How to judge the quality of tarpaulin?

How to judge the quality of tarpaulin? I believe that many friends who are engaged in transportation and cargo yards know about PVC plastic-coated cloth and PVC waterproof tarpauli…

How to judge the quality of tarpaulin?

I believe that many friends who are engaged in transportation and cargo yards know about PVC plastic-coated cloth and PVC waterproof tarpaulin, because This is a guaranteed equipment that everyone in the industry must know. Because canvas can protect against wind and rain, is durable and environmentally friendly, it is widely used by logistics companies, storage terminals, factories, farms and most enterprises to cover goods. In recent years, PVC coated cloth has been widely used in automobile awnings, ship covers, open-air cargo yard covers, train covers, construction site cloths, crop covers, machine covers, outdoor camping tents, etc. It has a wide range of uses.

PVC coated clothIt is a awning A high-quality product among canvases, it has excellent mildew resistance, obvious waterproofness, and is more waterproof than other canvases, good low-temperature softness, high strength, strong tensile strength, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, and relatively light and other features; additional methods: heat sealing machine, sewing machine. To judge whether a piece of PVC plastic-coated cloth is good or bad, we should pay attention to several points:

1.Appearance. Excellent PVC plastic-coated cloth has good color and brightness; one side is flat and smooth, and there are some granular objects on the other side, indicating that the resin ingredients are properly added and the temperature is suitable; there are no pinholes, high resin density, and good anti-aging. ,long lasting.

2.Pull force. Depending on the different craftsmanship, the canvas is carefully proportioned and the materials are properly matched. This will cause less damage to the fabric and better tensile strength; the yarn has a high warp and weft density and good tensile strength.

3.Waterproof performance. The waterproof performance is good, the glue is good, and there will be no pinholes in the canvas, indicating that the production material is very good. In the addition of materials, there are many resin components, high density and good waterproof performance.

4.Feel. It feels very soft to the touch. Although it feels average in thickness, in fact, the thickness has reached the required level. This is just because of the high resin content and good processing skills, so it feels very soft to the touch and does not feel rough.

5.Production process. PVC coated cloth is produced using a vertical machine. The vertical machine is mechanically produced. The cloth is straightened and put into the raw material box to be pulled out. The glue material on the tarpaulin is high-purity PVC material, and then both sides are always Straighten it and scrape it with a knife. After scraping it with a knife, dry it in a dryer, trim it, circle it, and package it. There are two types of dryers, one is electric and the other is boiler. Vertical machines have high requirements for raw materials, and the raw materials must have a certain degree of purity. PVC canvas produced by vertical machines is often slightly more expensive, and the purity of the canvas products is also high.

6.Environmental performance. PVC plastic-coated cloth uses polyester filament as the base cloth, and the appearance is PVC double-sided coating. It is selected from high-quality environmentally friendly resin, with smooth surface and bright color. It is waterproof, fireproof, anti-corrosion, mildew-proof, cold-resistant, and High temperature, UV resistance, anti-aging and other properties.

If you master these aspects, you will basically have a certain vision for product selection and be able to judge at a glance Good or bad.

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