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Forward XTENCEL™ Denim Industry Chain Zero Carbon Initiative Officially Launched

Forward XTENCEL™ Denim Industry Chain Zero Carbon Initiative Officially Launched The problem of global warming is imminent. It seems far away from us but is actually closely relate…

Forward XTENCEL™ Denim Industry Chain Zero Carbon Initiative Officially Launched

The problem of global warming is imminent. It seems far away from us but is actually closely related to each of us. The global temperature is rising by more than 2℃ every year. In recent years, there have been more and more natural disasters, such as the floods in Zhengzhou and London. , fires in California and Australia, etc., these are all related to carbon dioxide emissions, and the development of manufacturing must achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. At the 75th United Nations General Assembly held in September 2020, our country’s President Xi Jinping solemnly promised that China’s carbon dioxide emissions will strive to peak before 2030 and strive to achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. Greenenvironmental protection and sustainable development have become the inevitable development path for the textile industry in the future.

On August 6, 2021, at the ChinaTextile Industry Federation Social Responsibility Office and Guangdong Qianjindenim Co., Ltd., With the support of the entire denim clothing industry chain from raw materials to brands of Lenzing Company, Rainbow Group, Jiumuwang Group, Trendy Group, Huafeng Group, and Shunfang Group, the “Denim Industry Chain Zero Carbon Action” was officially launched.

The Social Responsibility Office of China Textile and Apparel Industry Federation is China’s first national-level permanent social responsibility agency and has established a public platform for industry social responsibility. To realize the vision of “enhancing corporate competitiveness, building a harmonious society, and guiding the sustainable development of the industry”.

Lenzing Fibers Co., Ltd. is the global leader in cellulose fibers and the first lignocellulosic fiber manufacturer to be approved for scientific carbon targets. It has introduced the zero-carbon concept of Tencel™ brand fiber.

Tianhong Textile Group Co., Ltd. is the world’s largest core-spun yarn supplier and the world’s largest denim yarn supplier.

As the host, Guangdong Qianjin Denim Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest denim manufacturers in China. With the goals of “becoming the world’s top denim fabric brand” and “making denim one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics”, it won the 2020 Ranked first in China’s denim fabric business revenue.

Shunfang (Group) Co., Ltd. has been in the garment manufacturing industry for 37 years and has a leading position. It has two large production bases and is a major supplier and partner of world-renowned brands.

Huafeng Group Co., Ltd., which founded a garment and washing factory in 1958 and has been passed down for three generations, has been the developer and manufacturer of high-end denim clothing brands at home and abroad.

On the brand side, Jiumuwang Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading expert in men’s trousers. It has focused on the field of men’s trousers for 32 years, with the brand mission of “creating the best trousers in the world” and the brand of “leading Chinese men’s trousers and becoming the global king of trousers”. Vision: To become a participant in the formulation of Chinese men’s pants standards.

Trendy International Group is a leader in the global fashion industry. It owns world-famous brands such as MISSSIXTY, Oshili, Five Plus, and Trendy. It has always practiced green fashion.

Into the Zero Carbon Action

At 8:30 a.m. on August 6, representatives from various companies arrived at the venue to sign in.

Ms. Zhou Xia, Group Vice President and General Manager of Tianhong (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

At 9:00, Wang Zongwen, general manager of Guangdong Qianjin Denim Co., Ltd., one of the organizers, and Dai Fuqiang, senior commercial director of Lenzing Group China Textile Division, gave corporate introductions on the current situation and emphasized the importance of zero-carbon action. It has tightened the common bond between enterprises in the denim industry chain to achieve zero-carbon actions.

Representatives of nine companies performed a lighting ceremony on the stage, announcing the official launch of the zero-carbon action of the Forward X Tencel™ denim industry chain.

Yan Yan, director of the Social Responsibility Office of the China National Textile and Apparel Federation and deputy director of the China Textile Information Center, shared online on “Global Carbon Neutrality Process and Fashion Industry Climate Action Goals”, allowing participants to understand and understand from the policy and organizational levels Recognizing the necessity of carbon reduction, the fashion industry has clarified its respective roles and responsibilities in achieving climate action goals. Director Yan fully affirmed the positive attitudes and practices of the first batch of companies participating in the “Zero Carbon Action for the Denim Industry Chain” in accelerating actions to address climate change.

Hu Kehua, deputy director of the Social Responsibility Office and Director of Sustainable Development Projects of the China National Textile and Apparel Federation, introduced the “Corporate Transformation Path for Carbon Neutrality Targets” and also discussed the “Global Carbon Neutrality Vision, Market Opportunities and Low-Carbon Strategies of Textile Enterprises” The explanation was given and a “three-step low-carbon” action strategy was proposed: ① Strategic low-carbonization: clarify the value orientation of the company’s low-carbon upgrade; ② Operational low-carbonization: build a cognitive reserve of low-carbon awareness and technology, and integrate the deployment of enabling elements and promote low-carbon changes; ③ Apply low-carbonization: share achievements and adjustments in the low-carbon processIn order to gain recognition and support from consumers in the market.

Cooperation for Zero Carbon Action

Emission reduction and carbon neutrality are the trends of sustainable development in the future. Promoting the technological, fashionable and green high-quality development of the textile industry is inseparable from denim brands and clothing companies. Take practical actions to jointly strengthen two-way collaborative green governance of the industrial chain and value chain.

Chairman Lin Congying of Jiumuwang Group, Supply Chain Manager Liang Jinchang of Trendy Group, Chairman Pan Zhigang of Shunfang Group, Chairman Yang Jianqi of Huafeng Group, and General Manager of Denim Business Department of Rainbow (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Wang Gang respectively shared the sustainable development of enterprises. In response to the situation, everyone has laid a solid foundation for zero-carbon cooperation across the entire industry chain with full enthusiasm, and in the cooperation has broadened the sunshine avenue of zero-carbon action.

Practice zero-carbon action

Lenzing Group’s forward-looking approach to environmental protection and social responsibility and its continuous innovation in the field of sustainability are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It continues to create low-carbon and environmentally friendly high-quality products, conveys sustainable fashion concepts to consumers, and gives full play to innovation and collaboration. develop capabilities and continuously implement the concept of green and sustainable development.

Liu Shuang, Lenzing Group’s Asian sustainability manager, gave a detailed explanation of Lenzing Group’s “sustainable development strategy and zerocarbon fiber“.

In the online and offline conference rooms of Advance Cowboys, everyone had a lively discussion.

Visit the Qianjin Denim exhibition hall and energy-saving facilities and equipment

Director Hu Kehua introduced the zero-carbon LCA assessment of textile products, discussed the paths and methods of carbon reduction in the denim industry chain with the first batch of member companies, and explained the 3060 plan and the steps of LCA project implementation in simple terms. China’s sustainable textiles “whole life” The “Cyclic Assessment LCA” project plays an important role in improving enterprises’ ability to cope with green trade barriers in the international market and their international competitiveness, and provides Chinese industrial solutions for the global fashion industry’s emission reduction goals.

In line with the sustainable concept of eco-friendly and low-carbon, and redefining the new trend of organic and environmentally friendly fashion, Guangdong Qianjin Denim Co., Ltd. has always focused on green and environmentally friendly fashion, insisting on the green and low-carbon development of the denim industry, making denim one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics. General Manager Li Ruishan shared with everyone the construction of Qianjin Denim’s green factory and the exploration of carbon footprint, taking this opportunity to spread the concept and actions of Qianjin Denim’s determination to achieve “zero carbon”.

The world is focusing on the green economy, and the industry is united to promote sustainable fashion. Seven denim industry chain companies, under the guidance of the Social Responsibility Office of the China National Textile and Apparel Federation, launched the “Forward X Tencel™ Denim Industry Chain Zero Carbon Action” from the perspective of green and sustainable development, hoping that more industries will Cutting-edge forces have joined the zero-carbon green sustainable development of the denim industry chain. Within their own scope of influence, they have joined hands to take actions to actively respond to global warming, promote the green upgrading of the industry, and create sustainable fashionable denim products, in order to realize the “14th Five-Year Plan” of the textile industry. The industry will make contributions to the Five-Year Plan and the 3060 dual carbon targets proposed by President Xi.



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