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China Garment Industry Original Design Protection Seminar Held in Changshu

China Garment Industry Original Design Protection Seminar was held in Changshu In order to strengthen the protection of clothing intellectual property rights, maintain the order of…

China Garment Industry Original Design Protection Seminar was held in Changshu

In order to strengthen the protection of clothing intellectual property rights, maintain the order of fair competition in the industry, promote the construction of clothing brands, and explore the protection plan for original clothing design, on September 23, China The “China Garment Industry Original Design Protection Seminar” hosted by the Garment Association, hosted by Bosideng International Holdings Co., Ltd., and co-organized by the Alibaba Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance (AACA) was held in Changshu, Jiangsu. The meeting analyzed and communicated on the current problems existing in the protection of original clothing designs in my country, discussed existing legal regulations, policy formulations, industry conventions, technical platforms, domestic and foreign experience, etc., and jointly explored feasible solutions suitable for the protection of original clothing designs in my country. and innovation paths.

Yang Xiaodong, full-time vice president of China National Garment Association, Qi Yuanxun, deputy secretary-general of the association and director of the industry department, Mei Dong, executive president of Bosideng International Holdings Co., Ltd., Hang Zhiwei, director of China (Suzhou) Intellectual Property Protection Center, and Cai Jiacheng, deputy director, Beijing Anti- Xu Zhiwen, Vice Chairman and Hong Jin, Deputy Director of the Infringement and Counterfeiting Alliance, Zhou Wei, Vice President of Changshu Municipal People’s Court, Xiyue, Head of Alibaba Original Protection Platform, Wang Xin, Deputy Director of Platform Governance Department, as well as brand companies, platform companies, designers A total of more than 30 representatives from key enterprises such as division brands attended the meeting to communicate. The seminar was hosted by Liao Bo, deputy director of the Industry Department of the China National Garment Association.

After more than 40 years of innovative development during reform and opening up, China’s garment industry has completed the development stage of becoming a manufacturing powerhouse. Whether it is output, efficiency, exports, or the completeness of the industrial chain, it is well-deserved to be a “clothing power”. Facing the “14th Five-Year Plan” and the long-term goals of 2035, China’s clothing industry has embarked on a new journey to become a fashion power, and original clothing design is an important dimension and supporting force.

Yang Xiaodong, full-time vice president of the China Garment Association, said in his speech that the new journey of the “14th Five-Year Plan” has begun. China’s clothing industry has transformed from a manufacturing power to a fashion power. It relies on brand innovation and original design to showcase Chinese clothing culture and Brand confidence, protecting original clothing design is on the agenda. The China National Garment Association will improve its political position, strengthen industrial services and guidance, accelerate the formulation of industry self-discipline conventions and normative documents, and speak out from the perspective of the industry to support the protection of original clothing designs. At the same time, the association will strengthen active communication with the State Intellectual Property Office and other departments to explore the feasibility of formulating industry standards for the protection of original clothing designs, and bring together industry organizations and all parties in society to jointly create a healthy, fair, and legal competitive environment and social atmosphere. Together we will guard the “clear sky” for the highquality development of the apparel industry.

At the meeting, leading experts from the Anti-Infringement and Counterfeiting Alliance, intellectual property protection agencies, judicial departments and e-commerce platforms introduced the current status of intellectual property protection in my country and related technical means , clothing companies also shared cases based on work practices.

Protecting original clothing designs is a “pain point” and “difficulty” in the clothing industry. We must believe in China’s power, innovation drive, and collaborative symbiosis, and jointly explore innovative solutions to protect and defend original designs, and “advocate original designs” , protect intellectual property rights” industry self-discipline, transformed into concerted actions to lead high-quality development, and jointly create a bright future for Chinese clothing.

The Anti-Infringement and Counterfeiting Alliance brings together the government, e-commerce platforms, consumers, authorized manufacturers/merchants, industry leaders/right holders and other parties to explore “innovation guarantee”, “notarization + blockchain certificate storage”, and digital watermark technology Applications, etc., accurately crack down on infringement and counterfeiting, and rely on the alliance patent pool to carry out authorization and licensing, and build a three-dimensional protection working mechanism for social co-governance.

Relying on the advantages of the platform, multiple parties participate in social co-governance to build an Alibaba intellectual property protection system that includes infringement complaints, proactive prevention and control, offline crackdowns, ecological co-governance, and brand cooperation. The original protection platform uses technology to solve Internet + intellectual property problems, making original creations “simpler, more inclusive, and more creative” and creating a healthy and energetic original development environment.

Under the existing legal system, the central functions of “rapid pre-examination, rapid rights protection, protection collaboration, and navigation operation” will be used to protect the legitimate rights and interests of designers or clothing companies, encourage companies to invest in design and creation with confidence, and help Chinese clothing become bigger and bigger. Strong, from “Made in China” to “Designed in China”, it has become a leader in the world’s clothing industry.

Combining years of judicial practice, this article analyzes multiple intellectual property cases in the domestic apparel industry, discusses difficult issues in judicial determination of trade secret protection, copyright, appearance patents, trademark protection, anti-unfair competition, etc., and provides suggestions for strengthening the intellectual property rights of brand clothing companies. Propose work suggestions to protect and promote fair competition and healthy development of the clothing industry.

Representatives of brands such as Bosideng, Ribo Fashion, Mark Huafei, Rose Chen, Hongdou Industrial, Heilan Group, Sunshine Group, Wutong Terrace, Jiangnan Buyi, Hengyuanxiang, Embry, Yaying, Shanghai Zhihe, Aston and other brands, as well as through videos Representatives from Anta, Li Ning Group, Disu Fashion, Ordos and other companies who participated in the meetingThe relevant person in charge spoke freely about advocating business ethics, reducing the difficulty of confirming rights, collaborating to fight counterfeiting, safeguarding rights, and maintaining competition order, and put forward many enlightening and feasible clothing ideas for Chinese clothing brand building, fair competition and high-quality development of the industry. Advice and innovative methods for protecting original designs.

Innovation is the first driving force for development. Protecting intellectual property rights is protecting innovation. Protecting original designs and building a fashion power are the common mission and responsibility of millions of Chinese clothing people. China’s clothing industry will join forces with all parties to promote the protection of original clothing designs with an attitude of “every day contributes to every effort and no contribution is made to others”, and gradually improves the system, builds a platform, and builds an ecology, in order to lead the high-quality development of China’s clothing and practice China’s clothing power. Dream unremittingly.



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