Clothing Manufacturer_Clothing Factory clothing manufacturers News More than 20 famous clothing brands are designed and produced in Shishi

More than 20 famous clothing brands are designed and produced in Shishi

More than 20 famous clothing brands are designed and produced in Shishi If we say that in the past, most stone lion export companies were purely “OEM” (i.e. OEM) for ot…

More than 20 famous clothing brands are designed and produced in Shishi

If we say that in the past, most stone lion export companies were purely “OEM” (i.e. OEM) for others, then this situation has changed greatly now. Nowadays, some key export companies in Shishi have relied on their strong R&D and design capabilities to embark on the “ODM” road of allowing many foreign brands to come to OEM.

Since the beginning of this year, although orders from foreign markets such as Europe and the United States have decreased significantly, because some key Shishi companies have design and R&D capabilities, they have continuously designed new clothing that many foreign manufacturers “cannot throw away even if they want to”, so it is still Attracting many well-known foreign brands to “place orders as usual”, the reporter learned initially that there are currently more than 20 well-known brands from the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan and other developed countries, including Shishi Gage, Hua Fei, Many export companies such as Dadi, Yixing, Dina, Weilanxi, and Dashixiong are engaged in “OEM” processing. These brands include world-famous clothing brands “CROCODILE”, “DIADORA”, “PIERR CARDIN”, and “UM BRO” ”, “KAPPA”, “AIRWALK” and so on.

Shishi’s backbone clothing enterprises have moved from simply substituting for others to entering the “ODM” process integrating “design, R&D and production”, which is supported by Shishi’s strong textile and clothing industry chain. In recent years, some key export clothing companies in Shishi have successively introduced a large number of designers to strengthen clothing design and innovation. Every quarter, hundreds of new styles are released that impress foreign merchants. With the continuous development of Shishi textile fabrics, accessories and bleaching and dyeing finishing, Shishi clothing companies have been provided with priority advantages in fabric research and development. Companies such as Gage and Dadi have also introduced their own fabric and finishing production equipment, and independently developed and produced unique products. The high-quality fabrics and garment leathers, as well as the various novel fabrics and accessories have become the first choice of many foreign brands. At the “China Fair” held a few days ago, several Shishi clothing companies relied on their outstanding styles and fabrics to obtain “intentional orders” worth more than 90 million US dollars.

“It’s true. In the past, most export companies in Shishi simply processed for foreign brands, without having to use their brains to design and develop. Although it saves trouble, it hides a lot of passivity.” Wang Dong from Gage said when looking back on the past. . The other party provides the design draft and the selected fabrics and accessories, and the Shishi company only needs to “follow the pattern” and process it, but that is completely letting the other party lead the way, because there are many companies with strong processing capabilities for the other party to choose from. Entering the “ODM” stage will greatly improve the competitiveness of enterprises. In addition to processing capabilities, it also adds “chips” in terms of styles, surface accessories, etc., not only taking more initiative in “being selected”, It can also increase a certain amount of “bargaining space”.

“ODM” has intellectual property rights. Foreign merchants only provide specifications for our design. If the other party does not buy out, we still have the right to sell independently. “Mr. You of Huafei said that the important thing is that by OEMing some famous brands, we have timely grasped the new elements of foreign brand culture and the flow of fashion needs. After these things are used by me, we will lay the foundation for building our own brand.” Basics. It is understood that at present, some foreign merchants in Huafei, Dadi and other companies have said “I will use your brand” when ordering.

“While striving to create independent brands, we should also take the road of design-led ‘OEM’ processing. These are the wise and important ‘two legs’ for China’s current garment exports.” Not long ago, China’s garment industry Jiang Hengjie, executive vice president of the association, said this.



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