Clothing Manufacturer_Clothing Factory clothing manufacturers News The finals of the “Wuji Cup” National Leather Processing Competition opened in Wuji County, Hebei

The finals of the “Wuji Cup” National Leather Processing Competition opened in Wuji County, Hebei

The finals of the “Wuji Cup” National Leather Processing Competition opened in Wuji County, Hebei On the morning of May 12, 2023, the China Light Industry Federation, C…

The finals of the “Wuji Cup” National Leather Processing Competition opened in Wuji County, Hebei

On the morning of May 12, 2023, the China Light Industry Federation, China Leather Association, China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center, China Finance, Trade, Light Textile and Tobacco Trade Union The 2022 National Industry Vocational Skills Competition – the 4th National Leather Processing Occupation – is co-sponsored by the National Committee, co-organized by the People’s Government of Wuji County, Hebei Province, and hosted by the Wuji County Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Hebei Xiechang Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Wuji County Leather Association. The finals of the skills competition “Wuji Cup” National Leather Processing Competition kicked off at Hebei Wuji Leather Refining Circular Economy Green Industrial Base.

Chen Zhanguang, Vice Chairman of the China Leather Association, Chen Yu, Deputy Director of the Economic Cooperation Department of the China Light Industry Federation, Liu Zhicheng, Director of the Light Industry Division of the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Liu Yan, County Mayor of the People’s Government of Wuji County, Hebei Province, Deputy Director of the China Leather Association Secretary-General Huang Yanjie, Director of the United Front Work Department of Wuji County Zhang Guiying, Executive Deputy Director of Wuji County Economic Development Zone Management Committee Ma Zhanwei, President of Wuji County Leather Association Liu Quanjiang, Chairman of Hebei Xiechang Investment Group Co., Ltd. Shi Liping, as well as competition referees and representatives from More than 100 people attended the opening ceremony, including team leaders and contestants from various competition regions and colleges across the country, representatives of leather chemical material supply units, competition logistics support units and news media.

Liu Yan and Huang Yanjie delivered speeches at the opening ceremony, affirming that holding this competition will promote the craftsman spirit of excellence, further stimulate the work enthusiasm of the majority of employees to “learn knowledge, practice skills, compare skills, and create first-class”, and promote my country’s leather industry Improve the industry’s production level, technological innovation and exchange, accelerate the cultivation of high-skilledtalents, comprehensively improve the technical skill level of the workforce, and promote the highQualitydevelopment is of great significance. At the same time, in his speech, he also cheered for the contestants and encouraged the contestants to devote themselves to the competitive competition with full enthusiasm, compete with their level, compete with their style, and achieve excellent results. Zhou Cheng, director of the Industry Department of China Leather Association, presided over the opening ceremony.

Chen Zhanguang serves as the chief referee, Professor He Youjie from Sichuan University, Professor Lu Bin from Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, Professor Li Yanchun from Qilu University of Technology, Professor Zhou Jianfei from Sichuan University, Professor Luo Jianxun from Jiaxing University, and General Manager of the Standards Division of China Light Inspection and Certification Co., Ltd. Seven national-level referees, including Sang Jun and Huibin, director of the laboratory of Wuji County Fuchuang Chemical Co., Ltd., served as referees for this competition. Lu Bin took the oath on behalf of the referee.

After the opening ceremony, the theoretical examination and practical competitive examination were held.

This competition is divided into two groups: staff group and student group. The competition in each group consists of two parts: theoretical examination and practical examination. The theoretical test is worth 100 points, accounting for 30% of the total score, and the test time is 60 minutes; the practical test is worth 100 points, accounting for 70% of the total score, and the test time is 120 minutes. The content of the theoretical examination involves professional ethics, basic professional knowledge and leather processing expertise; the content of the practical examination is based on the color and feel of the standard sample provided by the competition, as well as the quality and performance of the blank leather used for the examination. The length and width of a piece are approximately 70cm respectively. The raw leather is designed, processed and painted. The judges will compare the finished leather after the player’s painting with the standard sample provided and make a score. The raw leather and coating chemical materials used in the competition are uniformly provided by the organizing committee.

It is understood that in the preliminaries of this competition, the employee group was divided into 8 competition areas across the country. After fierce competition, 46 people participated in the finals; in addition, 16 student contestants from 4 universities participated This final. The student group competition was set up for the first time. The relevant universities organized 16 students from 4 major domestic colleges and universities with leather majors to participate in the student group skills competition. The concept of advocating the spirit of craftsmanship and promoting the combination of theory and practice was implemented on campus. , to promote the inheritance and development of leather skills, culture and spirit.

This competition is the 2022 National Industry Skills Competition. Due to the 2022 COVID-19 epidemic, the finals of the competition have been postponed to this year.

In the past year, various preliminary competition area organizing units, participating units and players, and teachers and students from participating schools have actively prepared for the competition. Wuji County Leather Association, Sichuan Dawei Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan DesaierNew MaterialsTechnology Co., Ltd., Shandong Lining Technology New Materials Co., Ltd., Guangdong Xidun New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Hebei Hengrui Leather Products Co., Ltd., Jihua 3514 Leather and Shoemaking Co., Ltd. The company, Hebei Taifan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Xiongda Leather Products Co., Ltd., and Hebei Leather Industry Association gave strong support. Relevant departments and units in Wuji County responded actively and went all out to overcome various adverse effects. In the end, To ensure the smooth progress of this competition.

The practical and theoretical examinations of this competition ended on May 13. The competition is based on the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality, using IT technology, and using the referee’s “blind review” method to judge the scores. The scores and rankings of the contestants will be announced on the spot during the closing ceremony on May 14, and an award ceremony will be held.Let’s wait and see.

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