Clothing Manufacturer_Clothing Factory clothing manufacturers News The first battle of adjustment and revitalization of China’s textile industry has begun

The first battle of adjustment and revitalization of China’s textile industry has begun

The first battle of adjustment and revitalization of China’s textile industry has begun In such a vibrant season, every company active in the textile and apparel industry has…

The first battle of adjustment and revitalization of China’s textile industry has begun

In such a vibrant season, every company active in the textile and apparel industry has begun to look for its own opportunities in 2009. The spring market action is like a loud clarion call, summoning a dazzling industry gathering. In this “joint meeting” of the textile and apparel industry, every participant is a protagonist, and the goal of everyone’s efforts is to open the market and revitalize the industry.


Confidence recovers together with the grass and trees

The 17th China International Clothing and Accessories Expo (CHIC2009) has eight exhibition halls and 10 exhibition areas, with more than 800 brands from 21 countries and regions appearing together.

The 15th China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories (Spring and Summer) Expo occupies an area of ​​48,000 square meters. 1,000 textile and accessories companies from 14 countries and regions have set up booths here.

At the 6th China International Yarn (Spring and Summer) Exhibition, 86 exhibitors displayed their products for professional visitors to observe and choose.

Compared with the previous one, the scale of the three major exhibitions this spring has not declined, and the number of overseas exhibitors has increased compared with previous years. Taking the Fabrics Exhibition as an example, among the 1,000 exhibitors, there were 225 overseas exhibitors, an increase of nearly 7% over the previous year. In the situation where many domestic and international industry exhibitions have been reduced or canceled in scale, the three major exhibitions in China’s textile and apparel industry have maintained their original scale. This illustrates the authority of the “three exhibitions” on the one hand, and the confidence of enterprises in the industry on the other. Like spring vegetation, it is reviving.

Not long ago, a tracking survey report on business operators released by the China Entrepreneurs Federation stated that from the end of last year to the beginning of this year, the confidence of textile and garment business operators was recovering, and the behavior of companies actively participating in the three major exhibitions was precisely Strong proof of this. Perhaps many exhibitors think as Dai Chenghao, general manager of Ningbo Boyang Clothing Co., Ltd., said: “Participating in an exhibition is not only about attracting investment. Through authoritative exhibitions, the brand image can be better promoted and at the same time give customers confidence, which has many benefits.”


Services make the industrial chain dance

With two big markets at home and abroad, and one industrial chain upstream and downstream, the stage of China’s textile and apparel industry is too big. How can participating companies connect their products with the market in a crowded exhibition hall? , it depends on whether the organizer’s service is professional and meticulous. From the layout of the exhibition hall, the invitation of visitors, to the holding of various professional forums during the exhibition, and the convenient facilities inside and outside the exhibition hall, from source to terminal, the services that a mature exhibition should have can be experienced at the three major exhibitions.

Exhibitors at the CHIC Clothing Exhibition turn around and become the audience at the Fabric Accessories Exhibition, while exhibitors at the Fabric Accessories Exhibition turn around and become the audience at the Yarn Exhibition – the three major exhibitions are held in the same city and at the same time. , which saves exhibitors and visitors in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain a lot of energy.

Before recruiting the exhibition, the organizer specially conducted research on the audience needs of exhibitors and visitors through the audience database resources, exhibitor channel resources and media channel resources accumulated by the three major exhibitions for several years, and used DM, A total of more than 500,000 invitations of various types were distributed to target audiences through EDM, mobile phone text messages, professional media and other methods and channels.

There are eye-catching Chinese and English guidance signs in each exhibition hall. Booths, restaurants, restrooms, information desks, wherever you want to go, you can find it quickly. It’s easy to want to see fabrics after seeing yarns, or think of the CHIC exhibition area after seeing fabric exhibitions. Free buses shuttle back and forth between the exhibition venues.

Among the three major exhibitions is the mature CHIC clothing exhibition. Some of this year’s professional visitors are from the “VIP Merchant Club” established in 2008. They are either from core shopping malls in first-tier cities across the country and are clothing floor managers or above. Level management personnel are either agents with annual sales of more than 80 million, agents of international first- and second-tier brands, or provincial-level general agents of domestic first-tier brands. In addition, the organizers also invited many retail terminals at different levels through different activities.

This spring’s fabric accessories exhibition will divide the exhibition areas according to the end use of the products, making it easier for buyers to quickly find the products they need. During the preparation for the exhibition, the organizer investigated the demand tendencies and itinerary arrangements of key buyers and formulated a personalized service plan accordingly. When inviting professional visitors, this year’s Fabric Accessories Exhibition will intensify its invitation to buyers from apparel companies, and will hold a number of technical exchange meetings to encourage these buyers to put forward opinions on fabric development and innovation.

The yarn exhibition also focuses on the industrial chain, with precise positioning and considerate service. Before the launch, the organizers conducted interviews with enterprises and more than 100 professionals who had participated in more than two fabric exhibitions.�Carry out a sample survey to recruit exhibitors based on the product categories and regions of interest reported by these companies; in response to the needs of new material and new technology companies, 1,500 companies covering cotton, wool, linen, silk, knitting, home textiles and other fields were screened from the database Corporate buyers are invited as VIP audiences. In this way, the three major exhibitions use professional and meticulous services to completely connect an industrial chain and move it flexibly.


Find the future from new products and trends

“Spring Market Action” is the mission and label of this year’s three major exhibitions. “New products, new technologies, new processes, and new trends” are the main lines of this action. What the audience can see is not only Now, there is more future.

At the fabric exhibition, you can find new fabric products such as environmentally friendly TPE fabrics, metal fiber memory fabrics, XLA fiber yarn-dyed denim, wool and silk cotton blended fabrics, cashmere cotton fabrics, super soft imitation cashmere velone and so on. . The development of new products exhibited at this year’s exhibition is closer to the market, the price is more acceptable to the market, the use of raw materials is more extensive, the technology and fashion are combined, and more emphasis is placed on ecology, environmental protection and functionality.

The yarn exhibition will focus on displaying flame-retardant fiber, bamboo fiber, corn fiber, modal, Tencel, core-spun yarn, milk silk, fancy yarn and other new fibers and yarns that represent the development trend of yarn products. line products.

All three major exhibitions will set up special areas for fashion trend release to focus on displaying outstanding products with innovative technologies and features that reflect future product development trends, helping companies grasp product development trends and guide corporate technology upgrades.

In this way, professional audiences can have a perceptual understanding of the future market among new products and trends, and plan their own production and operations in a targeted manner.

During the CHIC clothing exhibition, promotion activities such as the China Clothing Brand Annual Award, the China Clothing Forum, and the launch of China’s high-end ready-to-wear brands will be held. Various new design products were unveiled on stage, allowing professional audiences to capture business opportunities while also enjoying a feast of beauty.



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