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Elastic thread: (also known as elastic thread, elastic thread, core-spun yarn), the inner core is It is made of imported high-quality latex yarn, spandex or rubber yarn, and the ou…

Elastic thread: (also known as elastic thread, elastic thread, core-spun yarn), the inner core is It is made of imported high-quality latex yarn, spandex or rubber yarn, and the outer yarn is made of high-grade A-grade nylon, polyester, fine cotton, gold and silver thread, etc. This product has stable tensile strength, uniform elasticity, high quality and low price, bright color, environmental protection, high color fastness, various colors and complete specifications.

1. Can be used where wrinkles, elasticity, and tightness are needed on clothing;

2. Suitable for socks, gloves, knee and wrist guards, webbing, wool sweaters, woolen pants screws, medical bandages, clothing and other knitwear;

3. Widely used in various labor protection yarn gloves, knitted products, woolen products, textile products, embroidery, footwear, elastic bands, fabrics, decorations, etc.;

4. Professionally used for various clothing cables, special embroidery, special machines, clothing, accessories, industrial packaging and food Professional thread for packaging, etc.

5. Suitable for 14-pin, 12-pin, 9-pin, 7-pin , 5-needle, 3-needle and other woolen products

All products are up to Environmental protection first-class standard, the raw materials of the products are all imported or domestic joint venture raw materials. The quality of the colored products is stable, good level dyeing, bright color, small tank difference, high dyeing fastness, washing fastness, dry and wet rubbing fastness, The dry heat fastness can reach level 3-4; the sun fastness and weather fastness can both reach level 4 or above (including dark and light colors).

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