comfortable consumption experience.” Yao Maobo said .



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