Clothing Manufacturer_Clothing Factory clothing manufacturers News Authoritative voices gather in Chaocheng, and the 2023 China Garment Economic Forum·Haining Summit is about to kick off

Authoritative voices gather in Chaocheng, and the 2023 China Garment Economic Forum·Haining Summit is about to kick off

Authoritative voices gather in Chaocheng, and the 2023 China Garment Economic Forum·Haining Summit is about to kick off Fashion leads, brand changes “revolution”, The 2…

Authoritative voices gather in Chaocheng, and the 2023 China Garment Economic Forum·Haining Summit is about to kick off

Fashion leads, brand changes “revolution”,

The 2023 China Garment Economic Forum Haining Summit is about to kick off.

Forum name

2023 China Garment Economic Forum·Haining Summit

Forum structure

Sponsors: China Garment Association, Haining Municipal People’s Government

Co-organizer: China Textile Publishing House Co., Ltd.

Undertaken by: “China Clothing” magazine, Haining China Leather City

Supporting units: Down, Leather and Fur Clothing Professional Committee of China Garment Association, LINKINGplus China Garment Industry Chain Docking Platform

Time and place

Time: June 29, 2023 14:00-16:00 pm

Location: Multifunctional Hall on the second floor of Haining Convention and Exhibition Center

Forum Moderator

Liu Xiaoqing, deputy director of the Industry Department of the China National Garment Association and editor-in-chief of the China National Garment Association’s journal “Chinese Apparel”

Forum topic

Fashion leads the brand to change

The 2023 China Garment Economic Forum is a high-end industry forum initiated and established by the China Garment Association. It is also the only annual authoritative forum in the Chinese garment industry with the theme of Industrial Economy. The fashion industry is the leading industry and the industry that enriches the people in Haining, Zhejiang Province. It is the “golden sign” for the highquality development of Haining’s industry. The Haining summit held during the 30th Haining China Leather Expo has far-reaching significance for promoting the development of local industrial cluster in Haining and promoting the development of China’s garment industry under the current economy.

The high-quality development of the digital economy, manufacturing industry, and people’s yearning for a better life have brought unprecedented opportunities to the development of the clothing industry in the new era. Set the trend of the times and work together to create great achievements. As an important hub for the mutual promotion of domestic and international dual cycles, industrial clusters are also accelerating high-qualitytransformation and upgrading to create industrial chains and supply chain systems with obvious competitive advantages and strong resilience. Promote sustained and stable development of the industry.

The 2023 China Apparel Economic Forum will hold a summit in Haining, the world’s leather capital and a 100-billion-dollar fashion industry cluster. With the theme of “Fashion Leads Brand Change”, it focuses on the new economic development stage. Brands are in strategic layout, design-driven, cultural An advanced journey in empowerment, business innovation and other aspects, jointly explore the development path of industrial modernization under the great changes, and use the original intention and mission to inject new momentum into the high-quality development of the industry.

Series of actions

At this summit, the “Series of Actions to Support the Development of Haining’s Fashion Industry” will be released on site to help the development of Haining’s industry from the three major directions of sustainability, fashion and design.


Promote sustainable development actions:

With the theme of “Fashion Circular Quality Long March”, the China National Garment Association, Haining Municipal People’s Government, Haining China Leather City, and brand enterprise representatives jointly launched a sustainable initiative to advocate the sustainable development of China’s fashion industry clusters.


Actions to support the development of fashion:

The launching ceremony of “Haining China Leather City The brand speaks out, promotes the fashionable development of the industry with “national trends”, and enhances brand value.


Actions to help improve design capabilities:

The “Haining China Leather City·Design Cluster Incubation Project” intention cooperation signing ceremony was held. The Leather City signed contracts with nationally renowned designers on projects such as Brand Fashion Center, Chaopin Hui FDC, Chaolai Industry Service Platform, etc., to boost Haining’s design capabilities.

Keynote speech

Four big names, with four major themes, gave speeches and shared their views on aesthetics of domestic products, category operations, logical thinking, and retail channels, and jointly explored the development path of Chinese clothing brands under the current economy.

Sharing topic: Oriental aesthetics & the two-way rush of treasured domestic products

Sharing guest: Hong Boming, CEO and creative director of Jinba Menswear

For 43 years, Jinba Men’s Wear has always practiced the corporate value of “focusing on jackets” and has been selected as “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” for 19 consecutive years. In recent years, Rimula has been committed to presenting brand innovation and attempts from multiple levels and dimensions such as art and humanistic aesthetics, product refresh design, exploration of new consumption fields, sustainable development of the industry, and future consumer emotional links. Rimula men’s clothing is in high-end Under the new domestic product strategy, we try to explore Eastern aesthetic philosophy and development thinking with the industry and Chinese people from multiple perspectives.

Sharing topic: Ultimate operation of single-category brands

Sharing guest: Qu Jing, Vice President of Huimei Fashion Group Co., Ltd.

Huimei Group started with the Yinman brand, which is positioned as a “cotton and linen artist”, and has developed multiple brands such as Yinman, Chuyu, and Life in Zuo. It is committed to creating online and offline traffic interoperability, operational resource sharing, and multiple brand styles. A “fashion ecosystem” where complementary and fashionable creativetalents gather. Its business model is extremely innovative in the apparel industry. It presents a different operating model from traditional retail brands in terms of product research and development, supply chain, marketing, organizational structure, and relationship with consumers; it is a company rooted in the Internet. , a brand retail enterprise with supply chain capabilities, its business model has gradually transformed from a single e-commerce model to a model of “online and offline integrated development”.

Sharing topic: Innovative logical thinking lights up luxury down jacket brands

Sharing guest: William Shen, founder of RAXXY Ruixi

RAXXY Ruixi brand was established in 2018 by designer William Shen in Milan, Italy and Shanghai, China. It is a future commercial luxury brand focusing on down jackets. The brand once launched its first show at the Great Wall and caused a sensation in the fashion industry. It absorbed the essence of traditional Chinese culture, combined with mathematical thinking to propose the concept of transforming 3D objects, and brought about the concept of sequential fashion, allowing the brand to quickly “break out of the circle” and received great attention from the domestic and foreign fashion circles. widespread attention.

Sharing topic: New retail exploration of high-priced clothing products and omni-channel docking strategy

Sharing guest: Da Jiang, co-founder of Feixiang New Retail Club

In recent years, live streaming e-commerce has developed rapidly, and new business formats and models such as Internet celebrity live broadcasts, group buying, and social e-commerce have become one of the main consumption methods for the public. How to choose new retail channels for high-priced clothing products and how to connect with all channels are problems faced by many mid-to-high-end clothing brands. Feixiang New Retail Club is located in Hangzhou, the national e-commerce center. It focuses on efficient links between brands and new channels and new platforms. It is committed to the new retail of traditional entities, traditional e-commerce, and traditional micro-commerce. It will be here Share and analyze in one step.

At the same time, experts will be invited to interpret the color system, interpret the color system from the digital construction and system research of the leather fashion color library, and display leather fashion.

Sharing topic: Digital construction and system research of leather fashion color library

Sharing guest: COLORO color application management expert Wang Liuying

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