Clothing Manufacturer_Clothing Factory clothing manufacturers News Xinruibei·The 21st National “Four New Conferences” of the Printing and Dyeing Industry will be held in July

Xinruibei·The 21st National “Four New Conferences” of the Printing and Dyeing Industry will be held in July

Xinruibei·The 21st National “Four New Meetings” of the printing and dyeing industry will be held in July In order to further play the role of technological innovation i…

Xinruibei·The 21st National “Four New Meetings” of the printing and dyeing industry will be held in July

In order to further play the role of technological innovation in supporting and leading the development of high quality, we will continue to improve our country’s high To improve the supply capacity of quality printing and dyeing products and create new competitive advantages in the industry in the new era, the China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association is scheduled to hold the “New Rebei·First” in Shanghai from July 24 to 26, 2023. The 21st National Printing and Dyeing Industrynew materials, new technologies, new processes, new products technical exchange meeting”.

With the theme of “Technology Empowering Integrated Innovation”, this conference invites relevant leaders, industry experts, technology research and development and product development personnel to focus on the application of bio-based new materials in the industry, the research and development of new technologies and new processes, and the design and development of new products. Topics focus on high-tech fabrics, bio-based fiber fabrics, multi-component blended fabric dyeing and finishing technology and short-process dyeing and finishing technology. Bio-based fiber and chemical applications, highspandex Discuss and exchange content on the difficulties in dyeing and finishing of content fabrics, high-quality fabric printing and dyeing technology, application of high-efficiency dyes and chemical materials, short-process dyeing and finishing processes, etc.

Main content of the meeting

(Agenda is subject to release on that day)

 1. Speech by the leader of China Textile Industry Federation

 2. Development and development trends of high-quality functional textile fabrics

——Professor Shang Songmin, Department of Textiles and Clothing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

 3. Innovation and sustainable development of TOREAD technical fabrics

——Liu Haohai, R&D Director of Pathfinder Holding Group Co., Ltd.

 4. Research and application of bio-based textile chemicals

——Zhang Ning, technical director of Jiangsu Xinruibei Technology Co., Ltd.

5. Research, development and application of natural polymer liquid paste

——Shi Kun, chief technical engineer of Qingdao Jiashidi Seaweed Co., Ltd.

6. Build a green and low-carbon park to realize the future of smart printing and dyeing

——Deng Sanxing, general manager of Xiayi County Broadway Construction and Development Co., Ltd.

 7.Polyester/spandex blended fabric dyeing and finishing difficulties and solutions

——Chen Jiaping, Director of the R&D Department of Nantong Dongyi High-tech Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.

8. Innovative dyeing and finishing technology of Sateri Lyocell fabric

——Fu Zhongcheng, senior manager of product research and development of Sateri Group

9. Dyeing and finishing process of chemical fiber (imitation cotton) fabrics with high spandex content

——Hu Defang, general manager of Guangdong Derun Textile Co., Ltd.

 10. Introduction and application case sharing of environmentally friendly and low-emission ultra-finely dispersed NM series dyes

——Wu Dong, technical director of Shanghai Annoqi Group Co., Ltd.

 11. “Printing instead of dyeing”-a new process application of magnetic rod rotary screenprinting machine

——Hu Dawan, chief engineer of Fujian Jilong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

12. Bio-based PA56 fabric development and dyeing and finishing solutions

——Zhao Kongwei, Director of Application Research and Development of Heilongjiang Yipin New Materials Co., Ltd.

13. Key analysis of one-bath processing technology for dyeing and fixing nylon products

——Song Guofang, chief engineer of Shishi Xianghua Group

14. Application plan of Huaxi bioactive substances in textiles

——Wang Haiying, Product Director of the Raw Materials Innovation Department of the Bioactive Business Line of Bloomage Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

 15. Ultra-fine polyester/nylon fabric pre-treatment and dyeing how to avoid scratches

——Ye Youjun, deputy general manager of Jinjiang Weisheng Dyeing, Finishing and Weaving Co., Ltd.

16. Cotton compact knitted fabric dyeing solution—Introduction to the application of SOFTWIN, a new dyeing equipment of Hengtian Lixin

——Zhao Hongjun, senior technician at the Dyeing and Finishing Technology Application Center of Lixin Dyeing and Finishing Machinery (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

17. Analysis of the causes of quality problems and repair plans for cotton woven fabrics during the dyeing and finishing process

——Zong Lixin, Director of the Technical Quality Control Department of Foshan Shunde Gold Textile Group Co., Ltd.

18. Dual-axis transformation of the textile industry-sustainable development of manufacturing industry

——Luo Wenyu, deputy general manager of Taiwan Liuya Technology

 19.Environmental protectionViscose fabric development and dyeing and finishing processing

——Ding Renjin, Chief of the Production Technology Section of the Printing and Dyeing Branch of Zhejiang Hangmin Co., Ltd.

 20. Application of high fastness and light fastness reactive dyes

——Wang Xiaojun, general manager of Jiangsu Demeike Chemical Co., Ltd.

21. Exchange on the application of new printing and dyeing technologies (see attachments for some papers

22.2023 China’s Excellent Printing and Dyeing Fabrics Released

Meeting time


All day on July 24, 2023


All day on July 25, 2023

Visit the exhibition

 Morning of July 26, 2023

Visit the 22nd China International Dye Industry and Organic Pigments and Textile Chemicals Exhibition

Meeting location

 Hotel name

Shanghai Sanwang Hotel

Hotel address

No. 650, Yishan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai (near Guilin Road)

Hotel phone number




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