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Highly waterproof and breathable fabric – Newstar Aramid has broad application prospects

Highly waterproof and breathable fabric-Newstar Aramid has broad application prospects As a high-tech fiber product, aramid fiber is currently only produced by a few countries such…

Highly waterproof and breathable fabric-Newstar Aramid has broad application prospects

As a high-tech fiber product, aramid fiber is currently only produced by a few countries such as Japan. After years of efforts, China has finally successfully developed and produced high-tech aramid fiber, marking China’s significant progress in the field of high-tech fiber.

After years of hard work, our country has finally successfully developed and produced high-tech aramid fiber, which shows our country’s research and development strength in the field of high-tech fibers. Among them, Newstar aramid, developed and produced by Shandong Yantai Spandex Co., Ltd., has excellent comprehensive performance and is an organic high-temperature-resistant fiber with ideal cost performance. It has won widespread praise from users at home and abroad and has broad market development prospects.

Special protective clothing

Putting out fires and protecting the country’s economic construction and the safety of people’s lives and property are the sacred duties of the firefighting officers and soldiers. However, firefighters face temperatures of thousands of degrees when fighting fires. What kind of fire clothing material can be used to more effectively protect the safety of fire guards?
The strength of traditional flame-retardant pure cotton protective clothing is too low. Flame-retardant polyester-cotton&tracelog=pd_info_promo” target=”_blank”>Polyester-cotton protective clothing produces droplets after burning, which is not suitable for actual combat requirements. Moreover, these fabrics are made of late-model products. The treated flame retardant product is to soak ordinary fabrics in fire retardant to form a thin film on the surface to block oxygen, thereby achieving the flame retardant effect. However, this treatment can only achieve temporary flame retardancy and cannot withstand time. and washing tests, and fire retardants are toxic to the human body and can seriously pollute the environment. They have been completely banned in 25 EU member states.
Newstar aramid is a permanently flame-retardant fiber, and its flame retardancy The sex is an inherent characteristic based on the internal molecular structure, which will not be reduced by repeated washing. It is non-toxic and harmless and fully meets the requirements of green environmental protection.
We know that most severe burns are caused by burning clothes. The degree of skin burn is even more serious than that of direct exposure to fire. The excellent characteristics of Newstar aramid are that it does not burn or drip when exposed to fire, and does not have the disadvantage of sticking to the skin after burning. Especially when exposed to temperatures of 900~1500℃ When the temperature is high, the cloth surface will quickly carbonize and thicken, forming a unique thermal insulation barrier, which can buy more than ten seconds of precious time, thereby effectively protecting the wearer from escaping, and the fire prevention effect is very outstanding.

Newstar aramid is also a flexible polymer material. The fiber is soft and fluffy, wear-resistant and durable, and has good wearing properties. It can be made into firefighting combat uniforms, chemical defense combat uniforms, flight suits, furnace work clothes, and electric welding suits. A series of protective clothing such as work clothes, pressure equalizing clothes, radiation protection work clothes, chemical protective clothing, high-voltage shielding clothing, etc. are widely used in special fields such as aviation, aerospace, military, fire protection, petrochemical, electrical, gas, metallurgy, racing, etc.
Although protective clothing using Newstar aramid is 4 to 5 times more expensive than cotton clothing, its service life is 6 to 12 times longer. More importantly, it is safe and reliable. Its excellent cost performance is even more eye-catching.
In developed countries, staff in departments such as industry and commerce, taxation, customs, and health quarantine are generally equipped with meta-aramid uniforms. Meta-aramid is also widely used as hotel textiles, life-saving passages, household fireproof decorations, and ironing equipment. Clothing board coverings, kitchen gloves, and flame-retardant pajamas to protect the elderly and children, etc., provide reliable safety protection for people at all times and everywhere.

High temperature filter material

The special chemical structure gives Newstar aramid unparalleled long-term high temperature resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and dimensional stability, making it occupy a dominant position in the field of high temperature resistant filter materials. Nowadays, Newstar aramid filter materials include filament filter cloth, long and short yarn interwoven filter cloth, short fiber filter cloth, and needle punched filter cloth. They can be used alone or mixed. They have been widely used in chemical plants, thermal power plants, carbon High temperature flue and hot air filtration in black factories, cement plants, lime plants, coking plants and other factories. It effectively removes dust, resists chemical attack from harmful fumes, and aids in the recovery of precious metals.
A few years ago, when Yantai Newstar Aramid was still in the pilot product stage, its test products were unanimously recognized by domestic and foreign users. Since its industrial production, its production capacity has grown rapidly and product quality has steadily increased. It has become a well-known brand comparable to DuPont Aramid NOMEX in the United States. It not only occupies 40% of the domestic market share of high-temperature resistant filter materials, but also has a long-term reputation. Selling to developed countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea.

Honeycomb structure material

Newstar aramid can be processed into special aramid fiber paper, which has excellent properties such as high strength, low deformation, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, and insulation, and has a wide range of applications.
At present, our country is still manufacturing and using a large number of traditional E-class electromechanical products with a temperature resistance below 120°C and a short service life. Mechanical and electrical products made of Newstar aramid insulating paper, such as dry-type transformers, locomotive traction motors, mine underground motors, etc., can reach F-class (150℃) and H-class (180℃) temperature-resistant insulation. grade, which greatly improves the ability of electromechanical products to withstand overheating and overload, and makes electromechanical products solid and durable. In the underground mine environment, traditional E-class motors can only be used for 2 to 3 months, while F-H class motors can be used for more than 3 years. At the same power, F-class motors save 10% of copper and 17% of copper than E-class motors. Silicon steel, the weight is reduced by more than 14%, and the operating temperature is increased to 220°��. It can be seen that Newstar aramid insulation paper is a revolutionary material for the upgrading of mechanical and electrical products.
Aramid paper can also be found everywhere in the daily life of residents in developed countries, such as background curtains, wallpapers, spotlight insulation materials, decorative materials and other heat-insulating and flame-retardant materials in public places such as theaters and hotels, as well as various uses. of everyday products such as parchment lampshades, speaker diaphragms, pocket ashtrays, sleds, collapsible cooking pots and more.

Nustar aramid fiber paper can also be further processed into honeycomb structure panels, which have outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and rigidity-to-weight ratio, are light in weight, and are impact-resistant. They are mainly used in the production of broadband wave-transparent materials for aircraft, missiles, and satellites. Rigid stress-bearing structural components, etc., are currently the most commonly used sandwich materials for aircraft and radome sandwich structures at home and abroad. They are also suitable for manufacturing yachts, rowing boats, high-speed trains and other sandwich structures with high performance requirements.



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