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Orders have become a barometer of textile market orientation

Orders have become a barometer of textile market orientation Orders are the basis for a company’s survival. With the shrinking demand caused by the financial crisis, the originally…

Orders have become a barometer of textile market orientation

Orders are the basis for a company’s survival. With the shrinking demand caused by the financial crisis, the originally stable supply and demand relationship has been destroyed, a large number of orders have been reallocated, and many companies have left a large amount of idle production capacity. At this moment when crisis and opportunity coexist, whoever can find a breakthrough in time will be able to obtain more orders, thereby completing a beautiful turn of the company’s own structural adjustment and industrial upgrading.

Phenomena 1: Large-scale enterprises rely on their strength to get orders

Jiangsu Sunshine Group is a key national enterprise group and one of the 33 industry pioneers supported by the state. It is an enterprise in the national wool textile industry with a large production scale, a wide variety of designs and colors, high product quality, high technological content, and good technical equipment. . Xu Weimin, secretary of the chairman of Jiangsu Sunshine Group, said in an interview with reporters that despite the current difficulties encountered by the textile industry, Jiangsu Sunshine Group has not stopped work or production in the past year, and has sufficient production orders and construction schedules in the first half of this year. When talking about why Jiangsu Sunshine Group has so many orders, Xu Weimin explained that Jiangsu Sunshine Group has unique product lines in both domestic and export markets, and these products have strong ability to withstand risks. It is understood that the domestic sales market of Jiangsu Sunshine Group is mainly professional wear, including banks, military, public security and other departments, which have a large and stable demand for professional wear updates. Therefore, although the prosperity of the textile industry is not high, the impact on its domestic market will not be high. big. In terms of exports, Jiangsu Sunshine Group’s main product is woolen products. Due to its many years of experience in the wool textile field, stable export channels, and strong technology research and development capabilities, its wool products are highly competitive in overseas markets, so the decline in the number of orders has been limited. However, Xu Weimin also admitted that due to the gradual shrinking of overseas demand and overcapacity in the industry, a decline in product prices is inevitable.

Shaxi Town, whose textile industry output value accounts for 70% of the town’s industrial output value, is a Zhongshan textile industry cluster named by the China Textile Industry Association. According to the person in charge of the town’s Economic and Trade Office, the current situation of large companies receiving orders is better than in the previous two years. Some companies could arrange their orders to April in previous years, but this year they have been placed in June, and some companies have even placed their orders in October. .

Comments: Affected by the financial crisis, overseas merchants have taken measures such as extending the payment settlement time, spreading orders throughout the year, and reducing the number of orders from small suppliers to reduce operational risks. In this change in the market, large companies are more capable and Strength response. Because buyers believe that large companies have relatively healthy capital chains and are unlikely to go bankrupt suddenly. In addition, from a business perspective, large companies have strong bargaining power with raw material suppliers and can also transfer certain risks.

Phenomena 2: Relying on quality to get orders from old customers

Dou Mingchun, assistant to the mayor of Xingang Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, said in an interview with reporters that quality is the foundation of an enterprise. Only with excellent quality can we win more customers, establish a stable supply and demand relationship, and obtain more orders. . Due to the excellent product quality of Changshu City’s textile enterprises, the products are well-known in the United States and highly recognized by customers, so this year’s production schedule has been scheduled to October.

Zhang Chaoguo, chairman of Wenzhou Ruian Innovative Textile, also said that the company started work on the sixth day of the first lunar month this year as in previous years, and the company’s orders are also saturated, and are currently scheduled to June. In this regard, Zhang Chaoguo concluded that the main reason is that the customer relationship is maintained relatively well and the quality is well controlled.

Comment: Relying on “old relationships” to obtain orders is the main source of orders for some companies under the current situation. The economic crisis has led to a decline in demand and overall orders are decreasing. Where can we get orders at this time? The answer is of course old customers.

Phenomena 3: Quick response and an influx of orders

Faced with the increasing competition in the domestic carpet industry, the local government of Shandong Shenlong Carpet Industry Co., Ltd. guided the company to change its single handmade carpet production model and launch a new machine-woven imitation handmade carpet project. Since the second half of 2019, the company has made full use of preferential policies such as the national value-added tax transformation and tax exemption for imported equipment to guide enterprises to update equipment, optimize processes, upgrade products, and significantly increase investment in technological transformation. In order to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, they have jointly developed new products with more than 20 domestic technical colleges such as the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts and Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts, and have become an internship base for students of Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts. It is understood that the machine-woven imitation hand-made mercerized carpet technology developed by the company has filled a gap in carpet technology; the production process of Longxi Chinese woven Tibetan carpet has been awarded the national invention patent, and 200 patterns including Longxi Chinese woven craft carpet have been awarded It has a national design patent and has become a member unit for formulating national standards for palace carpets. The company’s two woven production lines have been “underwritten” by American merchants all year round; the company has developed six series of woven Oriental Persian woven carpets, modern woven handmade carpets, etc. Imitation handmade carpets, with more than 1,000 designs, colors and specifications, are favored by domestic and foreign merchants. Currently, the company’s orders have been scheduled until August this year.Of course there is no need to go into details. When this pure enterprise’s own behavior becomes the common behavior of a region and a level of government, if the top and bottom work together, no matter how big the difficulty is, it will not be big. At the same time, the emergence of this behavior also reflects new ideas and new changes in the new situation of the industry, and is another positive factor in the development process of the industry.

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