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Shengze encourages textile companies to participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions

Shengze encourages textile companies to participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions It is reported that the 2019 Paris Autumn International Fabric Exhibition, which will be hel…

Shengze encourages textile companies to participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions

It is reported that the 2019 Paris Autumn International Fabric Exhibition, which will be held in the “fashion capital” Paris, France, in the second half of the year, will usher in a huge “Oriental Legion” for the first time. “A subsidy of 10,000 yuan is provided for each domestic group participating in an exhibition, and a subsidy of 30,000 yuan is provided for each overseas group participating.” The reason why textile companies in Shengze, Jiangsu Province frequently attend well-known domestic and foreign exhibitions is the implementation of the “Enterprise Exhibition, Government Exhibition” implemented by the Market Management Committee this year. Strong support from the “visible hand” of the “subsidy” policy.

“At present, the enterprise registration application booth is very enthusiastic, and such large -scale group overseas exhibitions are rare in China.” Yan Youming, director of the Service Development Bureau of the China Oriental Silk Market Management Committee, told reporters. According to him, 42 textile companies have submitted application forms to the management committee and are interested in participating in the exhibition in Paris.

The Paris International Fabric Exhibition is held once a year in the spring and autumn. The exhibition gathers important fabric manufacturers every year. It is one of the important sources for fabric manufacturers from all over the world to plan the fashion trends of the next season. It is also an important base for many international clothing manufacturers to find raw materials.

The reporter learned that the current enthusiasm for Shengze’s enterprise to participate in the exhibition in France is very high, and the number of applicants is much higher than the participating places. Except for 7 companies that have participated in the Paris exhibition, the rest are the time to go abroad to go abroad. . A person in charge of a foreign trade company admitted to reporters when registering that in addition to the company’s own consideration of expanding the market and obtaining orders, another important reason is that the government has created opportunities and given great support in terms of participation fees, “stimulating We have the fighting spirit to go out and try something new.” It is understood that in order to provide more enterprises with opportunities to go abroad, the Wujiang Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau and the Provincial Trade Promotion Committee are actively seeking more exhibition quotas from the exhibition organizers.

In March of this year, the Market Management Committee issued the “Measures on the Promotion of Promotions on the Development of the Chinese Oriental Silk Market in 2019”, which 6 of them clarified the government’s policy of “buying orders” for enterprises: 2019 Starting from 2019, all domestic and overseas exhibition activities organized by the China Oriental Silk Market Management Committee (including documents jointly issued with other departments, or forwarded by the Market Management Committee) and organized in the name of the Oriental Silk Market Group, domestic participating units A subsidy of 10,000 yuan will be given each time, and overseas exhibitors will be given a subsidy of 30,000 yuan each time.” In other words, every company going to France will receive a 30,000 yuan booth fee subsidy from the management committee. In addition, the province, Suzhou City, and Wujiang City are also actively formulating relevant incentive policies, and all stall fees are expected to be “paid” by the government.

The textile company of the 15th China International Textile fabric and auxiliary materials (Spring and Summer) Expo, which just participated in Beijing, was enjoyed this subsidy award. The Administrative Committee organized a group to participate in the exhibition for the sixth time and appeared as an independent exhibition group, which concentrated on demonstrating the overall strength of the textile industry in Shengze area and expanded the popularity and influence of the silk capital.

Yan Youming believes that due to the financial crisis, when the export is significantly slowed, the subsidy costs are the timely moves of the Chinese Oriental Silk Market to actively help enterprises to compete for the market and grab orders. This move will not only revitalize the confidence of the local textile industry in Shengze, but also promote the change of the original trade pattern that mainly focuses on domestic trade, and move towards a path of promoting both domestic and foreign trade. For enterprises, going out to participate in exhibitions will further broaden their horizons, aim at domestic and international markets to improve product quality, and continuously develop new marketable products; and for the entire Oriental Silk Market, it is a rare opportunity to enhance their brand and build their image. AANGMKJLOI87


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