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How can Jiangxi Clothing take it to the next level?

How can Jiangxi Clothing take it to the next level? “Now the market situation is hot. We are not short of orders, only short of people. The annual production target will defi…

How can Jiangxi Clothing take it to the next level?

“Now the market situation is hot. We are not short of orders, only short of people. The annual production target will definitely be exceeded.” At the recently held meeting to promote the work of the province’s textile and garment industry chain length system, a The joy of the representatives of participating companies was beyond words.

Since the beginning of this year, Jiangxi’s textile and garment industry has shown a gratifying trend of booming production and sales – in the first half of the year, it achieved main business income of 79.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19%; it realized profits of 5.38 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 51.7%.

At present, our province has established the textile and clothing industry as a key development industry worth 500 billion yuan. However, Jiangxi still has a long way to go to build a large and powerful clothing province. Break the talent bottleneck, promote intelligent manufacturing, focus on design and branding, and accelerate the realization of Transformation and upgrading is a difficult problem facing many companies that needs to be solved urgently.

How can Jiangxi clothing be improved to the next level? The reporter visited key garment enterprises and related universities in the province to explore problems faced by development and solutions.

Local-school linkage

Industrial upgrades usher in “chemical reactions”

In June this year, a denim fashion conference with the theme of “Azalea” was held in Yudu County. Models took the stage one by one wearing 59 sets of denim clothing with various styles and full of creativity jointly designed by teachers and students of Jiangxi Institute of Fashion Technology. Five-pointed stars, Chinese logos, red scarves, flowers and other elements were perfectly combined with denim clothing, feasting the eyes of the audience. .

Why was such an innovative fashion conference held in Yudu County in southern Jiangxi? In fact, Yudu County has been one of the major clothing counties with the best development momentum in our province in recent years. There are nearly 3,000 clothing companies in the county, and the output value in the first half of this year increased by more than 50% year-on-year. As the industrial scale expands, R&D and innovation capabilities have become shortcomings that the county urgently needs to overcome. To this end, Yudu County has increased its cooperation with universities in industry, academia and research, and together with Jiangxi Institute of Fashion Technology, has become a pioneer in local-school linkage in the garment industry in our province.

Jiangxi Institute of Fashion Technology, with 13,000 students, is one of the largest training bases for clothing professionals in the country. It has trained nearly 100,000 graduates in the past 30 years. In March this year, the school’s two majors, Fashion Design and Engineering and Clothing and Apparel Design, were selected into the list of national first-class undergraduate major construction sites in 2020.

However, due to the small number of well-known brands in the garment industry in our province and the relatively lagging changes in new technologies, new business formats and new models, most graduates choose to find employment in coastal areas, Jiangxi Talent training in the Institute of Fashion Technology also encounters the situation of “flowers blooming within the walls and fragrance outside the walls”. This year, Jiangxi Institute of Fashion Technology has made it a mandatory task to increase the employment rate of graduates staying in Jiangxi by 5% every year, and mobilized the whole school to promote the employment of graduates staying in Jiangxi.

On the one hand, major garment counties are thirsty for talents, and on the other hand, specialty universities are eager to play a role in making the province’s industry bigger and stronger. The two hit it off. (Continued from the 2nd edition) (Continued from the 1st edition) Jointly build a denim industry college that integrates industry, academia and research, provide teaching assistance to local technical secondary schools, create a fashion culture week, and a fashion creative research and development center… This year, Yudu The county and Jiangxi Institute of Fashion Technology have signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and a series of cooperation projects are being launched in full swing, striving to solve the problem of cultivating high-level talents and promoting industrial transformation and development.

“Cultivating talents cannot be done behind closed doors. We must go out of the school, enter the industrial cluster, integrate into the industry, and build an educational ecosystem with deep integration of industry and education.” Jiangxi Fashion University Principal Xue Jiabao said that in addition to closer connection between local talent supply and demand, the next step is to strengthen cooperation with enterprises in the province and strive to obtain more independent intellectual property rights Original achievements seize the commanding heights of industrial development.

Talent is the key to making Jiangxi’s garment industry bigger and stronger. Industry insiders believe that Jiangxi’s garment industry has a good foundation and huge potential on the production side, as well as a profound foundation in talent training. The in-depth cooperation between local schools and local schools is expected to produce an effective “chemical reaction” and become the province’s key to filling the shortcomings of the industrial chain and realizing the industrialization. A huge boost to transformation and upgrading.

Integration of industry and education

Accelerate the completion of brand and design shortcomings

The reason why the clothing professionals trained in Jiangxi are favored by “Peacock Flying Southeast” all year round has to start with the special industrial structure of our province.

Jiangxi is a large clothing province, but it is not a strong clothing province. A large number of garment enterprises in the province generally rely on OEM services. They generally have small profit margins, weak ability to resist risks, and insufficient independent innovation capabilities and clothing design capabilities. Therefore, it is difficult to provide enough jobs for professional talents, and the industrial chain supplements. Chains and strong chains have become a top priority. Branding and design are shortcomings that must be addressed quickly.

“In recent years, the competition in the domestic clothing market has been fierce, and many offline physical stores have struggled to operate. Jiangxi’s clothing industry must change lanes and overtake, and must find another way.” Xu Wei, executive vice president of Jiangxi Institute of Fashion Technology, believes that our province must determine industrial upgrading in a timely manner development path, key pointsIn 2000, enterprises above designated size in Jiangxi’s textile and garment industry achieved operating income of 171.3 billion yuan, entering the “second echelon” in the country. However, there is still a big gap between the “first echelons” such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shandong with over one trillion yuan. To this end, our province has formulated a three-year development goal of an output value of 500 billion yuan.

Industry insiders believe that in order for Jiangxi garments to reach a higher level, on the one hand, it needs to accelerate the pace of upgrading in the field of intelligent manufacturing and build a leading “hard power” in the country; on the other hand, it must improve its “soft power” such as branding and design. Work hard to find new growth points. Only in this way can we quickly expand the total volume, seize development opportunities, accelerate the high-quality development of the textile and garment industry, and truly build Jiangxi into a highland of the textile and garment industry in the central region.



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