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“Quancheng Fashion” International Fashion Week opens grandly

“Quancheng Fashion” International Fashion Week opens grandly “Quancheng Fashion” International Fashion Week officially kicked off at the International Fashi…

“Quancheng Fashion” International Fashion Week opens grandly

“Quancheng Fashion” International Fashion Week officially kicked off at the International Fashion Creative Center in Jinan, Shandong, China. The three-day (November 19th to 21st) International Fashion Week is jointly created by the Jinan Municipal Government and the Asian Couture Federation (ACF). This is the first Haute Couture Week held by the Asia Haute Couture Association in China. Six world-class design masters gathered in Quancheng to use fashion design, a borderless artistic language, to build a communication platform for global innovators to participate and promote The revival and innovation of traditional culture show the new look of tradition in contemporary times.

The first “Quancheng Fashion” “International Fashion Week focuses on the global trend of integrating traditional culture with contemporary design. Shandong, “the hometown of Confucius and Mencius and the land of etiquette”, is the highland of Chinese traditional culture. The direct dialogue between the famous cultural city and the international fashion design masters is not only in line with the overall positioning of “fashion culture” of this International Fashion Week, but also for the textile and garment industry. As one of the key pillar industries, Shandong has important practical significance: promoting the local textile and garment industry to integrate international design concepts, accelerating the industrial upgrading process from manufacturing to brand design, and creating a new open and dynamic Jinan international fashion business card.

Invitation to this event Important members of the Asia Haute Couture Association, internationally renowned haute couture designers, fashion industry professionals and experts and scholars participated in the opening ceremony of the “Quancheng Fashion” International Fashion Week, Asia Haute Couture Annual Ceremony and Outstanding Member Awards Dinner, Master Forum and six Important links such as the fashion show of top international high-end designers will present the most authoritative and professional intellectual confrontation in the fashion industry and a high-end art feast that integrates fashion and culture in three days.

The unparalleled artistic charm of the haute couture show

Six internationally renowned high-end designers, including the first in Asia and currently the only one in China One by one, Guo Pei, an invited member of the French Paris Haute Couture Association, Japan’s national treasure-level high-end custom-made clothing designer and world wedding dress king YUMI KATSURA, Korean fashion designer Kim Hyung-jun (Songzio) and South Korea’s top-level high-end custom-made fashion designers Lie Sang Bong, Australia’s youngest and most famous fashion designer Paolo Sebastian, and Indonesian fashion designer Sebastian Gunawan with more than 25 years of history in the haute couture industry. Classic works come to the scene to interpret traditional culture in their eyes and how to use design to achieve its modern revival.

The opening show was brought by Guo Pei with “Eastern A haute couture show with the theme of “Palace”.

Master Forum Fashion Design Global trends

“Fountain Fashion” International Fashion Week Master The forum was hosted by Casey Hall, Asia special correspondent of BoF’s “Business of Fashion Review”, and discussed with many fashion design masters, fashion industry professionals, experts and scholars from all over the world the global trends in fashion design and the opportunities and challenges faced by Asian fashion designers. From the vertical extension of the clothing industry chain to the horizontal coverage of the fashion industry, as traditional culture merges with modern design, pan-fashion ideas are also intersecting and extending.

Dr. Frank, founder and chairman of the Asia Advanced Customization Association Cintamani said, “The Asia Haute Couture Association was established to represent and promote Asia’s top high-end fashion talents. There is no doubt that China has the most important cultural and artistic heritage in the world and continues to be important to many global industries, especially the fashion industry. Therefore, we fully support the cooperation of this international fashion week and are happy to see that this event will play a key role in showcasing the most outstanding high-end fashion talents throughout the Asia-Pacific region, and will also bring China’s own unique creative heritage. Precious revelation.”

“Quancheng Fashion”��International Fashion Week


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