Clothing Manufacturer_Clothing Factory clothing manufacturers News Haining·Shenzhen Fashion Industry Resource Matchmaking Conference was successfully held

Haining·Shenzhen Fashion Industry Resource Matchmaking Conference was successfully held

Haining·Shenzhen Fashion Industry Resource Matchmaking Conference was successfully held The fashion industry is a beautiful industry. In the context of regional economic integratio…

Haining·Shenzhen Fashion Industry Resource Matchmaking Conference was successfully held

The fashion industry is a beautiful industry. In the context of regional economic integration and world economic globalization, the entire fashion industry has become a community of destiny in which “you are among us, and you are among me.” On September 24, it was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Information Technology of ChinaTextile Industry Federation and the Haining Municipal People’s Government, Haining Fashion Industry Center, Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, Chinatex The Haining·Shenzhen Fashion Industry Resource Matching Conference jointly organized by Network Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Chinatex Tenglong Consulting Co., Ltd. was held in Shenzhen. Some of the outstanding companies from Haining competed with Shenzhen clothing brand companies such as Winner, Ying’er, Caldenton, Yi Zhihui, Oberano, Aiteai, Monsoon, Jiyu Clothing, as well as the Golden Summit Award and China’s top ten designers. Face-to-face communication and communication.

Haining is an important clothing industrial cluster in my country. It has a good industrial foundation and production capacity support. Its autumn and winter clothing ranks among the best in the country in terms of production, design, and research and development. Shenzhen is a traditional advantageous cluster in my country’s clothing industry. In recent years, it has gradually formed a pattern of integrated development of fashion culture and product research and development, design, manufacturing, branding and marketing. The garment industries of Haining and Shenzhen are highly complementary, and there are broad prospects for promoting collaborative innovation in the industrial chain through resource docking.

Xia Lingmin, Vice President of China Textile Industry Federation, Xie Qing, Executive Vice President of China Textile Industry Enterprise Management Association, Yin Qiang, Deputy Director of the Information Department of China Textile Industry Federation, Zhou Shikang, President of Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, etc. Industry leaders; Yuan Qiong, Vice President of Winner Fashion Group, Zhao Wei, Purchasing Department Manager of Shenzhen Ying’er Fashion Group Co., Ltd., Liu Yong, China Golden Tripod Designer and other well-known enterprise and designer representatives; Tang Hongzhen, Vice Mayor of Haining Municipal People’s Government, and Haining Leaders and guests from key towns (subdistricts), development zones, and relevant municipal departments and units attended the matchmaking meeting. The matchmaking meeting was hosted by Dai Lu, deputy director of Haining Fashion Industry Center.

The trend is unbounded, creating the future, industry docking, sharing, integration, and win-win

Tang Hongzhen, deputy mayor of the Haining Municipal People’s Government, said that the fashion industry is one of the 100-billion-level industries that Haining will focus on during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period. To this end, the municipal government has newly established the Haining Fashion Industry Center and operationalized it. , through policy support, planning, industrial chain improvement, encouragement of design research and development, brand cultivation and other multi-dimensional measures, adhere to mid-to-high-end development, strive to promote the gathering of famous enterprises, famous teachers, famous products, famous competitions, and increase market activity and greening , digital level, and strive to build an international fashion city.

Haining’s leather and fur clothing, cashmere coats, parkas and other textile clothing have long been famous at home and abroad. With the deepening of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, some spring and summer clothing manufacturers have gradually gathered in Haining. This will promote the transformation and development of Haining’s clothing industry from high-end autumn and winter fashion based on leather clothing to four-season fashion, and actively build a four-season fashion base in the Yangtze River Delta that integrates the entire industry chain of design, production, and professional markets. This event is not only a study tour of Haining’s fashion industry to Shenzhen, but also an important activity to deepen cooperation in all aspects and seek common development. She warmly invited entrepreneurs and designers to further pay attention to Haining, visit Haining, invest in Haining, and create a better tomorrow together.

Xia Lingmin, Vice President of China Textile and Apparel Federation, said that this matchmaking meeting can not only promote the development of Haining industrial cluster, but also further promote resource sharing, seek common development and win-win development, and also provide the market with higher Products of quality meet the needs of consumers, the people’s expectations for a better life and the needs of the international market.

Xia Lingmin also briefly introduced the industry’s economic operation situation in the first half of 2021. Facing the complex development environment at home and abroad, my country’s textile industry fully implements the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, continues to consolidate and expand the results of epidemic prevention and control and the stable situation of production and operation, and the industrial cycleenvironmental protectionRemaining smooth, industry prosperity has returned to a high level, corporate performance has steadily improved, investment confidence has recovered, major operating indicators have recovered steadily, and the overall economic operation situation has been stable and strengthened. In stabilizing the economy and promoting It has played a constructive role in employment and risk prevention.

He pointed out that under the development pattern of the “14th Five-Year Plan” and the international and domestic dual-cycle development pattern, China’s textile and apparel and fashion industries must continue to give full play to their own advantages while accelerating Technological innovation promotes industrial digital development and deeply implements new generation information technologies including big data, cloud computing, industrial Internet and other technologies in the industry; expands domestic demand, and domestic and international dual cycles promote mutual development; vigorously promotes “double carbon” Target plan, pursue green development; take the road of brand development, complement each other’s resources, and strengthen the chain.

Jiang Chenchen, deputy director of Haining Fashion Industry Center, first introduced Haining from various aspects such as its location, transportation, history, culture, administrative services, and business environment.�In terms of industrial characteristics, Haining has formed five key fashion industries: leather, clothing, home textiles, warp knitting and socks. In the future, Haining will build an international high-quality development pioneer zone and demonstration zone for the fashion industry, and strive to achieve the goal of “double thousand and double hundred”. By the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the scale of the fashion industry cluster will exceed 100 billion, and the number of enterprises above designated size will exceed 1,000 ; Collect fashion trends, build an international fashion city, and build the “three major industry platforms” public resource platform, intellectual property rights protection platform, and designer platform, focusing on attracting and retaining the fashion industry There is a shortage of talents for entrepreneurial development in Haining. Strengthen research on the construction of talent ecosystem, provide all-round and three-dimensional service support and guarantee, and create an optimal industrial ecosystem for talent entrepreneurship and innovation in the fashion industry. .

Zhang Quan, deputy director of Haining Economic Development Zone, said in the promotion that the industrial output value of the fashion industry in Haining Economic Development Zone in 2020 was 17.899 billion yuan, of which the export amount was 76.28 100 million yuan, owns fashion industries such as fashion, textiles, fashionable home furnishings, and luggage, and has industrial supporting facilities such as Haining Port, e-commerce building, European-style street, China-Europe trains, and fabric accessories. , has cost advantages in housing, factories, transportation, manpower, electricity, steam and other aspects.

Wang Shuixin, deputy mayor of Xucun Town, Haining City, unfolded a beautiful picture of Xucun with the theme of “Fashionable Town·Charming Xucun”. Xucun is currently the largest textile fabric production base in the country. It has formed an industrial structure of “three worlds in one place” and is famous for its home textile industry, digital economy service industry, high-end manufacturing and clothing industry clusters. It also has a design and R&D center, a fashion brand People exchange center, material selection center, exhibition and sales center, 5.0 acceleration center, the “five major industry platforms” support the sustainable development of the industry. In recent years, under the grand strategies of Yangtze River Delta integration and Hangzhou-Jiajia integration, Xucun has become the core of the Bay Area and a bridgehead supporting the Yangtze River due to its location advantages. He said that now is a good opportunity to seize the construction strategy of “Greater Bay Area, Big Garden, Big Channel, and Metropolitan Area”. Excellent partners are welcome to come to Xucun to find poetry and distance and realize their dreams.

Zhang Weiqiang, deputy general manager of Haining Leather City, said that Haining Leather City has an international fabric accessories center of 130,000 square meters and a fashion production base of 825,000 square meters. It is the leading wholesale/retail market for mid-to-high-end autumn and winter fashion in the country. The Brand Fashion Center undertakes original design and R&D talents, and is stationed in 200 design institutions. Last year, the annual conversion value of design results was 2.8 billion yuan, and attracted many industries such as Italian Designer Home, Beifu Innovation Park, and Hangzhou Saint Martin Fashion Art School. Top institutions. In recent years, the International Fur Cultural Industry Summit Forum has been held continuously and it has been included in the official schedule of Milan Fashion Week for two consecutive years. In the future, with the garment industry as its core, Haining Leather City will build a Haining fashion industry platform integrating design and research and development, fashion promotion, exchange and display, and talent introduction.

At the matchmaking meeting, Zhejiang Nuozhi Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Ying’er Fashion Group Co., Ltd., China’s top ten designers Gao Jianping and Shi Hongwei, Shenzhen Jiyu Clothing Co., Ltd. and Haining Fashion Industry Center were also held. , the signing ceremony between Zhiao Pengcheng (Shenzhen) Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Haining China Leather City Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association and Haining Fashion Industry Center.

Zhu Weiming, general manager of Zhejiang Netelier Leather Fashion Co., Ltd., introduced NG’s brand matrix, research and development, and design concepts with the theme of “stick to original design and make clothing with soul”, emphasizing on “good products” With the concept of “Always the Core”, we strive to create high-quality products – to achieve the ultimate in products and create explosive products driven by technology, fashion and art. He believes that hot products are no longer low-priced products, but good products in the future are good products that have their own traffic, users like them, are satisfied with their use, and are willing to spread the word. NG Fashion has spent more than 20 years of dedicated study and careful preparation, and has the ability to create new hot products. Strength, looking forward to win-win cooperation.

Yuan Qiong, Vice President of Winner Fashion Group, introduced in detail the overview and positioning of Winner Group, as well as its supply chain development plan and needs. She believes that trend changes have brought about the scarcity of high-quality supply chains, and the layout of category-based supply chains should be accelerated. The future competition is the professional competition of categories, the competition of category-professional talents, and the competition of category supply chains. In terms of connecting supply and demand, Yuan Qiong focused on introducing the needs of upstream textile and auxiliary material manufacturers and garment processing plants, hoping to conduct in-depth cooperation with suppliers in product planning, design, and research and development to create a win-win ecosystem.

Zhou Shikang, President of Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, said in his final speech, “I hope Haining and Shenzhen fashion industries can join hands more deeply to build a platform to continuously meet consumers’ needs for beauty and high-quality products. “.

In addition, the “Haining·Shenzhen Fashion Industry Supply Chain Matchmaking Conference” was also held at the same time. Some outstanding enterprises in Haining brought their products to have heated discussions with representatives of Shenzhen enterprises and designers.

In addition, the Haining delegation also visited Shenzhen brand enterprises such as Winner and Cardonton for on-site visits and in-depth negotiations.



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