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“Hometown of Silk” Zhoucun Renewal Industry New Base

“Hometown of Silk” Zhoucun Renewal Industry New Base Recently, Zhoucun District, Zibo City, Shandong Province has mobilized and deployed the adjustment and revitalizati…

“Hometown of Silk” Zhoucun Renewal Industry New Base

Recently, Zhoucun District, Zibo City, Shandong Province has mobilized and deployed the adjustment and revitalization of the silk textile industry, drawing a development blueprint for the next five years.

The goal is that by 2013, silk textile enterprises above designated size in the region will invest 9 billion yuan in new fixed assets, with an average annual growth rate of 24%, and the fixed asset investment, sales revenue, and profits and taxes will all achieve the goal of doubling. Create 1 national technology R&D center, 2 provincial technology R&D centers, 4 Chinese famous brands, cultivate 2 companies with annual sales revenue of over 1 billion yuan, 3 companies with annual sales revenue of 500 million to 1 billion yuan, 100 million to 500 million yuan There are 10 enterprises, all key enterprises have passed ISO9000 system certification, and key enterprises have passed ISO14000 and OHSAS18000 system certification. The penetration rate of information network management system has reached 80%, creating a new silk textile base.

Zhoucun is famous for its silk textile industry and is known as the “Hometown of Silk”. It was awarded the title of “China Textile Industry Base” by the China Textile Industry Association. The silk textile industry is a traditional pillar that the people of Zhoucun are proud of. industries and important people’s livelihood industries. As of the end of 2019, there were 818 textile enterprises in the region, including 104 enterprises above designated size, accounting for 23.3% of the total number of enterprises in the region, and the output value accounting for 15% of the total in the region. Currently, there are a number of enterprises in the region. Well-known brands and leading products that are well-known throughout the province and the country. However, since the 1990s, due to various impacts such as the transformation of the economic system, the silk textile industry in Zhoucun District has begun to decline. Many companies have experienced operating difficulties, and the industry has withstood severe challenges and tests.

As the whole district actively responds to the financial crisis and goes all out to seize projects, maintain growth, adjust structures, and promote development, Zhoucun District seizes the great opportunity of the municipal party committee and government to support the development of old industrial zones, and re- Examine its own development advantages, comprehensively deploy and launch the silk textile industry revitalization plan, and determine the development ideas of focusing on denim clothing and silk home textiles, taking technological transformation and technological innovation as the main line, and using market construction as the platform, integrating the old textile industry Base resources will extend the three major industrial chains of denim and clothing, silk fabrics and clothing, and home textiles, increase investment in R&D and marketing, and comprehensively enhance the overall development level of the silk textile industry.

In order to ensure the realization of development goals, the district committee and district government have increased policy support. In terms of fixed asset investment, within 5 years, the fixed asset investment in textile and silk projects will be more than 10 million yuan, less than 30 million yuan, more than 30 million yuan, less than 50 million yuan, more than 50 million yuan, and the investment intensity will reach more than 1,500 yuan per square meter. , providing financial support based on 50%, 70% and 100% of the district-level income from the land transfer fee for project construction land; exempting urban infrastructure supporting fees, civil air defense facility relocation construction fees and other administrative charges; water supply, heating, The facility supporting fees charged by natural gas enterprises are charged at a low cost; for enterprises that implement relocation, 20% of the district-level income from the original enterprise’s land transfer fee is returned; in terms of land and real estate processing, existing enterprises are supported to handle the transfer of production capacity Or the land transfer and real estate procedures of collective land, forming effective assets; the district-level income part of the transfer fee for the land transfer will be fully refunded, and the district-level administrative fees for handling the real estate procedures will be exempted; in terms of tax policy, for the new 30 million yuan The above textile and silk enterprises will be rewarded with 70% of the annual retained portion of the turnover tax from the date of production, and 50% of the local retained portion of the turnover tax paid in the 2nd to 3rd years will be rewarded and supported; for the income tax portion in the 1st to 3rd years All local retained profits will be given incentives and support.



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