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Three types of nylon Taslon fabrics are selling hot

Three types of nylon Taslon fabrics are selling hot The annual autumn clothing fabric competition is about to begin, but the market for plain fabrics, the mainstream fabric, has st…

Three types of nylon Taslon fabrics are selling hot

The annual autumn clothing fabric competition is about to begin, but the market for plain fabrics, the mainstream fabric, has started slowly this year. However, some special nylon Taslon fabrics have attracted the attention of many merchants after they were launched in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets. Recently, There are many people coming to see samples and placing orders, and it has become a major category that has attracted much attention in the autumn clothing fabric market. Among them, three types of football grid taslan, full matt diagonal flower taslan, and sub-matrix matt taslan are on sale. Be the first to enter the market. The characteristics of the product are now introduced as follows:

Football Gestalt: The warp of this fabric is made of nylon FDY70D, the weft is made of nylon 160D air-varying yarn, the fabric is made of Tige hexagonal texture, interwoven on a water-jet loom according to 19*3*35 weaving specifications, and is woven The craftsmanship is unique, and the dyeing and finishing process uses “environmentally friendly” dyeing. The post-dyeing and finishing process of the product is continued, and the fabric is applicable to a wider range. The fabric pattern is elegant and charming, the style is unique and attractive, and the appearance effect is pleasing to the eye at first sight. The width of its gray fabric is 165cm, and the current market price of white fabric is around 8.00 yuan/meter. The fabric can be used to make casual clothing, sportswear, children’s clothing, etc. The upper body is both free and easy, yet gorgeous and elegant. Not long after its debut, merchants from Guangdong, Liaoning, Changshu, Jiangsu and other places rushed to buy it. There is an endless stream of spot purchases and sample selection orders, and it is expected that the market outlook will continue to be promising.

Fully matte oblique flower Taslon: It is soft and comfortable, simple and casual, well-fitting, and not easy to deform. It can be said to be a unique show among casual fabrics, and people can’t put it down. The warp threads are made of fully matted 70D nylon-6FDY yarn, and the weft yarns are made of fully matted 160D nylon air-variant yarns; the bias jacquard weave is interwoven on a water-jet loom, and then processed through multiple dyeing and finishing processes. This product has a wide range of applications. It can not only make men’s and women’s sportswear and casual wear, but also is an excellent fabric for making children’s clothing, outdoor sportswear, etc. The outstanding advantages are that it is relatively comfortable to wear, has good warmth retention and breathability, and is economical and affordable. The cloth width is 150cm. The current wholesale price of cloth per meter in the market is about 8.30 yuan. In terms of color, especially beige and camel. Gray, coffee, rose red, milky white and other colors are best sold. Suitable for public consumption and loved by consumers.

Matting Taslan: The warp of this fabric is made of 70 nylon fully matted yarn, and the weft is made of 160D+320D nylon air-variable yarn; it is interwoven on a water-jet (with faucet) loom, and the stripe weave is basically used. The cloth surface forms a mother-and-bone shape. The gray cloth is first relaxed, scoured, alkali-reduced, dyed, and then softened and shaped. It has won the market with its rugged style, smooth feel, good breathability, elegant texture, soft and elegant, and comfortable wearing. The fabric not only has a striped style, but also is more creative than the ordinary “Taslan” of the same type. The texture is also slightly better, especially the use of nylon full matt yarn, which has a softer luster. The width of the gray fabric is 165cm and the weight is about 158 ​​grams per meter. The wholesale price of gray fabric in the current market is generally 7.00 yuan/meter. There are varieties of different shades of purple, grass green, light green, etc. on the market. Various colors and weights can also be customized according to customer requirements. This fabric has the advantages of being resistant to fading and wrinkling and having strong color fastness. It can not only be used to make men’s jackets and women’s suits, but is also one of the fashionable fabrics for children’s clothing.



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