What is awning cloth?

What is awning cloth? Awning fabric is usually acrylic There are two major categories of fiber and polyester fiber fabricsAcrylic fiber generally refers to polyacrylonitrile fiberP…

What is awning cloth?

Awning fabric is usually acrylic There are two major categories of fiber and polyester fiber fabrics
Acrylic fiber generally refers to polyacrylonitrile fiber
Polyacrylonitrile or acrylonitrile content is greater than 85% (mass percentage ), a synthetic fiber made of acrylonitrile copolymer. Commonly used second monomers are non-ionic monomers, such as methyl acrylate, methyl methacrylate, etc., and the third monomer is ionic monomers such as sodium propylene sulfonate and 2-methylene-1,4- Succinic acid, etc.
The performance of polyacrylonitrile fiber is very similar to wool, with good elasticity. When stretched by 20%, the rebound rate is still 65%, fluffy, curly and soft. It is 15% warmer than wool and is known as synthetic wool. Strength 22.1~48.5cN/dtex, 1~2.5 times higher than wool. It has excellent light fastness. When exposed to the sun for one year, its strength will only decrease by 20%. It can be made into curtains, curtains, tarpaulins, gun jackets, etc. It is resistant to acids, oxidants and general organic solvents, but has poor alkali resistance. The fiber softening temperature is 190~230℃.
Acrylic fiber is known as artificial wool. It is soft, bulky, easy to dye, brightly colored, light-resistant, antibacterial, and can be spun purely or blended with natural fibers according to the requirements of different uses such as not being afraid of insects. Its textiles are widely used in clothing, decoration, industry, etc. field.
Polyacrylonitrile fiber can be blended with wool to make wool, or woven into blankets, carpets, etc. It can also be blended with cotton, man-made fibers, and other synthetic fibers to weave into various Grow clothing and interior items. The expanded polyacrylonitrile fiber can be spun purely or blended with viscose fiber.

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