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Discussion on some issues of flame retardant cloth (flame retardant fabric)

Discussion on some issues of flame retardant cloth (flame retardant fabric) Tag: Flame retardant cloth, flame retardant fabric, anti-static, flame retardant multifunctional composi…

Discussion on some issues of flame retardant cloth (flame retardant fabric)


Flame retardant cloth, flame retardant fabric, anti-static, flame retardant multifunctional composite fabric

The method of using protective equipment is an important link in whether protective equipment can fully exert its protective effect on the human body. Failure to wear protective equipment correctly not only fails to protect, but also harms employees. For example, some employees do not wear safety helmets, and some even take off their hat linings and only wear the shell; some employees wear anti-static, flame-resistant, multi-functional composite fabric work clothes with their clothes free, and wear sweaters and chemical fiber underwear. Exposed to the outside, etc., this is all caused by not knowing the correct way to wear protective equipment; therefore, the correct wearing and use of protective equipment should be an important part of the flame retardant cloth standard for protective equipment. Protective equipment and flame retardant cloth are important measures to protect the safety and health of workers during the labor process. With the progress of society, the development of technology, and the improvement of people’s cultural knowledge and comprehensive quality, every worker’s demand for protective equipment can only become more and more demanding. They not only require perfect protective performance, but also require comfortable wearing. sex. With the gradual realization of the four modernizations, especially since the reform and opening up, with the efforts of governments at all levels and relevant departments, the work of my country’s protective equipment and fireproof cloth manufacturers has transitioned from extensive management in the past to standard formulation, production and manufacturing, supervision and inspection, A complete management system composed of scientific research, etc. has gradually formed a specialized discipline in theory. The work of flame retardant cloth for protective equipment has become an important branch of labor safety engineering. The work of protective equipment has become one of the tasks that workers are more concerned about in various enterprises and institutions, and in all production and operation activities. It has formed a basically complete industry system, which contributes to the realization of the production and operation goals of various departments of the national economy and the development of society. Stability has played an irreplaceable role. In order to better and improve the work of protective equipment, this article puts forward some opinions on some shortcomings in the current work of protective equipment to discuss with colleagues. For the convenience of discussion, these shortcomings are temporarily called misunderstandings. In terms of standard formulation, the misunderstandings in the formulation of standards for flame-retardant fabrics for protective equipment are mainly: emphasizing protective performance and neglecting general requirements; emphasizing general requirements and neglecting individual requirements; emphasizing technical requirements and neglecting usage requirements. Protective performance is the soul of protective equipment. One of the main contents of the standards for protective equipment is to formulate the protective performance requirements of the product. This is also what distinguishes protective equipment from general civilian products. However, because the protective performance of flame-retardant cloth for protective equipment is also General civilian products are used as carriers. They need to be in contact with the human body and used by people. Most of them are worn on the human body like clothing. Therefore, protective equipment should first have the properties of general clothing, meet the general requirements that clothing must have, and be used by people. Accepted, it can be seen that when formulating standards for protective equipment, the requirements for general performance should be focused on research and formulation, and should be as important as protective performance. The individual requirements of three-proof fabrics are mainly for product standards, because product standards are different from general technical standards and are formulated for a certain product. The products are also used by workers in a certain position and have specific environments and specific requirements. Working status, this requires that the product standards not only have general protective performance requirements, but also must be based on meteorological, physical, and chemical parameters and conditions, the characteristics of the workers’ work in the position, the frequency and intensity of activities of various parts of the body, and Only by selecting materials and formulating product standards based on psychological characteristics (including age and gender) can we truly reflect the personality of the product and effectively protect the safety and health of employees.



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