Clothing Manufacturer_Clothing Factory clothing manufacturers News 2021 “Big Wave Cup” Chinese Women’s Wear Design Competition Preliminary Ranking Release

2021 “Big Wave Cup” Chinese Women’s Wear Design Competition Preliminary Ranking Release

2021 “Big Wave Cup” Chinese Women’s Wear Design Competition Preliminary Ranking Release Recently, the preliminary results of the 2021 “Big Wave Cup” C…

2021 “Big Wave Cup” Chinese Women’s Wear Design Competition Preliminary Ranking Release

Recently, the preliminary results of the 2021 “Big Wave Cup” Chinese Women’s Wear Design Competition with the theme of “Zhi’Zao’#East” were released. After multiple rounds of strict, rigorous and fair evaluation by the judges, the works of 20 contestants finally stood out from 1,346 entries and were shortlisted for the finals. They will gather in Dalang Fashion Town in early November to make the biggest noise in digital fashion in this new digital fashion town that aims at world-class fashionindustrial cluster.

The 2021 “Dalang Cup” Chinese Women’s Wear Design Competition is sponsored by the China National Garment Association, Longhua District People’s Government, China Textile Publishing House Co., Ltd., Dalang Fashion Town Construction Management Center, “Chinese Clothing” magazine, Longhua District Development and Reform Organized by the Bureau and Dalang Subdistrict Office.

Since this competition started soliciting submissions on April 28, its unique insights into the interpretation of oriental art through science and technology have aroused strong attention both inside and outside the industry. Designer studios, clothing company designers, fashion technology companies, and fashion design schools from all over the world actively participated and responded enthusiastically. As of the deadline on July 31, the “Big Wave Cup” organizing committee had received a total of 1,346 submissions, which had been viewed more than 35,000 times on the national professional event platform, and the Douyin topic “#大波杯” had been played 640,000 times. The competition broke through industry barriers and became a fashion event that attracted widespread attention among young people.

It is reported that this year’s submissions from colleges and universities are dominated by major design universities. The proportion of submissions from vocational colleges in many places has increased significantly. There are also more submissions from independent designers, brand designers and other mature designers than in previous years. The growth. At the same time, the epidemic has not stopped the enthusiasm of overseas contestants to submit submissions. This year, the organizing committee still received design works from Thailand, South Korea and other places.

Works from all over the country frequently bring surprises to the organizing committee, reflecting the full power of science and technology. Some works add mechanical concepts to the design elements and use patchwork to embed creative instructions QR codes; some focus on clothing supporting equipment to create movable smart living spaces; some fabric modifications attract attention and add special features. The coating is as bright as the stars. Space suits, electronic chips, and 3D technology are all sources of creativity for contestants. Cyber ​​Dunhuang and naturalenvironmental protection also arouse strong resonance. The contestants are concerned about current affairs, have unlimited creativity, and are full of youthful and positive energy.

Liu Wei, the designer of China’s “Golden Summit Award” for fashion design and a famous fashion artist, Chu Yan, founder and artistic director of Chuhe Tingxiang brand and professor of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, have served as judges of the competition many times. They said that the works of participating designers this year have made great progress in terms of maturity and completeness. Liu Wei specifically said that while emphasizing the sense of science and technology, the contestants did not forget the original intention of holding the “Big Wave Cup” event and continued to output creative ideas guided by Eastern culture. “The submitted works overall present a futuristic style, closely following the theme of this competition, especially the experimental attempts on fabrics.” Chu Yan said.

The reporter learned that for the finalists of this year’s competition, in addition to high bonuses, they can also get “tickets” to enter the forefront of China’s fashion industry. The 20 finalists have valuable quotas to join Longhua District’s “Dragon Dance Huazhang Plan”, as well as employmentin the “Langchao” original designer incubation platform and clothing companies settled in Dalang Fashion Town. font>Opportunity.

It is worth mentioning that this year’s competition has specially set up a “Best Scientific and Technological Creativity Award” in the setting of individual awards. It is committed to exploring more possibilities of technology empowering fashion from a design perspective. It will be combined with the “Best Craft Production Award” Award”, “Most Commercial Value Award” and “Online Voting Award” were awarded on the final stage.



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