How to choose a tent

How to choose a tent Friends who are new to outdoor sports will definitely be a little confused when choosing a tent. There are all kinds of strange and varied tents that are confu…

How to choose a tent

Friends who are new to outdoor sports will definitely be a little confused when choosing a tent. There are all kinds of strange and varied tents that are confusing. Dazzled. A good tent will make your outdoor trip complete and comfortable. How to choose the right tent among the dazzling array of outdoor equipment. Here I will teach you six points on how to choose a tent.

Look at the size. How to choose the size of the tent should not be a problem. If you need personal space, choose a single tent; if you want to experience the outdoors with your lover, buy a double tent; if you want to go out with family and friends, buy a 3-4 person tent. account. But remember, the tent is not only for people, but also for other items, so leave enough space. Many tents have vestibules, but the sizes and quantities vary. It is best to take the space required for your items into consideration when purchasing.

Second look at the tent poles. Many people think that aluminum pole tents are lighter than fiberglass pole tents. In fact, the weight of a tent does not depend on the poles it uses. The same double fiberglass pole tent will only be about 150 grams lighter when replaced with aluminum alloy poles. , many fiberglass pole tents can also be made very light. The real advantage of aluminum alloy poles is their durability. Fiberglass poles will break when used frequently, making the tent unable to be set up. This problem will also occur at low temperatures. In addition to bending, aluminum alloy poles will basically not break during normal use, and the integrity of aluminum alloy poles is also better than fiberglass poles. Aluminum alloy pole tents are more expensive than fiberglass pole tents, but they are not out of reach. Recently, there are many aluminum alloy pole tents priced around 400-500 yuan, which is good news for donkeys.                                

Third look at the style. Tents are designed with different uses in mind and come in different styles.

Fourth look at the weight. Many people are extremely concerned about the weight of the tent. Everyone hopes to carry a lightweight “house” when going out, but I don’t recommend blindly pursuing lightness. It may be possible in the south, but the summer in the north is really too short. To make the awning very light, you have to make compromises in materials. For example, gauze is used where nylon cloth is originally used, 190t is used where 210t is used, etc. This directly leads to a decrease in thermal insulation. Therefore, when purchasing, ask yourself: Is such a light tent suitable for my use environment?

Five looks at color. Most people tend to choose tent colors based on personal preferences. However, if you want to reduce the impact on the natural environment, low-brightness green and brown palladium are good choices. In addition to looking bright, tents in high-brightness colors are also easy to install. Benefits of Search. In addition, the color of the tent will affect the light and temperature inside the tent. A high-brightness tent will have higher light transmittance and will also conduct higher heat; a low-brightness tent will have poor light transmittance and will also block out the light. Some of the natural heat sources provided by the sun affect personal activities in the tent, especially when the weather is bad, the difference between the two can be felt.

Six looks rainproof. There is basically no need to consider the rainproofness of the tent. Nowadays, everyone will choose a double-layer tent. Whether it is waterproof 2000mm or 5000mm water column, this indicator is the same for us: moderate to heavy rain is no problem.

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