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Popular yarn | Sheep wool: colorful and fancy, exquisite and luxurious!

A common The inconspicuous yarn is woven on a computerized flat knitting machine and then washed, dyed and ironed by the craftsmanship of the sewing machine workers, and instantly …

A common The inconspicuous yarn is woven on a computerized flat knitting machine and then washed, dyed and ironed by the craftsmanship of the sewing machine workers, and instantly turns into beautiful pieces of clothing. They are all “magicians” in the textile industry. “.

Sheep wool is a natural animal hair fiber. It has keratinous tissue that is shiny, tough and elastic. Usually refers to sheep wool. Because of its high output and variety, it can produce a variety of wool products and is the main raw material for the wool spinning industry.

The physical property indicators of sheep wool mainly include fineness, length, bending, elongation, elasticity, felting, hygroscopicity, color and gloss. Fineness is an important process characteristic that determines the quality and use value of wool fibers. It is expressed by the diameter of the fiber in microns or the quality count; the smaller the fineness, the higher the count, and the finer the wool yarn spun.


The advantage of world wool production is in the Southern Hemisphere . Oceania’s raw wool production accounts for about 40% of the world’s total raw wool production. Australia mainly produces fine wool, and New Zealand mainly produces semi-fine wool. The annual average individual hair production reaches more than 5.0 kilograms. South America also has higher wool production levels. The wool volume of individual sheep in my country is only 2.2 kilograms, which is much lower than that of Australia. The individual sheep output of New Zealand is still far behind the world average.

Length includes natural length and straightened length. The former refers to the straight-line distance between the two ends of the hair bundle, and the latter is the length measured by straightening the fiber. The elongation rate of fine hair is more than 20%, and that of semi-fine hair is about 10~20%. Under the same fineness, the longer the wool, the higher the spinning performance and the better the quality of the finished product.

Bending is widely used as a basis for estimating the quality of wool. Wool with neat and consistent bending shape will make the spun yarn and products soft to the touch, with good elasticity and warmth retention. Fine hair has many bends and is dense, while coarse hair has wavy or flat hair. The strength and elongation has a direct impact on the solidity of the finished product.

Strength refers to the stress of wool on breaking; elongation refers to the length increased due to the action of breaking force. The breaking strength of various types of wool varies greatly. The fineness of the same type of hair is directly proportional to its absolute strength. The thicker the hair, the greater its strength. Wool’s felting and hygroscopicity are generally excellent. The luster is often related to the scale coverage state of the fiber surface. Fine hair has a weak ability to reflect light and has a softer luster; coarse hair has a strong and shiny luster. Weak luster is often caused by damage to the scale layer.

sheep During the growth process, the wool will not only be contaminated with lanolin, sheep sweat, and feces excreted from the body, but also due to the breeding environment, the wool will be attached with dirt such as sand, grass seeds, etc., so the wool must be processed before processing. Carry out scouring process.

wash Wool uses chemical and mechanical action to remove grease, sweat, and some impurities on wool fibers, so that the wool can restore its original whiteness, looseness, softness, and elasticity, ensuring that wool is carded, spun, and weaved during the processing process. , dyeing and finishing processes were carried out smoothly. If the quality of wool washing is not good, the wool will contain too much fat and impurities, and many diseases such as wool shrinkage, gray color, and fiber damage will also occur.

Cardigan maintenance methods:

1. Avoid exposure to strong sunlight, otherwise it will destroy the structure of the sheep fiber.

2. When the sweater deforms after washing, use an iron Ironing can restore it to its original shape.

3. Before officially wearing the newly purchased sweater It is best to wash it twice because of the production process of woolen sweaters. There will be some oil stains, paraffin, dust and other stolen goods in it, and the new woolen sweater will also smell of moth-proofing agent

4. If possible, the dehydrated woolen sweater can be dried at 80°C. If it is dried at room temperature, it is best not to use a clothes hanger, but to use a clothes dryer. Hang the sleeves on a pole or lay them flat, and place them in a cool and ventilated place;

5. Frequently use a soft brush to remove dust from the sweater to prevent the dust from affecting the appearance of the sweater;

6. It is best to prepare a few woolen sweaters to wear in rotation, which will give the natural elasticity of the sheep fabric time to recover;

7. After wearing the shirt, put it in a cool and dry place. You can also place some mothballs. Try to keep it as long as possible. Use hangers;

8. Machine wash or dehydrate the sweater There will be some wrinkles after washing. Here is a simple method: put wet wool on the clothes and iron them with medium heat to restore them to their original shape!

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