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Working day and night to produce prevention and control supplies! Yantai textile and garment workers are taking action to fight the epidemic and resume work

Working day and night to produce prevention and control supplies! Yantai textile and garment workers are taking action to fight the epidemic and resume work On March 12, the report…

Working day and night to produce prevention and control supplies! Yantai textile and garment workers are taking action to fight the epidemic and resume work

On March 12, the reporter learned from the Yantai Textile and Garment Industry Association that in the face of the sudden new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Yantai textile and garment people took immediate action. While taking various prevention and control measures, some Some companies immediately organized the transfer of production of urgently needed items for prevention and control. Some companies worked day and night to prepare materials to aid the “Han”. Some companies actively organized normal production and operations while carrying out prevention and control. With the joint cooperation of governments at all levels and relevant departments and units, Yantai The textile and garment industry is showing a hot situation in which one group is focusing on prevention and control with the other and production with the other, and the resumption of work and production is actively and orderly carried out.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, Shandong Shulang Garment Group immediately decided to establish “Shulang Medical Technology Co., Ltd.” to produce urgently needed prevention and control items. The whole company worked together to complete all preparations for qualification approval and production change in just four days, and immediately started producing protective clothing. The company now produces more than 5,000 pieces of medical protective clothing and more than 20,000 pieces of civilian protective clothing per day. Since February, the company’s employees have been actively on duty, and the resumption rate of work and production has reached over 98%. Wu Jianmin, president of the Yantai Textile and Apparel Industry Association and chairman of Shandong Shulang Clothing and Apparel Co., Ltd., said that the country needs it and it is our duty to do so. Shulang will do its best to fully support the society and contribute to the country.

Yantai Mingyuan Home Textile Co., Ltd. is a new star home textile enterprise that has quietly emerged in the industry in the country in recent years, with independent research and development and international brand operation of exporttrade. time is life. The company’s chairman and general manager Chen Yizhong has not had a day off since the first day of the Lunar New Year. He has been working hard day and night with his employees to integrate all the company’s superior resources and quickly switch to the production of protectivemasks. From the initial daily production of 1,000, 3,000, and 5,000 units, the current daily production capacity exceeds 100,000 units. The masks produced by Mingyuan Home Textiles are known as masks that “race against time”. Take responsibility for the country and contribute to the people. Yantai Mingyuan Home Textile Co., Ltd., while speeding up the production capacity of protective equipment, also organized employees to work overtime to produce bedding products. Now it has urgently sent a six-piece set of bedding products worth more than 400,000 yuan to Wuhan to fight against the epidemic. Love isolation zone.

Shandong Nanshan Zhishang Technology Co., Ltd., as a national high-tech enterprise, responded quickly to the epidemic. The company quickly established a leading group for epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production, making epidemic prevention and control the most important task at present. We must grasp the work, organize our strength, take multiple measures at the same time, and grasp the prevention and control work early, accurately, carefully, and solidly, and grasp it to the end. On this basis, the company completed the transformation of the protective equipment production line as soon as possible and opened up a green channel for protective equipment. The company currently produces an average of more than 6,000 sets of protective clothing per day with high efficiency. Actively fulfilling its social responsibilities, Nanshan Zhishang actively donated civilian protective clothing to many units such as Qilu Transportation Group and Longkou Emergency Management Bureau in order to relieve the pressure on local frontline workers in urgent need of protective equipment.

In order to ensure both epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production, a “one person, one certificate” entry system is implemented for employees returning to the factory in the region. Temperature measuring instruments are uniformly equipped. Employees entering the factory have their body temperature tested twice a day; employees with foreign citizenship are When returning to the factory, we must strictly check the travel records of employees during the epidemic, implement physical examinations, isolation and other measures for those returning from overseas in accordance with the unified requirements of the government, ensure that all front-line employees are provided with all-round protection, and at the same time organize dedicated personnel to strengthen the production and operation environment Sterilization and disinfection management. With a series of prevention and control measures implemented and guaranteed, Nanshan Zhishang has now achieved a resumption rate of more than 95%. The time has come to resume work and production. In particular, the company’s important production businesses, including fabrics, clothing and other order production, have successively completed production schedules and have fully entered a normal and orderly production state.

Yantai Taihe New Material Group, a national-level leading enterprise in the creation of spandex and aramid, has shown its unique vitality under this new situation. Every morning, what appears in front of people is the scene of all employees wearing masks, all employees on duty, prevention and control in order, and production in full swing. Before and after the holidays, the production of Taihe New Materials Group has been continuing smoothly, scientific research and operations have not been interrupted, and the resumption rate of all employees has reached 100%. Take responsibility for the country and care about Wuhan. In order to alleviate the supply pressure of spandex products, the raw material for the production of medical supplies, Taihe New Materials Group has organized special vehicles to rush to the mask production base in Hubei Province in three batches to produce 1.5 medical spandex filaments that have been produced overtime day and night since January. Billions of ear straps for medical protective masks.

At present, Yantai’s textile and apparel manufacturers, textile and apparel export trading enterprises, and a group of small, medium and micro textile and apparel enterprises are actively and orderly resuming work and production in accordance with the deployment and arrangements of governments at all levels. , The production war has been launched in an all-round and in-depth manner.


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