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Zunyi Fenggang: “Double organic” strategy promotes the vigorous development of sericulture industry

Fenggang, Zunyi: “Double organic” strategy promotes the vigorous development of sericulture industry Since the first batch of silkworm cocoons were put on the market in…

Fenggang, Zunyi: “Double organic” strategy promotes the vigorous development of sericulture industry

Since the first batch of silkworm cocoons were put on the market in June this year, Fenggang silkworm farmers have been smiling.

“The sericulture industry not only allows me to make money, but also helps the surrounding people make money. I plant 150 acres of mulberry, and this year I earned more than 100,000 yuan in wages for fertilizing, weeding, picking mulberry leaves, and raising silkworms.” Wu Yong, a silkworm farmer explain.

“This year’s silkworm cocoons are of high purity and quality and can be sold at a good price.” said Zhu Deqiang, head of the Fenggang County Sericulture Office.

Data shows that as of now, Tuxi Town has more than 7,100 acres of mulberry gardens, and more than 4,000 kilograms of silkworm cocoons have been sold this year, with an output value of more than 200,000 yuan; Yonghe Town has nearly 5,000 acres of mulberry gardens and more than 50 large sericulture households. It has effectively driven more than 1,000 households to increase their income and become rich; more than 3,000 acres of mulberry trees have been planted in Shaba Village, Evolution Town, involving more than 200 farmers… Fenggang County currently has a mulberry garden area of ​​nearly 50,000 acres, and 1,976 silkworm farmers are developed. It is expected that silkworm cocoons can be produced this year More than 200 tons, the comprehensive output value will reach 100 million yuan.

And what is it like to be a leading company that drives Fenggang’s sericulture industry? Walking into the factory of Zunyi Star Silk Road Technology Co., Ltd. located in Fenggang Economic Development Zone, on the production line, dozens of workers have a clear division of labor and their movements Busy skillfully. The company has invested 5 million yuan to build six silk reeling units and is stepping up installation and commissioning.

This is Shanghai’s “Star Silk Road” project aiding Guizhou, which will be constructed in 2020. At present, the company has invested 60 million yuan. The “silkworm, silk and cotton” products produced and developed are sold well all over the country. In the first half of this year, the output value reached more than 50 million yuan.

More than 20 years ago, due to the decline in the sericulture industry, companies and mulberry farmers made little profit, so local people cut down their mulberry trees and went out to work. Nowadays, the sericulture industry is booming in Fenggang. Why?

In recent years, the county has fully implemented the “double organic” strategy and embarked on a win-win sustainable development path of economic development and ecological environmental protection. The county cooperated with the Provincial Institute of Sericulture Science and trained a large number of sericulture technical experts. At the same time, with the successful introduction of the East-West Poverty Alleviation Cooperation Project “Star Silk Road”, Shanghai Starfish Home Textile Company has provided strong technical support for the development of Fenggang’s sericulture industry.

The county regards the development of sericulture industry as an important measure to help rural revitalization, established a special class for the development of sericulture industry, and issued the “Implementation Opinions on the Development of Sericulture Industry in Fenggang County (2020-2022)” and “Fenggang County 2021 Mulberry Garden” “Management Technical Key Points” and “Fenggang County 2020-2021 Sericulture Industry Development Assessment Methods (Trial)” and other documents, the entire county follows the basic principles of “government-led, business-led, and farmers-centered” in key townships (towns, streets) Build a demonstration base and promote the large-scale, professional, refined and intensive development of the sericulture industry through the “corporatization of one field and one park” model.

Fenggang County attaches great importance to the protection of key elements and strengthens financial support and technical training. Subsidies will be provided around the purchase of mulberry seedlings, the construction of small silkworm co-breeding rooms and large silkworm sheds, green prevention and control of pests and diseases, and the construction of infrastructure such as roads in mulberry gardens. Up to now, through coordinating the East-West cooperation funds and integrating financial support for agriculture, 621 silkworm farmers have been loaned 46.8356 million yuan.

By focusing on demonstration and leadership, we will strengthen subject leadership and typical leadership. At present, the county has cultivated 74 professional cooperatives in the sericulture industry, built 1 demonstration base with an area of ​​400 acres, developed 203 large mulberry and sericulture households with an area of ​​50 to 100 acres, and 69 large mulberry and sericulture households with an area of ​​100 acres or more.



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