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What is a T-shirt? Are T-shirt and T-shirt the same?

What is a T-shirt? Are T-shirt and T-shirt the same? What is a T-shirt? Are T-shirts and T-shirts the same? In fact, when it comes to T-shirts, everyone knows that everyone has wor…

What is a T-shirt? Are T-shirt and T-shirt the same?

What is a T-shirt? Are T-shirts and T-shirts the same? In fact, when it comes to T-shirts, everyone knows that everyone has worn T-shirts, but some people may have doubts about T-shirts. T-shirt has one more word, and the word contains something really different from T-shirt. .

T-shirts can be divided into three types: sleeved, vest, and midriff-baring.

So there is actually a difference between T-shirts and T-shirts.

So how many types of T-shirts are there?

Round-neck short-sleeved T-shirts:

Needless to say, the round-neck short-sleeved T-shirt is a T-shirt style that is often worn by men, women and children in daily life. The style is simple. The round neck short-sleeved T-shirt can be worn alone or as an inner layer. It is a universal inner layer item no matter what season it is, and it is a T-shirt style that everyone likes to wear no matter what type of person they are.

In addition, the reason why we see more people wearing round-neck T-shirts in real life is because round-neck T-shirts look more rigorous than V-neck T-shirts, and V-neck T-shirts look more formal. It is casual and casual, and it is easier for women to wear V-neck T-shirts, so generally in slightly formal occasions, people still prefer to choose round-neck T-shirts for daily wear.

In reality, fashionable T-shirts generally use round-neck T-shirts to print patterns. V-neck T-shirts are generally monochromatic and solid colors.

There are also categories of round-neck T-shirts, such as laughing round neck, large round neck and Ringer T. People with rounder and plumper upper bodies are less suitable for round-neck T-shirts, which can easily lead to a rounder look. I feel that round-neck T-shirts are suitable for people who are thin or have a long face.

V-neck short-sleeved T-shirts:

We have already mentioned something about V-neck T-shirts. Compared with round-neck T-shirts, V-neck T-shirts are very suitable for women to wear. And it is easy to wear a sexy feminine style. For people with round or square faces or short necks, V-neck T-shirts will definitely be your savior. V-neck T-shirts have also become a great tool for many fashionistas to use in their street style. Boys are less suitable for V-neck T-shirts. If boys want to choose a V-neck T-shirt, they must grasp the size of the V-neck opening. Otherwise, if you are not in good shape, wearing a V-neck T-shirt will be a tragedy.

U-shaped collar short-sleeved T-shirts:

The two T-shirts mentioned above are more common types in real life, and in recent years, U-shaped collars have also become popular. Collar T-shirt. Of course, this style of T-shirt is only popular among girls’ T-shirts. Compared with the previous two T-shirts, the U-shaped collar looks more retro and elegant, and more special, so it has become very popular in recent years. Popular, but there are also people who are suitable and unsuitable for this kind of T-shirt, and you should also pay attention to the size of the opening. Girls with square faces are not very recommended to this style of T-shirt. If you must choose, Then it is best to have a neckline that opens below the collarbone, exposing more and elongating the proportions of the face.

Sleeveless tank top T-shirt:

Sleeveless tank top T-shirt I guess I don’t need to introduce anything more! In fact, the first T-shirt looks like a tank top T-shirt. Later, it evolved from sleeveless T-shirts into various styles of T-shirts today.

Long-sleeved T-shirts:

After the short-sleeved T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts are also available in autumn and winter to keep warm, and long-sleeved T-shirts are also available. From the original thin style to the thickened and velvet style at the back.

Waist-revealing T-shirts:

Waist-revealing T-shirts are also a patent for girls. They can be used to show off your waist and look sexy in the summer. Girls who dare to wear waist-revealing T-shirts are also girls with good figures, so T-shirts of this style have become a great tool for many girls to highlight their good figures in summer.

What are the common fabrics for T-shirts?

Common fabrics for T-shirts include pure cotton, CVC, TC, Lycra cotton, etc. Cotton such as Xinjiang cotton, Egyptian cotton, mercerized cotton, combed cotton, and Odell blends are relatively high-end pure cotton. If you see this type of cotton when buying T-shirts, it means that it is relatively high-end cotton.

Types and uses of T-shirts:

Personalized and creative T-shirts:

Personalized and creative T-shirts are what everyone likes now and are pursued by young people. T-shirts, and when their individual needs cannot be found on the market, they sometimes choose customized T-shirts. Therefore, customized T-shirts have become a very popular way for young people to buy T-shirts. The price of customization is not expensive. , the key is that you can fully reflect your own personality according to your own ideas or designs, and at the same time have high quality. Especially now that young people are pursuing a fashionable and quality life, customizing T-shirts is a very interesting and personalized thing. You can show your uniqueness, so why not do it for young people?

Cultural T-shirts:

Cultural T-shirts are actually cultural shirts. It can be a personalized creative T-shirt but also has more cultural connotation. It is a kind of T-shirt that highlights a meaningful cultural connotation. This type of T-shirt is very popular among companies or groups. Companies can use their own Corporate culture is displayed on T-shirts through unique personality. It can establish a corporate image and at the same time make employees more energetic, so this type of T-shirt is also a very popular type of T-shirt.

Advertising T-shirts:

Although advertising T-shirts and cultural T-shirts often appear inAmong the group custom-made T-shirts, the designs of advertising shirts are relatively simple and crude, with little commemorative significance or cultural connotation, so one is a more elegant cultural shirt and the other is a relatively vulgar cultural shirt.

So in summary, T-shirt is the general term for T-shirts. It includes general half-sleeved T-shirts, sleeveless vest T-shirts, waist-exposed T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, etc. Its types include: It’s larger than a T-shirt, so T-shirts and T-shirts are actually not exactly the same.

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